Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2946, Sunday 04 Jun 2017

1   Planet with hot swamp (5) MARSH {MARS}{H}
4   Shame about getting into argument (9) DISREPUTE {DIS{RE}PUTE}
9   Film with power, receiving Oscar simply? Not quite (9) MOONLIGHT {M{O}{ONLy}IGHT}
10 Crest belonging to florid gentleman (5) RIDGE [T]
11 Cordial informer with criminal organisation sacrificing leader (7) RATAFIA {RAT}{mAFIA}
12 Run and play around old platform (7) ROSTRUM {R}{O}{STRUM}
13 Item Marx hoped to change, creating incongruous image (5,8) MIXED METAPHOR*
16 Small high-pitched sound with purpose by bird, not left in tree (7,6) WEEPING WILLOW {WEE}{PING} {WILL}{OWl}
20 Apparatus used in circus trick with energy, with zest? Not half (7) TRAPEZE {TRAP}{E}{ZEst}
22 State one name connected with Roman goddess (7) INDIANA {1}{N}{DIANA}
23 Frequent search covering area (5) HAUNT {H{A}UNT}
24 Excessive in scheming in servile style (9) SLAVISHLY {S{LAVISH}LY}
25 Leave King Edward in charge (9) SKEDADDLE {S{K}{ED}ADDLE}
26 Delusion caused by fear with time running out (5) ERROR tERROR

1   Recall opening of event in 2000 poorly, forgetting odd parts (6) MEMORY {M{Ev..t}M}{pOoRlY}
2   Marsupial, fully grown, retaining composure in comfortable warmth (4,11) ROOM TEMPERATURE {ROO}{M {TEMPER}ATURE}
3   Cry of triumph, careless about condition in capital of province (7) HALIFAX {HA}{L{IF}AX}
4   Fiercely competitive dad got excited, keeping self-esteem up (3-3-3) DOG-EAT-DOG {EGO<=} in {DAD+GOT}*
5   Instrument among prizes I target (5) SITAR [T]
6   Regret capsizing when beginning to inspect a land mass (7) EURASIA {RUE<=}{AS}{In...t}{A}
7   Out of sorts, hurt, need to change and survive (5,3,7) UNDER THE WEATHER {HURT+NEED}* {WEATHER}
8   Always remove terribly extreme pieces of ridicule (8) EVERMORE {REMOVE}*{Ri...lE}
14 Exclude select group outside main ground (9) ELIMINATE {ELI{MAIN}*TE}
15 Nervous movements from sorceress in endless trial (8) TWITCHES {T{WITCH}ESt}
17 Passivity at home? It rises during time (7) INERTIA {IN}{ER{IT<=}A}
18 Opponent of innovation, endlessly dreary, upset over new diet (7) LUDDITE {DULl<=}{DIET}*
19 Brief film carrying weight (6) LAWYER {LA{W}YER} Is this definition correct? See comments
21 Relieved, having finished getting rid of cold (5) EASED cEASED



  1. Special at 10:30 by Afterdark

    1. Have the same doubt.

    2. I am all in dark..what doubt?

  2. OED gives brief as solicitor

  3. Even Chambers Thesaurus says so.

    1. Lawyers are not known to be brief.

  4. A lawyer can steal more with a briefcase than a hoodlum with a gun
    - Don Vito Corleone in Mario Puzo' s " Godfather".

  5. Some words not found in dictionary