Monday, 22 May 2017

No 12013, Monday 22 May 2017, Gridman

1   Flower best ward dissected (8) BEDSTRAW*
5   By half-a-minute present a small fish (6) MINNOW {MINute}{NOW}
9   Tattered like a leather watchstrap? (4-4) TIME WORN [TIME} {WORN}
10 King going through Venetian passage becomes lustful (6) CARNAL {CA{R}NAL}
12 Out to all but press forward work (4) OPUS {O}{PUSh}
13 Clumsy person's shoe (10) CLODHOPPER [DD]
15 Celebration fast dissipates – with odd wife entering (6) FIESTA {F{wIfE}STA*}
17 Man wearing old clothing in vehicle (5) TONGA {TO{N}GA} N for Man? See comments
20 One's related nice concoction to go with drug (5) NIECE {NICE+E}*
21 Wild man could summon PAC (6) MADCAP {PAC}* [RA]
24 The sort of documentation with which Father's curiously paltrier (5,5) PAPER TRAIL {PA}{PALTRIER}*
27 Chacha longingly exhibited symbol of goodness (4) HALO [T]
29 Nigh to new leader in good time (6) NEARLY {New}{EARLY}
30 Stay with more crazy puzzle (8) BEWILDER {BE}{WILDER}
31 Make a logical conclusion: 'cut' is what's needed (6) DEDUCE Anno pending [DD] (Addendum -  DEDUCT [DD] - See comments)
32 There's no doubt: it's a signal that the danger's over (3,5) ALL CLEAR [DD]

1   Continue hitting with head for a fastener? (6) BUTTON {BUTT}{ON}
2   City in West Bengal is nearly slow twice (3,3) DUM DUM DUMb DUMb
3   Pulls bookworm up (4) TOWS<=
4   A range of hearing (5) AURAL [CD] (Correction - {A}{URAL} - See comments)
6   One minute past insect's final stage (5) IMAGO {1}{M}{AGO}
7   They are set up to go down in game (8) NINEPINS [CD]
8   Being erudite, scanned perfectly (4-4) WELL-READ [DD]
11 One has to show it to prove who one is (1,1,4) I D CARD [E]
14 Exercise over the Italian's stack (4) PILE {P{IL}E}
16 Son's card game is gloomy (6) SOMBRE {S}{OMBRE}
17 Snare section put up (4) TRAP<=
18 Such a gift is still wrapped up (8) UNOPENED [CD]
19 Secretly planned material put under river (4-4) DEEP-LAID {DEE}{PLAID}
22 Women confuse duck movement (6) WADDLE {W}{ADDLE}
23 Heads of Hard Recruiters hiring men back to back results in dismay (6) HORROR {Hard}{OR}{RO<=}{Re...s}
25 Historical object about to be discarded by mad cleric (5) RELIC cLERIC*
26 Plan by learner is perfect (5) IDEAL {IDEA}{L}
28 Record of Lambadi school (4) DISC [T]



  1. Homecoming?
    Niece takes a new avatar!

  2. Replies
    1. +1..but I took it as DD; the second definition being " 'cut' is what's needed"

    2. My take too was DEDUCT. Was not sure of anno!

  3. 31A- On line version gives 'Deduct' as the solution, which explains 'cut'. Deduct is given as a synonym for 'deduce' in Free dic. I am not able to put all these pieces together.

    1. Paddy: We can't be so didactic when we deduce and deduct ! Ask our addition & deletion expert here !

      Gridman left it to RMDC deduction leaving it open for solvers. The clue, of course, is clear- logical conclusion should lead to deduction and not Deduct !

  4. Calcutta airport is called 'Dum Dum' airport.

  5. 4D- it is also A- Ural (mountain range) Enjoyed this. Not just a CD.

  6. 17AC N is for Knight and Man.
    GM gave this clue in his last month's puzzle too.

  7. Here is a link to 'Ombre' card game (part of sombre)
    Thank you Gridman for letting us know about a new card game.

    1. The link is there in the main post

  8. Sorry Col. I did not notice- colour coding to blame.

  9. 21A How do we get mad in MADCAP?
    11D In ID card, id is written as one word, isn't it? As per the clue it is i d.

    1. Though ID might have originated from Identity, it is always spelt as I.D. card only.

    2. Thank you, Col. and Padmanabhan. I did notice RA but still do not understand where MAD comes from. Obviously I am missing something.

    3. In a way, it is correct to give the enunciation as 1.1.4. How does one classify such words? Like , one always says PIN number when Number is already represented by N. Is there any special term for differentiation, instead of an abbreviation? Onomatopoeia ? And what does one call a government given to propaganda by acronyms?
      Will the Lexicographers , especially the OED include such Indianised acronyms a place in their next edition? The English language is so eclectic ?We can even call TRUMP - talking through his T-Rump ?

      In 1 Across, one saw AMBIGRAM and I read the comments with interest.

    4. @Prasad- reg. madcap.
      PAC is mad (anind) cap, which is a wild man.

  10. Ombre (16D) reminded me of old Baldev Singh (India's first Def. minister) & Nehru joke-

    While on a foreign visit (his first?) Baldev spotted a bomber plane and could not conceal his exclamation and shouted 'Bomber,Bomber' at the top of his voice. Irritated, Nehruji just said 'Be silent'. Not undaunted, he again shouted 'Omber,Omber'!!

  11. The sort of documentation with which Father's curiously paltrier (5,5) PAPER TRAIL -- Gridman: did you have in mind Chi- Da- ambaram and his son, when you worded this clue? The father in this case too is paltrier with truth ! In your language, hiding a white pumpkin inside a pile of rice !

    1. This crossword was set some eight months ago and the news you're referring to had not broken yet. But now at the time of publication solvers like you may read into it.

  12. I am aware. I just mentioned as a matter of fun !

  13. I was merely acknowledging it.