Sunday, 11 July 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3158, Sunday 11 Jul 2021

1   'Old-fashioned', old university with 'tense' old fellow? 'Tense? That hurts!' (3,2,5) OUT OF TOUCH {O}{U}{T} {O}{F} {T}{OUCH}
6   Part of hospitality industry: foolish people in retirement (4) SPAS<=
9   Therapist with discussion that offers protection (6-4) SHRINK WEAR {SHRINK}{W}{EAR} 
10 Saudi money? Retreat, retreat! (4) RIAL<=
12 Resort site: Arcadia (it's part of the Med) (8,3) ADRIATIC SEA*
15 They'll deliver packages 'on 15th March, perhaps' – plus points!? (7) UPSIDES {UPS}{IDES}
16 Beatles song, The French Bird, live (3,2,2) LET IT BE {LE}{TIT}{BE}
17 U8? That sounds like a threat (3,4) YOU WAIT (~ u8)
19 Bore seeing vehicle with bumpy ride (7) CARRIED {CAR}{RIDE*}
20 Cold – it's often covered in ice! (11) STANDOFFISH {STAND OF FISH}
23 Rugby player's retreat (4) BACK [DD]
24 Telling Everyman: 'Wave Union flag, nothing to lose' (10) MEANINGFUL {ME}{UNIoN+FLAG}*
25 At heart, Balearic cassette offers calm (4) EASE {balEAric+casSEtte}
26 Victorian allusive narrative – it tickles your fancy? Accordingly, I recommend, to start with, ____! (6,4) VANITY FAIR Acrostic &lit

1   It provides beer and some toasties (4) OAST [T]
2   Rubber cushion for bore that's outspoken (4) TYRE (~ tire)
3   Penalise a vacuously natured fop? OK (4,3,5) FINE AND  DANDY {FINE} {A}{Na...eD} {DANDY}
4   Where nurses go in direction of front (7) ONWARDS {ON WARDS}
5   Painter's title describing witch (7) CHAGALL {C{HAG}ALL}
7   House plant's site? In a pot, strangely! (10) POINSETTIA*
8   Serve salad, tossed: it contains capers and anchovies (5,5) SALSA VERDE*
11 Resentful, quiet, Warhol's concocted thing involving pop? (6,6) BITTER SHANDY {BITTER}{SH}{ANDY}
13 Characteristic of a hive of activity? (4,2,1,3) BUSY AS A BEE [CD]
14 Promises Caesar: 'Sun's to rise' (10) ASSURANCES*
18 Material from Falstaff et al. (7) TAFFETA [T]
19 Greek character (averse to wine) (7) CHIANTI {CHI}{ANTI}
21 Mercian king taking most of entrails (4) OFFA OFFAl
22 Britpoppers' endless promotional material (4) BLUR BLURb 

Reference List
Old = O, University = U, Tense = T, Fellow = F, With = W, The in French = LE, Quiet = SH 


  1. Special at 10:30 by an old setter under a new Pseudonym

  2. a year ago you have introduced mixed setter 'JIYARAJUME'.....WE IMPRESSED A LOT.

  3. Telling Everyman: 'Wave Union flag, nothing to lose' (10) MEANINGFUL {ME}{UNIoN+FLAG}.How to explain WE in the anno sir?