Tuesday, 30 May 2017

No 12020, Tuesday 30 May 2017, Arden

6   Fancy price tag — get out of the resort (5) CAPRI {PRICe+tAg}*
7   Like to break wind, it relieves toothache (5,3) CLOVE OIL {C{LOVE}OIL}
10 Football champs drink bottles instead ... (7) CHELSEA {CH{ELSE}A}
11 ...at last when there is so much food (7) NOODLES {wheN}{OODLES}
12 Work clothes on everyone (7) OVERALL {OVER}{ALL}
13 He draws a line (7) PAINTER [DD]
14 Fallen for a girl — fellow goes right in for a tool (5,6) ALLEN WRENCH {fALLEN} {W{R}ENCH}
19 Currency advice — accept fifty rupees later (7) GUILDER {GUI{L}DE}{R}
21 Country rejects gold, madness to support it (7) ROMANIA {OR<=}{MANIA}
23 Cost of a flower — it takes pounds (7) EXPENSE {PENS} in {EXE}
25 Battalion not to become a medieval force (7) TALIBAN BATtALIoN*
26 Came on drunkenly on the floor for a dance (8) FLAMENCO {FL}{CAME+ON}*

27 Collect contents, return instrument (5) CELLO [T<=]

1   Record time crossing border, lasts a short while (8) EPHEMERA {EP}{HEM}{ERA}
2   Doctor hesitates to ban the rest (6) SIESTA heSItATES*
3   Reliance on restoring QE II, perhaps (5,5) OCEAN LINER*
4   Horse participated in the race, got nothing (4) ROAN {R{O}AN}
5   Place to sleep under movie poster (6) BILLET {BILL}{ET}
6   Protect businesses which are running (6) COCOON {CO}{CO}{ON}
8   Increasing din, gets choice of wear (7) EROSION {NOIS{OR}E}<=
9   America online calls you in, takes a lot of interest (5) USURY {US}{U(~you)}{RY}
13 The closing remarks in every speech (10) PERORATION {PER}{ORATION} New word for me
15 Manual work, takes days for a perfume maker (7) LADANUM {D} in {MANUAL}*
16 Band playing in the auditorium is foul (8) HANDBALL {HA{BAND*}LL}
17 'White heron' — some detergent being promoted (5) EGRET [T<=]
18 Prison will refuse to allow one carrying luggage (6) BAGNIO {BAG}{N{1}O}
20 Spear the animal, the end varies (6) IMPALE IMPAL(-a+e)E
22 Rodent carries a pound of venom (6) MALICE {M{A}{L}ICE}
24 Flyer's capital, not British (4) ERNE bERNE



  1. Thanks Arden for making life easier.
    Agree with you Col 13DN.
    Had problems in the following:
    15DN:Can D be taken for days? Chambers' uses D for Day.
    22DN: Rodent is Mouse. Mice is for rodents, I feel.

    1. Rodent as the order of mammsls can be used to denote a group of mice, rats, squurrels, etc

  2. I have returned to Chennai from CBE trip. Raju and Deepak, i am glad I was able to meet you. The first thing here my PC network is not working. Thanks for your kindnesses. I am likely to be out of communication for a couple of days for other reasons as well

    1. Aw !! Glad that you reached home in one piece . Take it easy. It was our pleasure to see you after such a long time.

      Be in touch once your network/PC is fixed.

  3. Pure joy!Loved Chelsea, Clove Oil, Allen Wrench,et al.
    Thanks Arden

  4. I have used 'Allen keys' hundreds of times without calling it an 'allen wrench'.
    5D- ET from?
    +1 for Vasnt's comments.
    Curiously, handball is a game by itself.

    1. ET: the famous Spielberg movie

    2. Right Paddy for Allen keys...I think we all engineers call them as such .

    3. I took 'Movie poster' together for bill. My fault.

  5. 21A- I was bowled by 'rejects' for a reversal. In stead, I was looking for a deletion.

  6. Thanks Arden for Chelsea. KTBFFH

    1. Had to google for KTBFFH...die hard fans of Chelsea would probably be familiar

    2. I followed you to KTBFFH!

  7. The one who draws line emperor=ruler

    1. Naveen: the clue is having a 7 letters and your answer is having only 4 ? Please relook. The answer is PAINTER.

      Keep visiting this blog to get the hang of bang-on only correct answers.

      Good luck solving .

    2. Raju:I think he meant the answer to be emperor which is a 7 letter word...ruler is a 5 letter word..how did u get 4?

  8. Yeah,to correct him and by mistake I quoted 4 ¬ Sorry.

    By the way, did you finish Kishore's puzzle in 1 Across? I did.

    1. I did..a very interesting puzzle full of amazing artistry