Saturday, 27 May 2017

No 12018, Saturday 27 May 2017, Buzzer

Haleem is back in Hyderabad today, for those craving for fast food. Not sure if Ramzaan is the theme today though there are a couple of words that point to it


1 Celebration of nightlife as teenagers (5) FEAST (T)
4 Periodical in charge with doubly charming staff (5,4) MAGIC WAND {MAG}{IC} {W}{AND}
9 Puzzles be about cracking tricks? (7) REBUSES {R{BE<=}USES}
10 Scold a child gobbling a pastry (5,2) START ON {S{TART} ON}
11 Old and lacking romantic company (3,2,4) OUT OF DATE {OUT OF}{DATE}
12 German painter previously gained name (5) ERNST {ER{N}ST}
13 Legally no good, judge is corrupt and concerning (2,4) DE JURE {JUDgE*}{RE}
15 One lentil dish, healthy recipe for a festival day (2,2-4) ID AL-FITR {I}{D AL-}{FIT}{R}
18 Hit and run involving French woman and daughter (8) HAMMERED {HA{MME}RE}{D}
19 Half of play consumed by say scene showing ill-humour (6) SPLEEN {~S{PLay}EEN}
22 Spring round Iceland captivating, while ... (5) OASIS {O}{AS}{IS}
24 ... travelling itinerants lost energy on the way (2,7) IN TRANSIT {ITINeRANTS}*
26 Revolutionary movie E.T. arousing strong feelings (7) EMOTIVE {MOVIE+E.T}*
27 Rice noodle dish, home-made, a hit (3,4) PAD THAI {PAD} {A+HIT*}
28 Team's clean sweep is a blow (9) SIDESWIPE {SIDE}{SWIPE}
29 Sorry verdict acquitting criminal ultimately (5) RUING {RUlING}


1 Permanently give up work in retirement (3,4) FOR GOOD {FOR GO}{DO<=}
2 Part of morning circuit (5) AMBIT {AM}{BIT}
3 Military unit in demand, under time pressure (4,5) TASK FORCE {T}{ASK} {FORCE}
4 Highly recommended drinking California made port (6) MUSCAT {MUS{CA}T}
5 See guy losing heart to date, so moving (2,6) GO STEADY {G{(-u+(DATE+SO)*}Y}
6 Grate is hot inside a restaurant (5) CHAFE {C{H}AFE}
7 Kind of wavering at reaching top (9) ATTENTIVE {(+AT)TENT(-at)TIVE}
8 One presenting lecturer with upcoming schedule (7) DONATOR {DON}ROTA<=}
14 Fictional man's job comprising chiefly, espionage department (5,4) JAMES BOND {MANS+JOB*} around {Espionage}+{Department} &lit

16 European tour comparatively boring? Not at first (9) LAPLANDER {LAP}{bLANDER}
17 Mounting anger down to bribe possibly, it's a sickening disease (8) BERIBERI {BRIBE*}{IRE<=}
18 House deliveries, they suck (7) HOOVERS {HO}{OVERS}
20 Love kimono, thin gown to wrap around (7) NOTHING (T)
21 Key in standing firm for black pawn (6) STAPLE {STA(-b+P)LE}
23 Federer for one, mostly stylish and singular (5) SWISS {SWISh}{S}
25 Fast food is, yes horrid oftentimes (5) SEHRI {iS yEs HoRrId}

Reference list

In charge=IC, With=W, Name=N, Good=G, Concerning=Re, One=I, Recipe=R, French woman= Mme, Daughter=D, Round=O, Iceland=IS, While=As, Energy=E
Time=T, California=CA, Hot=H, House=Ho, Black=B, Pawn=P, Singular=S

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  1. A feast!Loved the typical Buzzer puzzle..compact cluing, awesome wp.
    Thanks Buzzer & Ramesh for an equally instructive blog

  2. 14D: Roger Moore is no more

  3. The wizard of Oz at it and how!

  4. Replies
    1. Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Srividya

    2. Happy Birthday & many happy returns of the day,Srividya.

  5. 15A: had always spelt it as id-ul-fitr

  6. Exactly. Wondering till I checked.

    1. Thanks to my Gulf experience. I was aware of the variants. Id is also written as Eid.

  7. A buzzing Buzzer! Thank you and a world of thanks to Ramesh too for his wonderful painstaking job.

  8. Replies
    1. Charade as annotates
      Lacking romantic company=(out of) (date)

  9. Hoover as sucker was new to me.

  10. Lovely crossie as usual from Buzzer. 1D and 14D were my favourites. Got stuck on 15A since I always thought it was Id-ul Fitr :)

  11. Never knew about Haleem. Although I have been to Hyderabad and partaken the specialities of there-especially the biryani

  12. As is his won't, yet one more brain racking puzzle from the wizard of Oz! Found the left half easier than the right half. Still a satisfactory solve.
    Superb blog by Ramesh. Thanks to both.

  13. A buzzer special elicits 25 comments on a Saturday!

  14. Buzzer has boggled the mind a bit today at some places.

    Id-al-fitr or Id-ul -fitr are both used, but more commonly the latter. This falls on 26th June this year. Can some one clarify whether any difference between the two phrases?

    Paddy : Hoover is a branded vacuum cleaner and in the US, folks always say that they would hoover the place. The word is found in the dict too. Recently, alas, Trump hoovered out Hilary out of the scene and became the President.

  15. Paddy: Sorry for the belated entry. My Comp was refusing to let me publish my comments and now it is rectified as I got some blockage removed. Sorry !!

  16. Fine Raju. No problem. Ramki had clarified and I also checked up. Somehow, during my visits to U.S., I had not come across usage of the word.