Monday, 29 May 2017

No 12019, Monday 29 May 2017, Arden

1   You can curl up and die reportedly in such a place (6,7) BEAUTY PARLOUR [CD]
10 Open shot revolver recoils a bit (5) OVERT [T<=]
11 The osprey's off like magic (3,6) HEY PRESTO*
12 Aim between two points, as they are released (9) EMISSIONS {E}{MISSION}{S}
13 Distributed during trade, altered later (5) DEALT [T]
14 Cockney clue — reportedly felt sorry to break in (7) INTRUDE {~ 'int rued}
16 Partial towards grass cutting — awfully nice! (7) NEPOTIC {POT} in {NICE}*
18 Feel USA is becoming comfortable? (7) EASEFUL*
20 It will be thrown at an animal once more, shortly (7) ASSAGAI {ASS}{AGAIn}
22 The President has had a change of heart — he keeps moving around (5) TRAMP TR(-u+a)AMP
24 After three drinks, the French go for something non-alcoholic (6,3) GINGER ALE {GIN}GER A{LE} Anno pending
26 They're notarised correctly along the vertical axis (9) ORDINATES*
27 One line — the first clue is about the hip bone (5) ILIAC {1}{L}{A1}{Clue}
28 Too sick to study, desired to be free — short sighted? (3-10) ILL-CONSIDERED {ILL}-{CON}{DESIRED}*

2   Poet's one leg is twisted, somewhat (7) ELEGIST [T]
3   Good enough until sun sets and forces follow (2,2,5) UP TO SNUFF {UPTO} {SUN}*{FF}
4   Villager picks up fodder and essential food (5) YAHOO {HAY<=}{fOOd}
5   Transformation is by Asian country, once (9) ABYSSINIA*
6   Cover over the old city, it's gruesome (5) LURID {L{UR}ID}
7   Johnny-come-lately's new venture showing turn over (7) UPSTART {START<=>UP}
8   In milk tooth I see an old picture (4,4,2,3) SOME LIKE IT HOT*
9  Storyteller's show of nervousness — permit him the freedom to play with words (6,7) POETIC LICENCE {POE}{TIC} {LICENCE}
15 Measures to take — not a big burden to teach (9) ENLIGHTEN {EN}{LIGHTEN}
17 "Go in peace" says the flyer (9) PASSERINE (~ pass serene)
19 Scrutinize any political party in India, it will raise a stink (7) SCANDAL {SCAN}{DAL}
21 Tearing away is hard (7) GRANITE*
23 It doesn't allow you to keep a nice cool head — on the contrary it does (5) PANIC [T]
25 Say something bad while promoting a Japanese born in America (5) NISEI {IE}{SIN}<=



  1. Arden takes us to a Beauty parlour to start an enjoyable CW. Do we solve it sitting over there? Equally enjoyable.
    Had a good laugh at the scandal. Could not parse Passerine.
    Popular movie of old timers may still be hot.
    24A- is it a straight clue?
    Continuing old times with Abyssenia.

  2. Col. in Gruvayur? The label suggests so.
    BTW- there was a mini S&B meet in CBE yesterday. Read about it from Raju in yesterday's special.

    1. ...and of course, the start of an interesting discussion about English CW Vs.Indian ones (read THC)

    2. Vasant: Please see my comments on yours of yesterday, as below:
      Vasant: Whilst I agree with your first comment, on the question of English as the 'first 'or 'second' language, I beg to differ. I have seen, know and interacted with many Britishers, Scots and Irish friends with their so-called knowledge of the 'first' language to be nothing to write home about. At best, they were 'pretenders' and at worst , 'tool- monkies'putting on a snobbish and toffee-nosed attitude to cover up their ignorance towards what they used to term us as 'natives'. I still maintain, that the quality of our compilers is second to none.Knowledge knows no race or colour and we have certainly excelled in our skill insofar as compiling in concerned.

    3. Raju: I agree our compilers are second to none..
      Of your other comments since I dont know many of English origin, I will desist from commenting

  3. 24a Gin, lager and ale with the French (la) going away

  4. Nice one Suresh. I was wondering about the 3rd drink after taking the ending 'Le' as the French. Now it is clear.

  5. Happy Birthday,Vasant and Many Happy returns of the day.

  6. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Vasant. 💐🎂

  7. Many Happy snruter of the day , dear Vasant. Enjoy today and every other day that follows ! May God bless you with long life, good health and peace.

  8. Please solve my crossword at

    There's a prize to be won

    1. Thanks Kishore . I've done it, without a hope for the prize !

  9. I solved the puzzle and enjoyed doing it. Could not get the map nor the screen shot of completed grid. Answered a few questions.

  10. Many happy returns of the day, Vasant. Live long, live happy.

    1. Thanks very much for such a lovely wish

  11. Happy Birthday Vasant!
    Couldn't join the fun.Was out of home on long weekend here!

  12. Belated birthday wishes Vasant! :)