Wednesday, 31 May 2017

No 12021, Wednesday 31 May 2017, Arden

1   Snow job getting more even by day's end (8) FLATTERY {FLATTER}{daY}
5   Language spooks assume ban will be revoked (6) ARABIC {CI{BAR}A}<=
10 Noble except once, perhaps? (7) BARONET {BAR}{ONE}{T} Anno not clear See comments
11 Puts off, time to hog all the attention (7) UPSTAGE {PUTS}*{AGE}
12 It's part of the hall, an airy annexe (5) LANAI [T]
13 Attack is bad (9) OFFENSIVE [DD]
14 An increase in admiration (12) APPRECIATION [DD]
18 Carrying around a snack, can say how old it is (6,6) CARBON DATING {CAR{BON DA}TING}
21 Unfulfilled desire to study, it's wrong place in the US (9) WISCONSIN {WISh}{CON}{SIN}
23 Often one doesn't like it as a pet (5) PEEVE [CD]
24 Guess it's OK to bring in wise men, no force to be used (7) IMAGINE {fI{MAGI}NE}
25 Religious claim is suspect (7) ISLAMIC*
26 Man, the horse amounts to almost nothing (6) GEEZER {GEE}{ZERo}
27 One on one, I’m mostly cordial (8) ?N?S?T?E  (Addendum - ANISETTE {AN}{1}{SETTEr} - See comments)

1   Story to emulate is essentially below the knee (6) FIBULA {FIB}{emULAte}
2   Order wife to leave — it’s complete (6) ARRANT wARRANT
3   May be sent in, for he is no amateur on court (6,3) TENNIS PRO {SENT+IN}* {PRO}
4   May be dogs and cats will pull you back a bit (10,4) RETROGRADE STEP {PETS}* [RA]
6   Leave your job? No good, you should stick with it (5) RESIN RESIgN
7   Harry is a Libra! Capital! (8) BRASILIA*
8   Brave, revolutionary urge to listen (8) CHEYENNE {CHE}{YENNE}(~yen)
9   Water has a property to rise causing disquiet (7,7) SURFACE TENSION {SURFACE} {TENSION}
15 Crusader against corruption radioed cops in the state capital (9) ANNAPOLIS {ANNA}{POLIS}(~police)
16 Writing's become extremely sporadicAuthor's looking worried (8) SCOWLING {-r+s(p...i)c}OWLING
17 Time to support Don for the event (8) DRESSAGE {DRESS}{AGE}
19 She takes boy up, he's a loner (6) HERMIT {HER}{TIM<=}
20 Prompt to follow others, mostly to save (6) RESCUE {RESt}{CUE}
22 Fruit started ripening — he wanted another helping (5) OLIVE OLIVEr



  1. Thank you for the bonda breakfast- making up for the lack of samosa! (I could not parse this)
    16D- Scowling- not quite clear how S replaces R.
    26A- Is 'Gee' a horse?

    1. Rowling= author(JK Rowling)
      Extremely SporadiC=SC
      SC replaces R(indicated by "become extremely Sporadic)

    2. Gee is a horse(GG too is a horse!)

  2. 4D: I took it as Reverse Reversal PETS<

  3. I marvel at the long words formations and DDs. ANNAPOLIS made me laugh and also reminded me of Judas who left Anna Hazare behind. AK is a classic example of one wanting to get his own way by hook or by crook- He hooked on and then crooked out ! FIBULA is bone- tinkling, a bit behind TIBIA . SURFACE TENSION made good surface reading. LANAI is a known word but pictorially, it got etched in the mind now. Thanks Col. ARDEN manage to 11 across himself each time.

  4. Greetings to all my old friends and to those whom I did not meet on ORKUT THC.

    1. Hi,Sir.Welcome.
      Hope to see you here regularly

  5. Hello C-Vasi, Col, Koti, Kishore

    1. Hi Sridhar, seeing you after a long time. How are you?

    2. I have always remembered you. I was yearning to be in touch. Nice that you have come here.

  6. 26A - GEE is a command for a horse to move faster... cant find ref for horse.
    19D - She=HER? Why?

    1. I think both have evolved over the years & become crossword conventions..i.e. Gee=horse..she=her

    2. So you have come across this in other crosswords too? Any examples?

    3. I have come across many instances of see= her in THC. Justification is about usage in a sentence where they can be used interchangeably.

    4. Esha:Through my cell phone cant quote..but if you are using your computer & reading can search in this blog for examples of both....woman= she= her is standard fare & so is horse=gee= gg= nag

  7. Back home after a four day trip to Coimbatore

    1. Coimbatore must be as pleasant as Bangalore?