Monday, 1 May 2017

No 11995, Monday 01 May 2017, Arden

9   He rates one on essay writing (7) ASSAYER {A}{ESSAY}*{R} What's the ANind?
10 Squeal wearing Nike pants, it's in your hair (7) KERATIN {RAT} in {NIKE}*
11 Contact as in oil transport (7) LIASION*
12 Saw it's still in liquid state (7) NOTICED {NOT ICED}
13 Arranges bail in Cambria for residents in Australia (9) WALLABIES {WAL{BAIL*}ES}
15 Award for an ex-President (5) GRANT [DD]
16 Payment advice in post (7) STIPEND {S{TIP}END}
19 Ventilate the loo- he is daft (7) AIRHEAD {AIR}{HEAD} Loo/HeadAnno not clear See comments
20 Island resort is cloudy most of the month (5) CAPRI {C}{APRIl}
21 I once met some characters to cut costs (9) ECONOMISE {I+ONCE+SOME}* ANind?
25 Sort out strange platform (7) ROSTRUM {SORT}*{RUM}
26 Little sister follows, childlike for support (7) CHASSIS {CH}{AS}{SIS}
28 City in UK, long back freed from one's clutches (7) CHESTER Anno pending (Addendum - {aCHES}{STERn} - See comments)
29 Gets emotional in ten seconds (7) INTENSE [T] in on Double duty

1   green- everything in lower case (6) CALLOW {C{ALL}OW}
2   Lies spread about God and the country (6) ISRAEL {IS{RA}EL*}
3   Cheats government, as sleeper surfaces (4) GYPS {G}{SPY<=}
4   Live on island, having to manage a country (6) BRUNEI {B{RUN}E}{I}
5   Cattle in the continent get a disease (8) AKINESIA {A{KINE}SIA}
6   Love to boast about great rising star (5,5) GRETA GARBO {O}{BRAG} {GREAT}* <=
7   Cut head off, instead shift barrier (8) STOCKADE {dOCK} in {STEAD}*
8   As it is, a short man's come in as one (8) UNEDITED {UN{ED}ITED}
14 I met a real old doctor to get better (10) AMELIORATE {I+MET+A+REAL+O}*
16 Event to get rid of people (4,4) SACK RACE {SACK} {RACE}
17 Bill introducing himself, as someone else (8) IMPOSTER {I'M POSTER} &lit
18 Wool gatherers smear red mixture (8) DREAMERS*
22 Issue reported over choice of flower (6) ORCHID {OR}{CHID}(~kid)
23 Batsmen, as night watchmen, go up the order somewhat (6) INSANE [T<=] Definition not clear
24 Consumer takes the first step for a holiday (6) EASTER {EA{Step}TER}
27 In California, Paulo's said to have a voice (4) ALTO [CD]



  1. 19 Ventilate the loo- he is daft (7) AIRHEAD {AIR}{HEAD} Loo/Head? Anno not clear

    The head (or heads) is a ship's toilet :

    28 City in UK, long back freed from one's clutches (7) CHESTER Anno pending (a-)CHE + STER(-n)

  2. 23d going up the order is a sort of "out of order" ->insane
    21a characters-> moulds ->make up

  3. Nice puzzle!instructive & enjoyable

  4. +++++ ! Monday blues, everyone? 1110am and yt only 5 hits?

    Arden's delight today.SACK RACE & GYPS & AKINESIA clued very imaginatively .

  5. 23d INSANE Definition not clear.

    Maybe it's Bat(s) from Batsmen.

    have bats in (one's) belfry
    To behave in an eccentric, bizarre manner.

    Copy paste from Freedom.

  6. Please try my Mayday puzzle at

    1. except for 40a. enjoyed. thnks

    2. Done and submitted. I haven't done the May day-related search. Looking for a pin in a haystack !. It has your inimitable style.

      May day greetings to all. Laal Salaam? NO ! or felicitations to all mothers on their Labour Day? YES !

    3. Dear Raju, Suppose you make Love among the Haystacks [,] isn't there a chance of that pin pricking you somewhere? Please consider.
      Yours etc,

    4. CV : HA HA ! Even at this age you have a fertile (fertility ?) mind ? I expected this smart- CV-Alec comment from you . I am reminded of the old Hindi films where Rajesh Khanna , Dev Anand and Dharmendra try their luck with their (respective) heroines jumping on to the haystacks in Punjab villages. Is this what they used to call as hitting (in) the haystack?

  7. Did the CW early, but coming in late to clarify a few annos.
    Bhavan's anno is still not clear to me. How do we get 'stern' & how do we remove N?
    I take it that 'Long back freed' leads to (ache- a).

    1. Long=Ache, Back=Stern, One=An
      Hence aCHE+STERn.

    2. 3. 'a' meaning 'one'
      A and an are used to mean 'one' in front of some numbers and units of measurement.... Freedic.

    3. I.e. Chester in the clutches of An!

  8. Quite complicated. Now I got it. Thank you MB.
    Did you watch the Super over? I slept off assuming it to be a cakewalk for MI.

    1. No. I too took it for granted that it was MI's game/win all the way! Hence had shut the TV and slept!