Thursday, 1 July 2021

No 13288, Thursday 01 Jul 2021, Karaoke

Solution to 5A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Characteristic of extremely scary animals essentially is to chase soft cat (7) SYMPTOM {ScarY}{aniMals}{P}{TOM}
5   Tactical maneuvers initiated by half-dead marshals (7) D?P?O?S ()
9   Intrinsic adrenalin is relating to kidneys (5) RENAL adRENALin
10 He settles taxes on first residence depending on constructed area and type (9) RATEPAYER {Re...e}{AREA+TYPE}*
11 Caring tendency to hide love rejected by nurse (10) BENEVOLENT {BEN{LOVE<=}{EN}T}
12 Hired thug ran away from the capital of Myanmar (4) GOON ranGOON
14 M+OM+ENT? (5,6) SPLIT SECOND Definition by example
18 Comic actors sit on drawers (11) CARTOONISTS*
21 Piece of news comes first in the evening mail (4) ITEM Acrostic
22 Rialto ideally suited (10) TAILORMADE {RIALTO}* [RA]
25 Improving middle of song’s text with permission finally from director (2,3,4) ON THE MEND {sONg}{ THEME}{p...oN}{D}
26 Meal provided by sailor (5) IFTAR {IF}{TAR}
27 One with strong liking missed cuddle occasionally from desperate dry-cleaner (7) YEARNER {dRYclEANER}*
28 I say why no eyeglass designed for one that never looks older? (7) AGELESS EyEGLASS*

1   Source of light comes from saint’s apparel (6) STROBE {ST}{ROBE}
2   Food from heaven comes around afternoon tomorrow (6) MANANA {MAN{A}NA}
3   The entertainment provider lacks fundamental decency in grounding violent side (10) TELEVISION {VIOLENT+SIdE}*
4   Extra large mushroom (5) MOREL {MORE}{L}
5   Goes pop over mounting record in engagements (9) DETONATES {D{NOTE<=}ATES} What's the role of 'over'?
6   Asian dish from South, double up (4) PUPU {UP}{UP}<= Asian?
7   No room possibly to accommodate unknowns found missing, maybe? (8) OXYMORON  NO+ROOM}* over {X}{Y} Defintion by example 
8   Song composed about a rending heart (8) SERENADE {SEREN{A}{renDing}E}
13 China regularly enters into Everest dubiously carrying set of utensils (3,7) TEA SERVICE {ChInA+EVEREST}*
15 “Listen! Stop supporting a knight around king” (4,2,3) LEND AN EAR {L{END}{A}{N}EAR}
16 A petty offence at most excuses law’s harshness (8) ACRIMONY {A}{CRIMe}{ONlY}
17 The drink that flummoxed teenager (5,3) GREEN TEA*
19 Courage to sacrifice love for American war (6) BATTLE B(-0+a)ATTLE
20 Red lentil primarily forms part of pulses and granules (6) PEARLS {PEA{R}{Le...l}S}
23 Daily touring an ancient region of Asia Minor (5) LYDIA*
24 Beloved rector retires in favour of new churchman (4) DEAN DEA(-r+n)N

Reference List
Soft = P, Nurse = EN(Enrolled nurse), Director = D, Sailor = TAR, Afternoon = A, Large = L, Knight = N, Law = L, American = A, Red = R, Rector = R, New = N


  1. ENTERTAINING puzzle today. SERENADE and LEND AN EAR solving was easy but enjoyable.

  2. A split second I am flummoxed! Great KKR garu

  3. Paula holidaying went to Kofu
    And there she ordered for Tofu
    Shouted "Where is it?
    I didn't get it."
    And then she saw it in her platter of Pu Pu.

  4. 14-A was a perfrect brain-teaser and as usual spent moments after moments till forenoon to realise how that great 'Flying Sikh' missed the bronze medal in the 1960 Olympiad at Rome!!
    Indeed, it was (is) a fantastic clue not merely for a moment but for all times to come.
    Hats off to Karaoke.....

  5. 5D- 'Over' meant as a connector- to make better surface reading?

    1. Sorry Col! Missed your observation.
      Yes, Paddy, I intended it as a connector

  6. Col,
    Reg. 6DN, I see freedict. defines it as Hawaiian dish whereas Merriam-Webster defines as below:

    Definition of pupu
    : an Asian dish served as an appetizer or main course and consisting of a variety of foods (such as egg rolls, spareribs, and fried shrimp)

  7. Thank you KKR for an interesting CW with quite a few Aha moments.

  8. Fantastic cluing by KKR Ji in today's crossword. Loved solving. Many thanks.

  9. Great CW. Ofcourse COD was 14AC. Got it after quite sometime.
    Other favs - 7dn, 1ac, 3dn.