Saturday, 1 July 2017

No 12048, Saturday 01 Jul 2017, Arden

1   Half the country's on credit, mostly those in the countryside (6) RUSTIC {RUSsia}{TICk}
4   Gets nice daughter-in-law by chance (8) ACCIDENT {NICE+D}* in {ACT} No ANInd See comments
10 Friendly, over time became indigenous (9) CONGENIAL [DD?] (Addendum - CONGENItAL - See comments)
11 Hound loses blackbird (5) EAGLE bEAGLE
12 Harangue with Dogberry (7) CURRANT {CUR}{RANT} As per clue this becomes {RANT}{CUR}
13 Man's superb, girls go and beg him (7) ENTREAT {gENT}{gREAT}
14 Do follow the essence of what's written, to be precise (5) EXACT {ACT} after {tEXt}
15 All the drug leaving island is from trading port (8) ENTREPOT {ENTiRE}{POT}
18 Vehicles parked back to front at a game (8) BACCARAT {CAB<=}{CAR}{AT}
20 Attention to work, is not a doctrine (5) CREDO {CaRE}{DO}
23 Free, liberatingdiscard the bra, you can burn it (7) LIGNITE LIbEraTING*
25 Shadow cuts through with ease (7) ECLIPSE {CLIPS} in {EE}
26 Material girl adopts small boy (5) SUEDE {SUE} adopts {ED}
27 New demand accepted before one went all round the place (9) MEANDERED {ERE} in {DEMAND}*
28 Tin may, on melting become something else (8) ANTIMONY*
29 Oriental loses head, is back (6) ASTERN eASTERN

1   Spring line could become heliocentric (8) RICOCHET HEliOCenTRIC* [CA]
2   There's no high and low in heaven — drink (7) SANGRIA ShANGRIlA
3  Alice isn't flexible? Yes (9) INELASTIC* &lit?
5   One may be invited for a drink at the inn (6,2,3,3) CALLED TO THE BAR [C&DD]
6   Thing about the aspiring writer's that, he is clumsy (5) INEPT {IT} about {PEN<=}
7   Artist breaks leg, recovers 50% (2,5) EL GRECO {LEG}*{RECOvers}
8   Tally — not everyone entered score (6) TWENTY {WENT} in {TallY}
9   Characters enter, telling me they're from another planet (6,5,3) LITTLE GREEN MEN* No AInd? See comments
16 By taking time off for a day grows scales (9) ESCALADES ESCALA(-t+d)DES
17 I agree to go up and sit before God (8) POSEIDON {POSE}{I}{NOD<=}
19 Make up for a month as workers left for America (7) AUGMENT AUG(-us+men)MENT
21 Half expected Arthur to come in for a lawyer’s party (2,5) EX PARTE {ART} in {EXPEcted}
22 American city gets a query? No, it's a state (6) ALASKA {A}{L{ASK}A}
24 Multimedia is bad, to admit takes some guts (5) ILEUM MULtimEdIa* [CA]

 Reference list 

Credit = TICK, Drug = POT, Ease = Es = EE, Before = ERE, HIGH = H, Low = L, 

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. 10A Congenial over T becomes congenital which is indigenous

  2. Gets->organises and characters ->sets as anind's. Previously seen.

    1. 12a with->next to, rant next to cur

    2. Characters from as an anind I have seen. This is new

    3. I inferred GETS to mean 'becomes' and CHARACTERS to mean 'eccentrics' which might serve as anind.

  3. The final of the CBSE Cryptic Crossword contest which was held in Dec 16 last year is being aired on DD National at 3 PM today

  4. Nice puzzle today. Enjoyed it.

  5. Found this quite tough. El Greco, Entrepot, escalades, Sangria all were new & took a lot of time. A challenging week end puzzle that was very enjoyable.
    Thanks Arden & Col.

  6. Col not letting us miss Ramesh's Saturday blog? Colour scheme, parsing, reference list all had stamp of Ramesh.
    Thanks Col.

    1. I had assumed it is Ramesh until I read Col.'s thanks!
      If it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium!

  7. Good Service by Arden without Taxing our brains ! No antipathy for antimony in this Entrepot of

    imports and exports of letters. Nothing left to accident. In keeping with the Current credo.

    All tallied to a twenty-twenty. Though the opposition called it ex-parte decision to launch at midnight.

  8. I finished today's the Guardian's prize cryptic.
    Does anybody solve that here?

    1. I do it when it's not too complicated

    2. I thought it was a simple puzzle enlightened by one outstanding clue, 1A: 1000,1000,1000 regularly telnet,say(7)

    3. Took a while to parse that clue. Beauty of it dawned after that.

    4. Great Paddy. Solving cold without any crossings is great

    5. No, I only did with crossings. 3 clues left out- I was able to do the rest.