Monday, 12 July 2021

No 13297, Monday 12 Jul 2021, Lightning

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Lightning has struck thrice this month :-)

 Pasta Im cooking without recipe and cut beef (8) PASTRAMI {PASTA+IM}* over {R}
5   Release both ends of entertainer’s cloak (6) ESCAPE {En...rS}{CAPE}
9   Obstacle in short journey crossed regularly (8) TRAVERSE {TRAVEl}{cRoSsEd}
10 Bitcoin sister held for demand (6) INSIST [T]
12 Relative’s fine absorbing energy (5) NIECE {NI{E}CE}
13 Sailor with leader returning after opening — it’s a crime (9) ABDUCTION {AB}{DUCT}{NO1<=}
14 Forward movement outside ordinary sitting room (6) LOUNGE {L{O}UNGE}
16 Second client designing tool for drawing (7) STENCIL {S}{CLIENT*}
19 Obese one oddly wasting gluten in exhaustion (7) FATIGUE {FAT}{1}{GlUtEn}
21 Criticise a man cutting short hat (6) PANAMA {PAN}{A}{MAn
23 This type of radiation may not be a surfer’s delight (9) SHORTWAVE {SHORT WAVE}
25 Leader withheld approval for increase in salary (5) RAISE pRAISE
26 Strike down including a yearbook (6) ANNUAL {ANNU{A}L}
27 Dance tip sort of formal (8) PEDANTIC*
28 The Spanish indeed form a cricket side (6) ELEVEN {EL}{EVEN}
29 Marked by European in hysterical rush (8) STAMPEDE {STAMPED}{E}

1   Powerful warning — not right (6) POTENT POrTENT
2   Doctor gets a cop to frame a fall guy (9) SCAPEGOAT {GETS+A+COP}* over {A}
3   Centre eventually sheltering chief magistrate (5) REEVE [T]
4   Setter joining saint (wise man) gets the point (7) MESSAGE {ME}{S}{SAGE}
6   Star with cover — one that protects against deadly rays (9) SUNSCREEN {SUN}{SCREEN}
7   Defence provided by famous boxer breaking in at the start (5) ALIBI {ALI}{Br...g}{In}
8   Trap fish after net gets destroyed (8) ENTANGLE {ANGLE}<=>{NET*}
11 Probability of dethroning Danish society’s leaders (4) ODDS Acrostic
15 Deny one going back inside to discuss terms (9) NEGOTIATE {NEGATE} over {1}{TO}<=
17 Give small peg for panel (9) COMMITTEE {COMMIT}{TEE}
18 Cricket side on platform at place where audience cannot see (8) OFFSTAGE {OFF}{STAGE}
20 Way engineer is moving up is impressive (4) E?A? (Addendum - ELAN (+e)ELAN(-e) - See comments)
21 Excuse before written material (7) PRETEXT {PRE}{TEXT}
22 Free to nearly sleep at signal (6) RESCUE {RESt}{CUE}
24 Small quantity of fine powder lacking phosphorus (5) OUNCE pOUNCE
25 Genuine mark on kingdom (5) REALM {REAL}{M}

Reference List
Recipe = R, Energy = E, Sailor = AB, Ordinary = O, Second = S, The in Spanish = EL, European = E, Right = R, Saint = S, Engineer = E, Mark = M


  1. Print edition of TH "..assures you that Lightning will not strike twice again"!
    Quoting from the blog?

  2. 20D- elan- impressive; way- lane, e- engineer moves up

  3. Maintains his standard- as ever.

  4. TH print edition while apologising has mentioned... And assure you that lightning will not strike twice again..
    Nice one form TH. Further to it I would
    Like to clarify, Let lightning strike again and again (means with new CW) but please ensure it is not the same lightning striking again (means no repeat CW)...
    With regards,

  5. gani29
    Emphatic clues, that is Lightning! 23A,6D are master anags!

  6. 15a bit confused as to 'going back' and 'inside' referring to one or to or both.

    1. Col.'s anno makes it clear - 1 and to going back inside 'Negate'.
      As I always say we have to write it in the prose order(!)-
      Deny 1 to going back inside discuss terms- since this will not make sense in surface reading the order has been tweaked.