Wednesday, 21 July 2021

No 13305, Wednesday 21 Jul 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A Mafia leader abducts baron leaving bar around Mexican city (8) ACAPULCO {A}{CAP{CLUb<=}O}
5   Fancy tea set in manor (6) ESTATE*
10 Youngster left boring, endless lecture (5) CHILD {CHI{L}De}
11 Hint to sacrifice pawn in hostile push (9) ADVERTISE {ADVER{TIp}SE}
12 Film about a dynamic Roman general (9) PANORAMIC {P{A}{ROMAN*}IC}
13 Jar contains popular wine (5) PINOT {P{IN}OT}
14 Order a drug at retro party (6) METHOD {METH}{DO<=}
15 Drink beer and vodka, essentially getting smashed in America (7) TOTALED {TOT}{ALE}{voDka}
18 Tap dried grass around wicket in track (7) PATHWAY {PAT}{H{W}AY}
20 Content of another monogram relating to heat (6) THERMO [T]
22 Bone broke in the middle, cast applied (5) COSTA {brOke+CAST}*
24 Seaplane flying over Dubai’s foremost promenade (9) ESPLANADE {ESPLANA{Du..i}E*}
25 Ran into tavern, came back refreshed (7,2) BRUSHED UP {RUSHED} in {PUB<=}
26 Agile Tarzan turns to trap badger-like animal (5) RATEL [T<=]
27 Look at parent embracing good daughter (6) REGARD {RE{G}AR}{D}
28 Contains popular tips to secure date (8) INCLUDES {IN}{CLU{D}ES}

1   Admit when caught on record, breaking law (6) ACCEPT {AC{C}{EP}T}
2   Exotic Latin girl enthralling fellows in association (9) ALIGNMENT {LATIN+G}* over {MEN}
3   Wimp picking up a woman after he turned awfully drunk (5,3,7) UNDER THE WEATHER {WE{A}T}{HER} <=>{HE+TURNED}*
4   Alleged hint of conspiracy left media in a frenzy (7) CLAIMED {Co...y}{L+MEDIA}*
6   Use the very last of one’s resources, like a hungry vagrant might do? (6,3,6) SCRAPE THE BARREL [DD]
7   A clip about swarm, essentially of bees (5) APIAN {A}{PI{swArm}N}
8   Affair with broad when wife’s away in latter part of the day (8) EVENTIDE {EVENT}{wIDE}
9   Wading bird at cove, injured (6) AVOCET*
16 Roasted meat consumed around special day (9) LAMBASTED {LAMB}{A{S}TE}{D}
17 Key fight featuring great leading boxer (8) SPACEBAR {SP{ACE}{Bo..r}AR}
19 Succumbs when delivery finally swings, knocking out wicket (6) YIELDS {d...rY}{wIELDS}
20 Slow bowler’s variation in area around leg (7) T?P?P?N (Addendum - TOPSPIN {SPOT<=}{PIN} - See comments) 
21 Women, beautiful women, going topless for American filmmaker (6) WELLES {W}{bELLES}
23 Mad about girl getting hurt (5) STUNG {NUTS<=}{G}

Reference List
Baron = B, Left = L, Pawn = P, Popular = IN, Wicket = W, Good = G, Daughter = D, Date = D, Caught = C. Record = EP(Extended play), Girl = G, Woman/Women = W, Wife = W, Special = S, Day = D



  1. 20d Area spot -around Tops Leg-Pin TOPSPIN

  2. Very nice sketch- a touch of reality. Great going CGB.

  3. Space bar- (5,3) or 8? What does the on line version say? Print says 8.

  4. My version of Chambers puts in a hyphen (which is often ignored). Free Dic. says 5,3.