Friday, 26 May 2017

No 12017, Friday 26 May 2017, Neyartha

7   Personal appeal to assemble armchairs right away (8) CHARISMA ArMCHAIRS*
9   Bachelor packing glue at sea for a marine mammal (6) BELUGA {B}GLUE*}A}
10 Measure of strength of an animal by a prisoner of war with hesitation (10) HORSEPOWER {HORSE}{POW}{ER}
11 Letters from the astronaut (a hooligan) to the state (4) UTAH [T]
12 Shed's got the ring, reportedly (4) PEEL (~peal)
13 Review entertaining account by the Yankee with courage (8) AUDACITY {AUD{AC}IT}{Y}
16 Crowd in retreat embraces departure with a flower (7) BLOSSOM {LOSS} in {MOB<=}
18 Barrier for enclosing an area for an Olympic event (7) FENCING [DD]
20 Protrusion at the rear end of a marine mammal (8) HUMPBACK {HUMP}{BACK}
21 Graduate returning for the Romanian chess piece is out of control (4) AMOK {AM<=}O{K} Anno pending (Addendum - (-ro+[ma<=])AMOK - See comments)
23 Leading statesmen hop off, objecting to an exclamative order to disperse (4) SHOO Acrostic
24 These might involve getting into the water tummy-first (5-5) BELLY-FLOPS [E]
25 Horizontal door piece with one trading places with Edward for a protein-rich seed (6) LENTIL L(-i+e)ENTIL
26 An authority on the intricate mural in Yukon's capital (8) LUMINARY {MURAL+IN}}*{Yu..n}

1   Rhode Island banned some ceremonial carriages after model's departure in a state of confusion (5) CHAOS CHAriOtS
2   Vegetable from a capital with a river in the midst of geysers (8,7) BRUSSELS SPROUTS {BRUSSELS} {SP{R}OUTS}
3   The French rushed back around the White House to spot a marine mammal (7) NARWHAL {LA}{RAN}<= around {WH}
4   Rush with the bishop to get rid of the Asian in a mountain lift (1-3) T-BAR {T(-e+b)BAR}
5   Dilapidated condo? Could caulk make it Aristophanes's paradise? (5-6-4) CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND*
6   A rose from the clumsy alien gent (9) EGLANTINE*
8   Student follows the primates from the south to get a part of a flower (5) SEPAL {APES<=}{L}
14 Animal obtained using the auditor's cash, informally (3) DOE (~dough)
15 Cooks rest and joke inside before killing animals for food (9) SLAUGHTER {LAUGH} in {REST}*
17 Eggs that aren't quite egg-shaped? (3) OVA OVAl
19 It could be picked for entertainment (7) UKULELE [CD]
21 Fancy embassy quarter disappears into a bottomless pit (5) ABYSM eMBAsSY*
22 Part of the harpoon's permanently in a member of the whale family (5) SPERM [T]
24 Check the roof-supporting beam (4) BALK [DD]



  1. 21AC Chess piece - ROOK
    Romanian = RO which is out
    This is what I deciphered.

    1. How does it work? Where is the deletion indicator for RO? 'Out' is part of the definition

    2. Another way is to take K(night) as chess piece. That leaves O for Romanian- how?

  2. Yes, it is whale time. But there are some flowers & vegetables too (Blossom, sepal,lentil, brussels sprouts,eglantine,ova)

  3. Replies
    1. 'Plucked' would have been a give away, to some extent, I felt. :)

  4. 26A- intricate as anind. New?

    1. It means complex as well as fancy. So, it should work fine as anind.

  5. I agree with it. I was just saying I am seeing it for the first time.

    1. Sorry Paddy. I missed this point. Yes, I think it is the first time.

  6. Thank you, Me!Had a whale of a time

  7. Did not get "abysm". Very nice crossword! Thanks Neyartha. Whales all over the place!!!!

  8. BTW, I ran amok with 21dn, for I had it filled in as ABYSS. Later 26 ac helped me in correcting it.

    Overall an interesting puzzle. Enjoyed solving it. Thanks Neyartha.

    1. Luckily I had filled in luminary earlier and so started wondering why 'abyss' is not fitting in.

  9. No need to fish in troubled waters today. Does SPERM by itself constitute a Whale? I laways felt that SPERM WHALE did !
    In passing, does it also imply our origins from SPERM as a reptilian descent? one can deny sourly that our roots are from dinosaur !

  10. Today in mobile version..underlined links are visible.

  11. Great that here is a solution blog like this. In Calcutta, we would get the Daily Telegraph Cryptic Crossword in the Calcutta Telegraph. Outside Calcutta I am starved of good Crosswords... as the TOI publishes rubbish, and the Americans know as much about the joy of Crosswords as they know about the beauty of proper cricket.
    Thought I had no fall back, as and when I would leave clues unsolved. But then, these is this excellent blog. Comparable to Big Dave's for the UK Crosswords.

    1. * ...!there is this excellent blog...

    2. Thank you Ankur. This blog has been around since 2009