Saturday, 17 July 2021

No 13302, Saturday 17 Jul 2021, Kriskross


1 Wife wearing ornament that’s impressive (8) TOWERING {TO{W}ERING}
5 KrisKross pines for models (6) IDEALS {I}{DEALS} Anno correct? Pines=Deals? See comments
9 Competition where participants try for a quick draw (8) GUNFIGHT (CD)
10 First stage of revolt by Rome (6) EMBRYO {BY+ROME*}
12 Belief system of those people — “Saving nothing, shop around” (9) THEOSOPHY {THE{O}{SHOP*}Y}
13 Trend in supercomputers, say (5) CRAZE {~CRAYS}
14 Prison fire (4) STIR (DD)
16 Getting rid of grass after a long time (7) ERASING {ERA}{SING}
19 True entrepreneurs, however, easily recover, arranging new sources of capital (7) TEHERAN (Acrostic)
21 Precious stone from Buffalo — entertaining US city (4) ONYX {O{NY}X}
24 Demanding back (5) STERN (DD)
25 Tricky short question about British nickname (9) SOBRIQUET {QUESTIOn*} around {BR}
27 Eccentric Idi Amin, not oddly, described Uranium asa technology-critical element” (6) INDIUM {IDI+aMiN*} arounf {U}
28 Short act, possibly in an adaptation of Tosca” (8) STACCATO {ACT*} in {TOSCA*}
29 European manager, furious, dismissing associate (6) GERMAN {MANaGER*}
30 Fellow taking a chance and jumping (8) FRISKING {F}{RISKING}


1 Dress worn by acrobat, tense before cycling show (6) TIGHTS {T}{(-s)IGHT(+S)}
2 Outlaw finally signed and indicated complicity (6) WINKED{outlaW}{INKED}
3 Romeo helps attacks (5) RAIDS {R}{AIDS}
4 She is bound to lose her painting work after a rejection (2-5) NO-HOPER {NO}{H{OP}ER}
6 Funny play mostly about spirited India, say (9) DEMOCRACY {COMEDy<=}{RACY}
7 Surprising raid by rebel spies, surrounding bar somewhere in the Mediterranean (8) ADRIATIC {RAID*}+{CIA<=} around {T}
8 Wise man penning note about early civilisation (5,3) STONE AGE {S{NOTE*}AGE}
11 Chain seen in energy vehicles (4) GYVE (T)
15 Web architect from Atlanta starts to update resume at work (9) TARANTULA {ATLANTA+Update+Resume*}
17 Covert operation over, remains in hiding (8) STASHING {ST{ASH}ING}
18 Quiet, more embarrassed; one tearing up (8) SHREDDER {SH}{REDDER}
20 I leave racket for Bill (4) NOSE {NOiSE}
21 Satellite starts to operate rather bizarrely — it flips again (7) ORBITER {Operate}{Rather}{Bizarrely}{IT}{RE<=}
22 In Varanasi, Raju perhaps upset a priest (6) PUJARI (T<=)
23 Powerful yarn where one dies for love (6) STRONG {STR(-i+O)NG}
26 How people travel without restrictions — primarily those in South America (5) INCAS {IN CArS}


Reference List

Wife=W, Nothing=O, Long time=Era, British=Br, Uranium=U, Associate=A, Fellow=F
Tense=T, Romeo=R, A rejection=No, Spies=CIA, Bar=T, Remains=Ash, Quiet=Sh, Again=Re, One=I, Love=O

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  1. 5a pine board cut to standard dimensions are called pines.

  2. 5A Pine wood is also known as Deal wood

  3. From Chambers:
    deal2 noun: a plank or planks of soft wood, now always fir or pine wood, used for making furniture, etc.

    (As annotated by Sree_sree and Col above)

  4. Nice grid. Loved ideals, winked, shredder and theosophy.

  5. A nice teaser to start the day. Thank you Ramki.
    Loved Embryo. Took a long to find revolt as anagrind.
    Had the same doubt about Ideals,though I filled in.
    Also missed the interpretation of cycling show in 1D.

  6. Literally, compiler KrisKross teased (gave me, so to say) Saturday Morning Fever as I put on my thinking cap for my nut to dance in hindsight to decode the essence of this fantastic clue.
    Anyway, thank you..
    27-A too happened to be a tricky one until I accesed this blogsite.

  7. Amendment to my above comment: At the outset I was referring to 5-A and in haste, without mentioning it, I posted my views. Apologies.

  8. 16D- I did not know sing=grass. On a search,I found it is a British slang meaning sing (come clean) to the police. Is that it?