Tuesday, 13 July 2021

No 13298, Tuesday 13 Jul 2021, Vulcan

Solution to 17D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Twelve months of running and relay race (8,4) CALENDAR YEAR*
10 End of August — bad time for land preparation (7) TILLAGE {a...sT}{ILL}{AGE}
11 Large area outside a Spanish town (7) GRANADA {GRAN{A}D}{A}
12 Book to go around a place in South America (6) BOGOTA {B}{TO GO<=}{A}
13 According to it, Y = Sharpness (8) ASPERITY {AS PER}{IT}{Y}
15 Old and single? Classify as free! (9) EXONERATE {EX}{ONE}{RATE}
16 Bury in the empty yards essentially (5) INTER {IN}{T}{E}{yaRds} T for The? (Addendum - {IN}{ThE}{yaRds} - See comments)
17 Representative in court proceeded slowly (5) CREPT {C{REP}T}
19 Also, the trouble one has at home (4,5) THEN AGAIN {THE}{NAG}{A}{IN}
22 Animals’ speed regularly evaluated (8) ASSESSED {ASSES}{SpEeD}
24 Knock out with a tug, and bow (6) KOWTOW {KO}{W}{TOW}
26 New Orleans is a town (7) SALERNO*
27 Take measurement (7) READING [CD] [DD] See comments
28 Birds use this gleaning (12) NIGHTINGALES*

2   Movement is legal or illegal! (7) ALLEGRO*
3   Authorisation to serve people in hospital department (9) ENACTMENT {EN{ACT}{MEN}T}
4   Document an achievement (4) DEED [DD]
5   Doctor greeted with “Siras said (10) REGISTERED {GREETED+SIR}*
6   Woman receives a notice, gets to escape (5) EVADE {EV{AD}E}
7   A notice basically regarding a pragmatic one (7) REALIST {LIST}<=>{RE}{A}
8   Small piece of furniture that’s fixed (6) STABLE {S}{TABLE}
9   Counsellor’s work in a film (6) LAWYER {LA{W}YER}
14 There's no tourist spot after this (4,6) LAST RESORT [CD]
16 Time in Romania with a crazy lover (9) INAMORATA {T+ROMANIA+A}*
17 Unfinished road, say? (6) C?A?S? (Addendum - COARSE (~course) - See comments)
18 Edit one slip in letter (7) EPSILON*
20 A step made with a leg on each side (7) ASTRIDE {A}{STRIDE}
21 Kind of music that’s fresh and mellow (3,3) NEW AGE {NEW}{AGE}
23 Spray from special equipment (5) SPRIG {SP}{RIG}
25 Smile from embarrassment having dropped tea (4) GRIN chaGRIN
Reference List
Area = A, Book = B, Old = EX, Court = CT, With = W, Notice = AD, Small = S, Work = W, Time = T, Special = SP


  1. Typo 1ac. It should be calendar

    1. I too get into the E/A confusion quite frequently. Trouble with the way we pronounce.
      Caller- er
      Calendar- ar
      cadre- re!

  2. 17d. COARSE..SOUNDS like course..road

  3. 17D {COARSE} ~ Course = road; Unfinished

  4. Coarse=Rough=Unfinished. Yes. A good one.
    Col.'s choices are always good. I get bowled quite frequently (incl.today) I was looking for leaving out the last letter for unfinished.

  5. AJ madam not seenfor a long time here

    1. She was seen on Sunday posting her full quota of three answers!

    2. Very much here. Passive participation!

    3. Why passive Mam? I always like to read your comments & fav clues. 😊

  6. Bruno by CGB!! Looking great.

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  8. An interesting grid that kept me busy for over an hour and in my endeavour, managed to solve all except 16-A, 3-D, 7-D, 9-D, 16-D and 25-D. In fact, 3-D was a tricky one and only on accessing, realised the actual solution or in other words to become a 7-D (REALIST)!!
    Thank you Vulcan for testing my IQ and patience too...

  9. Very good grid. Took 30mins to solve. Thanx to this blog - am really improving.

    My favs are 13ac, 15ac & 19ac. Thanx.

  10. Nice grid. Liked Asperity, Exonerate, Then Again, Last Resort.