Thursday, 15 July 2021

No 13300, Thursday 15 Jul 2021, Afterdark

Solution to 25A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Embarrassed about mistake, failed (8) RELAPSED {RE{LAPSE}D}
5   Smart to buy nothing, keeping some earnings for best (6) CHOICE {CH{0}IC}{Ea...s}
9   Audacity to find fault with cookware (8) SAUCEPAN {SAUCE}{PAN}
10 Well, to own a ship is a problem (6) HASSLE {HA{SS}LE}
11 Cheapest accommodation in ship where teenagers party leaving function last (8) STEERAGE TEEnAGERS*
12 His leg broke in a vehicle (6) SLEIGH*
14 Jack jumps from ledge, gets tense about safety (10) PROTECTION PRO(-j+t)TECTION
18 No, staff’'s article has a point at times (3,3,4) NOW AND THEN {NO}{WAND}{THE}{N}
22 Head office at an American city earlier had work still (6) ANYHOW {HO}<{A}{NY} and {W}
23 One amongst us after sleep to help get bread (8) ZWIEBACK {W{1}E}<=>{Z} and {BACK}
24 After a sip of gin and rum, father in Chennai has brandy (6) GRAPPA {Gin}{Rum}{APPA}
25 One changes places with another on road to take speed test (5,3) ?R?A? R?N (Addendum - TRIAL RUN {TR(A<=>I}L}{RUN} - See comments )
26 Side for match? Essentially hopeless to begin with (6) ELEVEN {EVEN}<=>{hopELess}
27 Commercial earnings? Try to change sides cleverly (8) ADROITLY {AD}{ROI}{T(-r+l)LY}

1   Formulating strategies to break gate and obstruct (6) RESIST STRategIES*
2   Narrow opening for romeo to jump over top (6) LOUVER {LO{U}VER} 
3   Author’s attempt at verse (6) POETRY {POE}{TRY}
4   Perhaps a divorcee’s great, composed, mature on the outside? To stretch the truth (10) EXAGGERATE {EX}{AG{GREAT*}E}
6   Nut & bolt for a wrestling hold (8) HEADLOCK {HEAD}{LOCK}
7   To enliven, have one pint sir, dance (2,6) IN SPIRIT {1}{PINT+SIR}*
8   The plane transports an animal (8) ELEPHANT*
13 Book that woman, low in honour in a place beyond reality (10) OTHERWORLD {OT}{HER}{WOR{L}D}
15 Mix up in specialist’s viewpoint (8) ENTANGLE {ENT}{ANGLE}
16 A plan, bold for something not played at home (4,4) AWAY GAME {A}{WAY}{GAME}
17 One, two... disconnect (8) UNCOUPLE {UN}{COUPLE}
19 An ice cream company at LA, centre of uptown (6) GELATO {GE}{LA}{upTOwn}
20 Usual nonsense — copy-cat (6) PARROT {PAR}{ROT}
21 Small family at New York is underfed (6) SKINNY {S}{KIN}{NY}
Reference List 
Ship = SS, Jack = J, Tense = T, Point = N, Work = W, Sleep = Z, Father in Tamil = APPA, Earnings = ROI, Top = U, Book = OT(Old Testament), Low = L, One = UN, Usual = PAR


  1. My COD Uncouple and Word of the day Zwieback

  2. Road - Trail. A exchanges place with I TRIAL with speed(RUN) TRIAL RUN

  3. Totally stumped for a duck.Afterdark I am groping in the dark.Thomphil

  4. Thanq dear esteemed Afterdark for xompiling your grid of twilight, an enchanting one..
    Indeed, your 8-D clue took me down the memory lane to my days in the IAF to assume or presume it as one for the Caribou aircraft until I realised it ought to be a 8-lettered word!!
    All said and done, one of these days I must raise a toast in your honour since I learnt a new word today, GRAPPA.

  5. Could get time to solve the grid only now. Learnt a new word ZWIEBACK (derivable from the wordplay). Liked UNCOUPLE, PROTECTION, HASSLE, CHOICE a lot. Thanks AD.

  6. After ages - i completed Afterdark. 1 hour. My fav - EXAGGERATE, OTHERWORLD, NOW AND THEN, LOUVER.
    Nice cluing. Thanx.