Thursday 29 July 2021

No 13312, Thursday 29 Jul 2021, Karaoke

Solution to 16D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   The intoxicant works essentially with illicit drug at social gathering near river (4,4) RICE BEER {woRks}{ICE}{BEE}{R}
5   Sun moves to the top in Zodiac sign during seasons (6) SPICES (+s)SPI(-s)CES
9   Abandon heavy-handed girl in trouble (5,4,3,3) LEAVE HIGH AND DRY*
11 Lookalike leading lady is deleted from offensive adult clip by second censor (9) DUPLICATE {ADUlT+CLIP}*{cEnsor}
12 Lease out aeroplanes grounded in parking area (5) APRON AeROPlaNes
13 He raises his hand but not to hit someone. It’s all in the game! (6) UMPIRE [CD]
15 They are inclined to read morning post regularly (5) RAMPS {R}{AM}{PoSt}
19 Financial backer’s temper is lessened with a drop of liquor (5) ANGEL {ANGEr}{Li...r}
20 Canines killed in terrible accident causing delay (6) DETAIN AccIDENT*
24 Originally, Lama has accepted seat at the capital city (5) LHASA Acrostic
25 What would one do to protest loudly? Set up a gambling house? (5,4) RAISE HELL {RAISE}{HELL}
27 Long-standing and will be deathless in other words (4-11) WELL ESTABLISHED*
28 Maybe Saudi kings’ monies lost interest for peak oil (6) ROYALS R(-i+o)OYALS
29 Concluded an issue in rush (8) REASONED {RE{A}{SON}ED}

1   Dismissed regulation, bishop acquitted in ambiguity (5,3) RULED OUT {RULE}{DOUbT}
2   Appreciably, cocktail bar disallowed smokers’ accessory (4,4) CLAY PIPE APPrECIabLY*
3   It is cheap puff in Bangladesh, I hear (5) BEEDI (~bd)
4   Plants to treat caries (6) ERICAS*
6   Explosive long fruit (9) PINEAPPLE {PINE}{APPLE}
7   Cold ducks spend energy for drinks (6) CIDERS {C}{eIDERS}
8   Saw secret service recruiting top agents for president (6) SAYING S(-p+a)AYING
10 Animals with long laughs outside (6) HYENAS {H{YEN}AS}
14 What a caller at the door will do to sound familiar? (4,1,4) RING A BELL [DD]
16 Undercover scribe with A-line skirts (6) ?E?R?T (Addendum - SECRET SECRETary - See comments)
17 North American native hare went haywire (8) WATERHEN*
18 Comprehended hint essentially was unclear with nothing missing (8) INCLUDED {IN}{CLoUDED}
21 Frown at farmer shifting sides (6) GLOWER G(-r+l)LOWER
22 It goes into liquors and spirits at local shelter reportedly (6) BARLEY {BAR}{LEY}(~lee)
23 Quick-moving river swallows doctor (6) NIMBLE {NI{MB}LE}
26 Legends create one less than hundred in records (5) EPICS {EP{IC}S}

Reference List
Social gathering = BEE, River = R, Sun = S, Read = R, Interest = I, Bishop = B, Cold = C, Energy = E, President = P, Line = RY, Records = EPS


  1. Very nice clues KKR! Loved 5a, 9a, 6d and 16d.
    16d is the greatest favourite. Thank you for a good morning exercise

  2. Replies
    1. You are right in understanding my intention but below R[a]Y is not understood.

    2. For a while I thght you ref to the other secret.

  3. 16D SECRET
    A line=RY

  4. Lovely set of clues. Good workout in the morning. Thank you KKR.
    Waterhen is nicely misleading one trying to think of a native American man.
    Long ones were nicely done.
    Rice beer with beedi,spices and cider! Quite a collection.
    Dreaded finger of the umpire goes up!

  5. Thank you Col. for the colourful blog.

    1. +1
      I am very much impressed with the pictures, Col

  6. 3D I took it as Bee=B and Di=D thus BD(which is Bangla desh) that sounds as beedi.
    So. Social gathering as mentioned in Reference List is reduntant looks like.

    1. Your understanding of 3D is right.
      But 'Social gathering' is related to the 1ACROSS clue and it is not redundant in the ref.list.

  7. Can 6D be taken as a DD? Pineapple is a long fruit cryptically 🤔🤔

  8. Many things to learn for bee for social gathering!

  9. Nice grid KKRgaru. Enjoyable solve. Loved pineapple! :)

  10. Pineapple seems to be everyone's!

    1. Yes, in today's TH Clued In Blog also, this clue finds a place.

  11. Kudos to you Mr. Kolluru Koteswara Rao for compiling this tricky grid. So much so I was stuck with 1-A since I reckoned the last two words in the clue to be BANK and realised my folly after accessing this worthy Blog site. And let me conclude my comments by citing 29-A that I failed to solve which in turn indicates lack of 'reasoning' in my thought-process!!

  12. Yes,Rush to reed is a bit tricky and not easily connected.

  13. Nice puzzle from KKRJi. Especially liked the long across ones.