Thursday, 18 May 2017

No 12010, Thursday 18 May 2017, Afterdark

Afterdark's off to cool climes to escape the Summer heat generated by Sunnet!

9   Terribly dry, detest to go outside compound (7) HYDRATE {H{DRY*}ATE}
10 Expressing surprise at getting man high, dancing at ball (5-2) HEIGH-HO {HE}{IGH-H*}{O}
11 PG engineering degree at a town near Mumbai? Gas (7) METHANE {ME}{THANE}
12 Leaf vegetable for making cutlet used by chefs essentially (7) LETTUCE {CUTLET}*{chEfs}
13 Mammal's body part served at a party; got sick (9) ARMADILLO {ARM}{A}{D{ILL}O}
15 Carp about lawyer in an Indian town (5) KODAI {KO{DA}I}
16 Mud ants crawling over garbage collector (7) DUSTMAN*
19 Crowd to meet king at an Indian territory (7) GANGTOK {GANG}{TO}{K}
20 Faulty cold storage never lasted, repaired in an Indian town (5) COORG {COld+stORaGe} Should be District and not town
21 Nobel laureate touring an year to master language (9) MALAYALAM {MAL{A}{Y}ALA}{M}
25 Murali almost hurt by a trampling horse in an Indian hill station (7) GULMARG {MURALi}* in {GG}
26 Feeling heartache at the end, facing maiden over, one preventing century (7) EMOTION {h...hE}{M}{O}{T{1}ON}
28 Everyone, say at home rejected a plant (7) NIGELLA {ALL}{EG}{IN}<=
29 In Addition, bracket log base M is a mathematical term (7) EXTREMA {EXTR{E}{M}A}

1   Half the sushi master sent to the French city (6) SHIMLA {suSHI}{M}{LA} Half?
2   Am out of shift duty at inner shrine (6) ADYTUM {A{DUTY*}M}
3   Molten rock found in Nilgiris Hill avalanche (4) LAVA [T]
4   Predict loss of two leaders of state again (6) RETELL foRETELL
5   Mount described by ballad in capital (8) SHILLONG {S{HILL}ONG}
6   Spray applied on broken ankle on journey's end inaccurately (10) MISTAKENLY {MIST}{ANKLE*}{j...eY}
7   People who live in glass houses —— throw stones (8) SHOULDNT [FITB}
8   At hotel, Eskimo touring Cuba is longing for family (8) HOMESICK {H}{OMESI{C}K*}
14 Wall's old and fragile (10) DAMAGEABLE {DAM}{AGE}ABLE Able from? (Addendum - {DAM}{AGEABLE} - See comments)
16 Figures that mafia chiefs got out breaking cage (8) DECAGONS {D{CAGE*}ONS}
17 Lotion in health centre gets half wasted in quantity (8) SPOILAGE {SP{OIL}A}{GEts}
18 Alignment chart for Moon's rotation against gravitational force (8) NOMOGRAM {MOON*}{G}{RAM}
22 Letters of parolee redirected and looked at (6) LEERED [T]
23 Organised toiler never does this (6) LOITER* &lit
24 Strange to reject after accepting a new name for Indian town (6) MUNNAR {MU{N}{N}{A}R}<=
27 After leader's demise, plunder in a hill station (4) OOTY bOOTY



  1. Wall's old and fragile (10) DAMAGEABLE {DAM}{AGE}ABLE Able from?

    Ageable means old. See

  2. I am stuck in the land of Sunnet this summer. Completely bathed in sweat

  3. AFTERDARK must be sitting in a hill station to get these cool ideas in clues. But he makes us sweat ! I am absolutely dehydrated .

    When did COORG become a town? My wife's roots are from Coorg and she wouldn't like that place to be called a town.

    7down , I agree, is a saying but where is the indication of the abbreviation of SHOULD NOT to shouldn't? Very unfair on the solver. I have seen hyphenated words being used as single words but abbreviations too are cut short? Worst ever clue I have seen !
    But who am I to throw stones , sitting in a glass house?

    10 across HEIGH-HO surprised me as I thought it was an exclamation expressing boredom, resignation or jollity?

    AFTERDARK: please come out and give us better lights- you're capable of it !

  4. 21A touring an year - shouldn't it be touring 'for' 'a' year?
    8D C for Cuba? Longing for family is homesickness, right?

    1. 21A - Touring = Going around . So Malala going around A & Y. Works according to me
      8D: Yes C for Cuba is acceptable.
      The definition is 'is longing for family'. Longing is the noun form will make it homesickness

    2. Thanks but I am afraid I still don't get it. 21A - I got the wordplay but the English seems wrong. It is a year and not an year and we tour places and not years...
      For 8D, is there a context for using C for Cuba? The def 'is longing for family' gets me to 'is homesick' and am not sure how that helps.

    3. I normally never gi lengths to defend. In cryptic clues its always A+B=C . Literal meanings sometimes don't match. Here tour is used as a container. So place or year doesn't make a difference. Same applies for homesick also. For C , Yes there is a context. Crossword compiler gives that in its list.

  5. The choice of a or an also depends on phonetics and so an year is usually considered right. On the other hand, it is AN Honour in spite of it starting with H.