Thursday, 8 July 2021

No 13294, Thursday 08 Jul 2021, Incognito

Solution to 30A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1 Rescues rookie surrounded by uncultured people (8) SALVAGES {SA{L}VAGES}
5 State loses right to make district (6) COUNTY COUNTrY
10 Close second conceals and does not win (5) LOSES [T]
11 Egyptian queen’s chaotic palace rot (9) CLEOPATRA
12 Ancient person’s father (3,3) OLD MAN {OLD}{MAN}
13 Arrange all pearl fragments in the form of an electrical circuit, perhaps (8) PARALLEL*
15 What thespian did when cadet danced? (5) ACTED*
17 One more time India is after former chief (4,5) ONCE AGAIN {IN}<=>{ONCE AGA}
19 Hound fear complex is little known (7,2) UNHEARD OF*
20 First educated and registered nurse serves and makes money (5) EARNS Acrostic
21 Yearn for a piece of furniture without Charlie's tresses (4,4) LONG HAIR {LONG}{cHAIR}
23 Prohibit King, Queen and financier (6) BANKER {BAN}{K}{ER}
27 Kerry Owen is playing for American city dweller (3,6) NEW YORKER*
28 Roman year mentioned in Roman numerals (5) ANNUM [T]
29 Move through displayed screen to Supreme Court’s list of names (6) SCROLL {SC}{ROLL}
30 Type of output to expect from a money plant or a mint? (8) ?A?H?R?P (Addendum - CASHCROP [DD] - See comments)

1   Volley of shots fired in honour of a member of the Salvation Army in Australia (5) SALVO [DD]
2   The French suture around beginning of duodenum in eleventh hour (4,5) LAST DITCH {LA}{ST}{Du...m}ITCH}
3   Where a baffled person might be when sailing? (2,3) AT SEA [DD]
4   Carve inside Somerset Church (4) ETCH [T]
6   Pagan hero constructed an institution for children without parents (9) ORPHANAGE*
7   Process natural gas compound without sugar in South African region (5) NATAL {NATurAL+gas}
8   Yes, rook takes fishes between twelve and twenty four months old (9) YEARLINGS {YEA}{R}{LINGS}
9   Sticker if used inside city limits: “Reduce presence of calcium” (9) DECALCIFY {DECAL}{C{IF}itY}
14 Gangster bats an eyelid and cheats (9) HOODWINKS {HOOD}{WINKS}
15 A question following which criminal damages guns and underwater breathing equipments (9) AQUALUNGS {A}{QU}{AL}{GUNS*}
16 Casualty count for estate tax? (5,4) DEATH TOLL  [DD]
18 Build a finer ark for a descendant of a Dutch settler (9) AFRIKANER*
22 Later version you get when you upgrade and renew production (5) NEWER*
24 Embarrass a graduate with a short request for silence (5) ABASH {A}{BA}{SH}
25 Chart once again with average returns around opening of equity markets (5) REMAP {R{Eq...y}{Ma...s}AP<=}
26 This is expressed in square units; even for circles (4) AREA [CD]

Reference List
Rookie = L, Right = R, India = IN, Charlie = C, King = K, Queen = ER, The in French = LA, Rook = R, Question = QU, Criminal = AL(Capone), Average = PAR


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    1. You have to give the anno along with your solution.

  2. plant and Mint

  3. Today Incognito made my day. After a very long time, feeling elated. May more and more grids from Incognito be present,,,

  4. Searching for the name of state/district till the real meaning of county sunk in.
    Enjoyable as ever.

  5. 7d do we need both process and compund for anind!

    1. My take-
      (Natural gas) compounded and sugar (process for letter picking) is deleted.

    2. I reasoned since it's incognito:
      Compound: to indicate the two seprate words are used.
      Without: deletion of (sugar).

      Remember the agitated man discussion.

  6. ONCE AGAIN the NEW YORKER, a BANKER with LONG HAIR LOSES his balance.

    He has received a proposal from CLEOPATRA, a woman with no PARALLEL.

    He is ALL AT SEA as the woman turns out to be of middle age, an ordinary person from NATAL and not what he imagined.


    1. I am sure he lost his bank balance too!

    2. The OLDMAN got the COUNTY wrong and the NEWER AFRIKANER HOODWINKS him. He needs a REMAP of his EARNS and SALVAGES. Thank God they are per ANNUM and not like the LOSES of CASHCROPs these days.

    3. Et tu, Prasad? Or should I say nehle pe dehla!

    4. So, CGB sets off a chain reaction!