Wednesday, 17 May 2017

No 12009, Wednesday 17 May 2017, Afterdark

1   Forego power controlling society (6) RESIGN {RE{S}IGN}
4   Dismay in accommodating 99 in place of one at outing (6) PICNIC P(-a+ic)ICNIC
9   Shock absorbed by vehicle’s carburettor (4) SCAR [T]
10 Regrets letting monkeys outside, igloos are damaged (10) APOLOGISES {IGLOOS}* in {APES}
11 Assisted to pay attention and surpass record (6) HELPED {HE{LP}ED}
12 Woman kept her past buried with Department Marshal (8) SHEPHERD {SHE}{P}{HER}{D}
13 Stan's daughter made ads with radical principles (9) STANDARDS {STAN}{D}{A{R}DS}
15 Loud argument with daddy lacking substance (5) ROWDY {ROW}{DaddY}
16 Room in resort's decent essentially (5) SPACE {SPA}{deCEnt}
18 After taking some rest, goes to buy boiled rice and provisions (9) GROCERIES {G{Rest}O{RICE*}ES}
22 Hope to see a mutilated corpse in training... (8) PROSPECT {CORPSE}* in {PT}
23 ... to entertain officer, get reward end of the day (6) OCCUPY {OC}{CUP}{daY}
25 Get off, sales target set with CO has a clause, perhaps (10) ESCALATORS {SALES+CO+ATR}* Anno not clear (Addendum - {SALES+TARget+CO}* - See comments)
26 Every pain starts with the end (4) EACH (+e)EACH(-e)
27 Preventing release of tense statement (6) SAYING StAYING
28 Shapes diamonds following a given direction (6) ADAPTS {A}{D}{APT}{S}

1   Most wealthy hide a crime primarily with heroin among others (7) RICHEST {RI{Cr..e}{H}EST}
2   Small error leads to loot (5) STRIP {S}{TRIP}
3   Angry draughtsman, in a fit shuts out relative (7) GRANDMA DRAuGhtsMAN* Should have been 'shut out'
5   Pressed shirts in the centre, done, folded (6) IRONED {shIRts}{DONE*}
6   Northeast India getting rough treatment to kidnap Bodo leader from Burma, say (9) NEIGHBOUR {NE}{I}{GH{Bodo}OUR*}
7   Earned 150, got notice to visit Enforcement Directorate (7) CLEARED {CL}{EAR}{ED}
8   Taking time amidst difficult conditions is a concern (13) CONSIDERATION {ERA} in {CONDITIONS}*
14 Like collecting tax, getting salary at the end is crucial (9) NECESSARY {NE{CESS}AR}{s...rY}
17 Constructions on road stopped by condition of surface to start with (7) PHRASES {PH{R}ASE}{Su...e}
19 Opposed to angry feud often (7) CROSSED {CROSS}{fEuD]
20 Anticipates demand after releasing article receiving private equity to initially step up (7) EXPECTS {EXa{PE}CT}{Step} What's the role of 'up'?
21 Hold stranger in shower (6) RETAIN {R{ET}AIN}
24 Fellow beating wife, at the end becomes worthless (5) CHEAP {CH{wifE}AP}



  2. 7D- I took 'Got notice' as eared and was wondering about the Enforcement part.
    Good solve KKR.

  3. Could solve this more by instinctive guessing than with parsing. Typical AFTERDARK style of +s and - s . My brain got noodled like the old-time audio tapes !

    1. Great, Raju! Had a good laugh. Totally forgotten about those audio tapes, floppies etc.

    2. Don't you have them still? I still do and listen some of the old classics, through my amplifier and tape deck !

  4. Unable to do the puzzle...hectic time in Goa/, sight seeing & Partying time..the trend will continue till Saturday