Monday, 5 July 2021

No 13291, Monday 05 Jul 2021, Arden

Solution to 11A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Caught in a big frenzy, fish swallowed whole as an antidote (5,6) MAGIC BULLET {M{A}{GI{C}B*}ULLET}
7   Second... the second character joins the crowd (3) MOB {MO}{B}
9   Jack is wearing something trendy (5) HOIST {HO{IS}T}
10 Nude model has to change — remains the same (9) UNALTERED {UN{ALTER}ED*}
11 Experience morbid rock music, it’s hard (2,7) G? T?R?U?H (Addendum - {GO THROUGH {GOTH}{ROUGH} - See comments)
12 Keen to right away take left, that’s a good score in a game (5) EAGLE EAG(+l)LEr
13 Bill managed to get head start, returned with a huge catch at sea (7) NARWHAL {LA{Head}W}{RAN}<=
15 Horse galloped around the circle (4) ROAN {R{O}AN}
18 Channel essentially a 19 (4) RILL fRILLe Not sure of anno (Correction - gRILLe - See comments)
20 Hurt twice — showing no interest or talent (7) PANACHE {PAiN}{ACHE}
23 Aggregates fall from top to bottom (5) LUMPS (-s)LUMP(+s)S
24 In a daze — shouts of “Bravo” for showing endurance... (9) TOLERANCE {T{OLE}RANCE}
26 ... showing thick skin, therefore returns after everyone in town (9) CALLOSITY {C{ALL}{SO<=}ITY}
27 “Pick me up” says a Greek character (5) KAPPA (~cuppa)
28 Bird going back and forth (3) TIT <=>
29 All remedies free in Ireland (7,4) EMERALD ISLE*

1   Not one to go round a corner for some wood (8) MAHOGANY {M{A}{HOG}ANY} 
2   Shimmering issues within Germany’s borders (8) GLITTERY {Germ{LITTER}anY}
3   Serve an ex-President half-heartedly (5) CATER CArTER (Heart of Carter = RT, half of which is R}
4   Fund must run call centres, but it’s not the norm (7) UNUSUAL {fUNd+mUSt+rUn+cALl}
5   Hide when the King is out (7) LEATHER {LEA{THE}R}
6   Once tax was collected here, legal profession came into money (5,4) TITHE BARN {TI{THE BAR}N}
7   I’ve one paper plane (6) MIRAGE {M{1}{RAG}E}
8   Harry is a token republican (6) BADGER {BADGE}{R}
14 It’s a solid come down as voice calls are up (9) HAILSTONE  {TONE}<=>{HAILS}
16 Half the school is asleep, keep quiet — it’s the drink (8) SCHNAPPS {SCHool}{NAP{P}S}
17 Sing a ballad at last in peaceful surroundings (8) SERENADE {SEREN{A}{b...aD}E}
19 Tops with Irish cream in coffee, they say it’s great (7) LATTICE {LATT{Ir..h}{Cr..m}E} (grea t= ~grate = lattice)
20 China moves army to Syrian city (7) PALMYRA {PAL}{ARMY*} China/Plate to mate = mate Rhyming slang
21 The last legal extract (6) ELICIT {thE}{LICIT}
22 Ultimate move, it goes with charm (6) AMULET ULTiMAtE*
25 Collected a thousand in arrears (5) RAKED {R{A}K}ED}

Reference List
Caught = C, Second = MO, Right = R, Left = L, Interest = I, Corner = HOG, Money = TIN, Republican = R, Quiet = P, Thousand = K


  1. 18a Grille -Lattice roll essentially

  2. 11A: Goth (morbid rock music); rough (hard). Go through = Experience.

  3. 19d I took it as Lattice Tops

    1. "grate is a horizontal metal grille through which water, ash, or small objects can fall, while larger objects cannot."

      Tops as def doesn't give IC.

  4. 19D: I parsed the same way as given in blog. ~grate.

  5. 27a +1 to cuppa (cup of (tea or anything that makes you feel energised)! ) Is a pick-me-up

  6. 20D- Pal for China. I think we had it yesterday. It was mentioned it could be for comrade.

    1. Cockney rhyming slang for china/plate is mate. Now we are being asked to use its synonym with a different meaning!

    2. This device, to use synonym of CRS, is widely used.

    3. I,for one,think it might be tough on India specific crossword solvers.

    4. Yes I agree. Will try to avoid reference to these cockney rhymes in the future

  7. 11ac..GO THROUGH...H(ard) in got rough

  8. Sorry. Didn't realize that it has already been posted.

  9. Thank you Col. Saab for letting me learn today three new words from these clues:
    13.A, 15.A & 18.A apart from 16.D.
    It was only after accessing this blog-site that I realised why I was stuck with 26 & 27 Across.
    Anyway, managed to solve the rest on my own and this is a frank admission.

  10. Quite tough ones...For many solution was there but could not get right annotations...A tough beginning for this week...
    With regards,