Sunday, 4 July 2021

The Sunday Crossword No 3157, Sunday 04 Jul 2021

1   Rattled by death, calm Shakespearean character (4,7) LADY MACBETH*
9   Collected idiot found in a body of water (7) AMASSED {A}{M{ASS}ED}
10 Initially oriental recreation, it generates animalist miniature imagery? (7) ORIGAMI Acrostic &lit
11 Best section of comparative literature (5) ELITE [T]
12 Where might you find plates of meat under a desk? (8) FOOTREST [CD] Cockney rhyming slang 'Plates of meat= Feet'?
14 Unhappy interrogator runs away twice, becomes diplomat (10) NEGOTIATOR INTErrOGATOR*
15 Flipping catastrophe leading to ill temper (4) MOOD<=
17 After a drop of Hermitage, old boy wanting seconds where food's prepared (4) HOBS {He...e}{OB}{S}
19 Handsome narcissist in angry radio broadcast (6,4) DORIAN GRAY*
21 Hard to ignore anguished moving prayer (5,3) AGNUS DEI ANGUIShED*
23 Virgin goddess. Guardian angel? Not entirely (5) DIANA [T]
25 Ma wanting marsh tits represented in casual clothing (1-6) T-SHIRTS {maRSH+TITS}*
26 Protective equipment that may be black and hairy? (3,4) LAB COAT [CD] Lab/Labrador
27 Movie's averages sources of pleasure, we're told (4,7) MEAN STREETS {MEANS}{TREETS}(~treats)

1   Activity of oaf, primarily indolent, lazy, no good? (7) LOAFING {OAF+In...t+Lazy+No+Good}* &lit
2   Tense up, seeing cobblers, etc (8) DESSERTS<=
3   Announced young woman is accomplished (4) MADE (~maid)
4   One with sweet tooth's terribly chic: oh, cool! (10) CHOCOHOLIC*
6   He's next to a bar, temperature becoming hot, getting rejection (5-2) HEAVE-HO {HE}{A}VE(-t+h)HO}
7   Well, hot drink dispelled any hatred (4,3,6) HALE AND HEARTY {H}{ALE}{ANY+HATRED}*
8   Pithy bard launched pretentious annual celebration (8,5) BIRTHDAY PARTY {PITHY+BARD}*{ARTY}
13 Everyman's drained Soave in pubs with posh ladies (10) BARONESSES {BAR{ONE'S}{SoavE}S}
16 Dine out in France: the starters of intestines and brains ingested – unfit for consumption (8) INEDIBLE {DINE*}{In...s}{Br...s}{LE}
18 Moral philosopher, dishonest pig (7) BENTHAM {BENT}{HAM}
20 Rationale for decapitation: acts of betrayal (7) REASONS tREASONS
22 Spy ... or vicar? Odd characters noted in country (5) SYRIA {SpY+oR+vIcAr}
24 Slight component of fisherman's lures (4) SLUR [T]

Reference List
Run = R, Old boy = OB, Second = S, Hard = H, Temperature = T, Hot = H, The in French = LE 


  1. 14A. Where is unhappy in the answer? Interragator-- RR"= NEGOTIATOR. IS unhappy an anag indicator?