Tuesday, 6 July 2021

No 13292, Tuesday 06 Jul 2021, Incognito

Solution to 17A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   That lady has love for champion (4) HERO {HER}{0}
9   Bird goes awkwardly carrying egg (5) GOOSE {GO{O}SE*}
10 Way-out alien abducts team (4) EXIT {E{XI}T}
11 Musical instrument and Roman insect (6) HORNET {HORN}{ET}
12 Deviates badly producing a tranquilliser (8) SEDATIVE*
13 Idiots notice tax-payer? (8) ASSESSEE {ASSES}{SEE}
15 Magician appears in gossamer lingerie (6) MERLIN [T]
17 State: “Tarts chopped up for a parvenu” (7) ?P?T?R? (Addendum - UPSTART {UP}{TARTS*} - See comments)
19 Incinerate bovine creature with current... dies violently (7) OXIDISE {OX}{I}{DIES*}
22 Tar is melted by Indian saint and painter, perhaps (6) ARTIST {TAR*}{I}{ST}
24 Rival’s quiet about ward after small operation (8) OPPONENT {P}{ON}{ENT}<=>{OP}
26 Crimea devastated around 5 by King, an unconventional person (8) MAVERICK {MA{V}ERIC*}{K}
28 Curies sailing for coast (6) CRUISE*
30 Mountain in Vietnam (4) ETNA [T]
31 6 with every adder (5) VIPER {VI}{PER}
32 Have food after end of spoon is clean (4) NEAT {EAT}<=>{s..oN}

1   Last letter about returning ring results in nothing (4) ZERO {Z}{RE<=}{O} 
2   John (one in home) is the most crazy (8) LOONIEST {LOO}{N{1}EST}
3   Stones entrance in Arabian souk initially (6) AGATES {Ar...n}{GATE}{Souk}
4   Cock in kangaroos territory (7) ROOSTER [T]
5   Deary, this is a type of concrete (5-3) READY-MIX {DREARY}* [RA]
6   Jets flying queen and clown (6) JESTER {JETS*}{ER}
7   Knight, that is, Victor in the City of Domes (4) KIEV {K}{IE}{V}
14 Great and extraordinary purse (5) SUPER*
16 Author breaking nibs around beginning of essay (5) IBSEN {IBS{Es..y}N*}
18 Get back ere rivet is broken (8) RETRIEVE*
20 Anns judo training for Lotharios (3,5) DON JUANS*
21 Models, um, Spock designed (4-3) MOCK-UPS*
23 He may bring rocks for your whiskey, Ötzi! (6) ICEMAN [DD]
25 Rogue’s good vehicle is near roundabout (6) PICARO {PI}{CAR}{O}
27 Cast plays parts of play (4) ACTS*
29 In absence of model, Rob gets animal (4) SEAL StEAL

Reference List
Love = 0, Alien = ET, Current = I, Indian = I, Saint = ST, Quiet = P, King = K, About = RE, John = LOO, Queen = ER, Knight = K, Victor = V, Good = PI, Model = T


  1. In what sense PI = GOOD? (25D)


  3. 17A- upstart- parvenu; state-up tarts jumbled.

  4. A short while before I looked into today's CWd I was reading an article on 'pursuit of happiness' and what makes us happy, in another news paper. For many of us what greater pleasure is there than completely solving THCWd and start the day. Thank you Incognito for making our day.

  5. Dash through CW,very enjoyable though.
    A doubt about 11A- ET from Roman?

  6. Ref.list gives ET from Alien. Any error in the print edition?

  7. The online edition has 11A as
    Musical instrument and Roman (6)
    The def "insect" is missing!

  8. Theme, anyone...? This was meant to be topical. But the event it was linked to has got postponed more than once. This puzzle was set for the event's original date, over a year back...

  9. Top gun characters ?Goose,Maverick(Cruise), Viper, Iceman, Jester .

    1. movie release. top gun:maverick is the movie.

    2. Yes. It will now be released in November

  10. Replies
    1. And Hornet , the aircraft in the new movie

  11. Solved all except 25D, thanks Incognito!

  12. In fact, managed to complete it less than an hour except 25D. Thanks for letting me learn one more word today...

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  14. Completed in 15 minutes. Thanx
    Et tu is you too. Too is and?
    I also could not find ET as AND in Italian/ Roman. But just filled.

    1. I am too tempted to give it away but know the trick will be used few more times.
      It's an aha moment for a solver to decipher that.

    2. In the meantime, to address Gowri's question:

      Et cetera