Wednesday, 14 July 2021

No 13299, Wednesday 14 Jul 2021, Skulldugger

Solution to 15A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

Paper says Vulcan but I think this is by Skulldugger!!

1   Slave girl acting very uppity (6) VASSAL {LASS}{A}{V}<=
4   Spooner’s allowed sharp projection for price of flying! (3,3) JET LAG (~ let jag)
9   Formerly fractionally ensconced (4) ONCE [T]
10 Meaning found here in city road development (10) DICTIONARY*
11 Regularly seen in first class assembly (6) PLENUM {PL{sEeN}UM}
12 Exposed dukes man in disguise (8) UNMASKED*
13 Corrupt chairmen essentially toyed with well-oiled system (9) MACHINERY {CHAIRMEN}*{toYed}
15 Hand over this at a fast clip in disheartening inaugural (4) ?I?T (Addendum - FIST FIrST - See comments)
16 Technique employed by the French traitor (4) MOLE {MO}{LE}
17 Hesitation twice expressed by mature two-timer (9) ADULTERER {ER}{ER}<=>{ADULT}
21 Every article by grad student a detested thing (8) ANATHEMA {AN}{A}{THE}{MA}
22 In jail, he ensures you don’t wander about (6) WARDEN* &lit
24 Mass erupts frenziedly to meet standards (4,6) PASS MUSTER*
25 Money lodged to release bundle of hay reportedly (4) BAIL (~bale)
26 Party person loses head at religious festival (6) EASTER fEASTER
27 Unforeseen developments as tornados destroyed hospital ward (6) TWISTS TWISTerS
1   Plain article in luxurious residence (7) VANILLA {V{AN}ILLA}
2   A bit of yarn with exquisite finish wrapped up in membrane (5) SKEIN {SK{e...tE}IN}
3   Ill portent when bass dropped once in the middle section (7) ABDOMEN (-b)A(+b)BD OMEN
5   Gamine poses riddle (6) ENIGMA*
6   Small-minded municipality chiefs dismissed after drubbing in emphatic election result (9) LANDSLIDE {SmALLmINDED}*
7   Chap dresses body part with this (7) GARMENT {G{ARM}ENT} &lit
8   Teaching assistant quite scared to alter an affinity gained by experience (8,5)  ACQUIRED TASTE {TA+QUITE+SCARED}*
14 Bad odour from opening at sea? Hoist sail (9) HALITOSIS*
16 Frenchman on a French dog: “Not great, quite ordinary” (7) MUNDANE {M}{UN}{greatDANE}
18 Uncultured Republican ousting southern-most Liberal in unsportsmanlike act (7) LOWBROW LOWB(-l+r)ROW
19 Hennaed maidens periodically captured by the opposition (7) ENEMIES {hEnNaEd+MaIdEnS}
20 Bird (goose originally) the Spanish served up with lentil (6) LEGUME {EMU}{Go..e}{EL}<=
23 Puzzle inspired by macabre business (5) REBUS [T]

Reference List
Acting = A, Very = V, Technique = MO(Modus operandi), The in French = LE, Bass = B, Teaching assistant = TA, Frenchman = M, A in French = UN, Republican = R, Liberal = L, The in SPanish = EL


  1. Replies
    1. With an easier puzzle, by his standards

  2. 15Ac FIST from Hand over Fist Idiom meaning at a fast clip disheartening First (inaugural) Fi(r)st

    1. Awesome solve.. kudos.. I had it as Gift.. with gif from fast clip.. but couldn't account for the letter t at the end.. I reasoned hand over to be loosely equal to gift something.. but your solve was great

  3. Print edition says it is a CW by Vulcan. I looked in carefully to see if it is a repeat of yesterday's CW. Fortunately the error is only in the name.

  4. Online version shows setter as Skuldugger.
    Very nice grid. Started off slow but then the clues started falling in place quickly.
    Liked HALITOSIS, LOWBROW, SKEIN, MACHINERY and ENEMIES to name a few. TWISTS was the last to fall.

    1. Yes,tornados (and hurricanes etc.) easily come to mind for us than twisters- more of a U.S.term.

    2. Free dic.lists it as informal name for tornado in U.S.and Canada.

  5. Today's CW is quite tough... TH printed version says Vulcan but the clue style appears different... Welcome skulldugger making us to dig deep inside our skull for solutions..
    With regards,

  6. 21A a brilliant one (for grouping the articles in one go)!

  7. I found it easy by skulldugger standards. Finished fully.
    Fun grid. Thanx