Friday, 19 May 2017

No 12011, Friday 19 May 2017, Spinner

1   Knight overcomes revolutionary from the east with cavalrymen (6) RIDERS {S{RED}IR}<=
4   Hesitant defender tackled, but "Foul!" (8) DOUBTFUL {D}{BUT+FOUL}* D for defender?
10 Prominent leader of Bengaluru is back amidst unpleasant atmosphere (7) VISIBLE {Ba...e}{IS}<= in {VILE}
11 Not in favour of a good man's growth (7) AGAINST {A}{GAIN}{ST}
12 Tackle programme having bug (8) APPROACH {APP}{ROACH}
13 Schooling basically destroys talents (6) SKILLS {Sc...g}{KILLS}
15 First lady's right always! (4) EVER {EVE}{R}
16 Saving oneself from heat by removing article that's defamatory (9) INSULTING INSULaTING
20 France supports cutting Union into smaller parts (9) FRAGMENTS {FR}{AuGMENTS}
21 One rupee per square foot, say? (4) AREA {A}{RE}{A} Second A from? See comments
24 Take up and edit copy, going over every other clue (6) OCCUPY {COPY}* over {ClUe}
26 Graduate designed motor to retain heat in sauna (8) BATHROOM {BA}{T{H}ROOM*}
28 Stomachs consequences finally, at the end of relationship interrupted by crazy mum (7) TUMMIES {T{MUM*}IE}{c...eS}
29 Pant right after route running, taking a little sip (7) TROUSER {TROU{Sip}E*}{R}
30 Losing passport, eventually turning into local of a country, with no freedom! (8) COLONIAL {INtO+LOCAL}*
31 Put off by yeast sprayed on top of dough (6) STAYED {YEAST}*{Do..h}

1   Showed meat on the inside of butchered deer (8) REVEALED {RE{VEAL}ED*}
2   Retreat into paradise designed to overcome pressure (9) DISAPPEAR {PARADISE}* over {P}
3   Robin striving to protect Batman's top military honour (6) RIBBON {Ba...n} in {ROBIN}*
5   Orators robustly articulate, leveraging extremes of the mouth (4) ORAL Acrostic
6   Depend on cryptic set to get money covers (8) BLANKETS {B{L}ANK}{SET*}
7   With rain ultimately intervening, fail to play decider (5) FINAL {raiN} in {FAIL}*
8   Just in: Returning gangster put on trial (6) LATEST {AL<=}{TEST}
9   Sunk as last month's stocks finally ran out (9) DESCENDED {DE{s...kS}C}{ENDED}
14 Takes away plots after returning vehicle (9) SUBTRACTS {BUS<=}{TRACTS}
17 Rely on us to run about very restlessly (9) NERVOUSLY {RELY+ON+US}* over {V}
18 Pity agent endlessly going around African (8) EGYPTIAN {PITY+AGENt}*
19 Pounded meat that's uncooked, adding some mustard extract (8) HAMMERED {HAM}{Mu...d}{Ex..t}{RED} Not sure of Anno for RED See comments
22 Graceful engineer caught in controversial topic (6) POETIC {PO{E}TIC*}
23 Voice of wife forgotten in fling with a model (6) THROAT {THROw}{A}{T}
25 Animal is calm, walking around deserts, essentially (5) CAMEL {CALM}* over {desErts}
27 Like Spinner, one from the East (4) ASIA {AS}{I}{A} Clue leads to Asian as the answer



  1. 4AC: D is Defender as per Freedict.

  2. 21AC: My take is:
    One = A
    Rupee = R
    Per = Each = EA

    1. It is not uncommon to use Re for Rupee. Chambers says R=Rupee(s)

    2. I intended it the way colonel has parsed it. Re for Rupee is a common usage.
      A + Re +A

    3. In which case 2nd A from?

    4. Is from per -

      A dime a dozen - A dime per dozen
      Three rupees a litre - Three rupees per litre

  3. 19D: RED = uncooked (as in red meat)

    Nice crossword from Spinner. 13A reminded me of Mark Twain's statment - "I never let schooling interfere with my education"!

  4. I too had the same doubt about 19DN.
    But Uncooked is raw and it has a synonym Scratched, RED

  5. Nice CW as ever.
    Asian remains to be tackled.
    I thought it is always 'Trousers', but Free dic. says it is 'often'.

  6. 21a The def is just 'the east'. The 'from' is just hanging around

    1. That's what I intended. From as the linker.

    2. Would 'in the East' be less intruding and also leading to Asia?

    3. Possibly, but I'm okay with using A from B or B from A for wordplay and definition connection.

  7. Simple and enjoyable! Thanks, Spinner.

  8. A nicely woven web of deceit by Spinner. My favourite out of all: BLANKETS. Using POETIC to mean graceful is quite offbeat as one's mind would rush to look for synonyms of graceful as poised, elegant suave polished. svelte and such others. But there was enough hint with TOPIC & E for engineer. Good mental work for us, thanks , SS !

  9. Nice and interesting puzzle.

    In response to a comment yesterday, on why an year is wrong - pl see

  10. hey friends!I m new to this.could anyone guide me about rules and how to solve the puzzle