Tuesday, 20 July 2021

No 13304, Tuesday 20 Jul 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 21D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Freshly made chips are heavenly (8) SERAPHIC*
5   Pastry, not zero-calorie perhaps (6) ECLAIR CALoRIE*
10 Shoot around excellent city in Middle East (5) DUBAI {BUD<=}{A1}
11 Relieve sozzled valet, one overwhelmed by drink (9) ALLEVIATE {AL{VALET+1}*E}
12 Clasp wheel to conduct fantastic feat by end of rally (6,3) SAFETY PIN {S{FEAT*}{r..lY}PIN}
13 Problem near hilum at centre of the kidneys (5) RENAL {NEAR}*{hiLum}
14 On the contrary, prepared most exceptional lunch (6) TIFFIN {FIT<=}{FINe}
15 Give boy practical type of experience (5-2) HANDS-ON {HAND}{SON}
18 Pour gin out for exclusive circle (7) INGROUP*
20 Proceeded to prosecute in conclusion (6) ENSUED {EN{SUE}D}
22 Hard criminal kills fellow consequently (5) HENCE (-f+h)HENCE
24 Revolting associate facing sack over consuming heroin and crack (9) ABHORRENT {A}{RO{H}B<=}{RENT}
25 Polar explorer managed to tackle small problem around southern base (9) RASMUSSEN {RA{S}{SUM<=}{S}{E}N}
26 Slap face of country bumpkin (5) CLOUT {Co...y}{LOUT}
27 Love THCC, say, taking new shape (6) OBLONG {0}{BLO{N}G} Are people visitors fed up with the old sahpe :-)
28 Girl pays attention and shines (8) GLISTENS {G}{LISTENS}

 Cruel person from Mossad is terrifying (6) SADIST [T]
2   Snubbing drug addict in band (9) REBUFFING {R{E}{BUFF}ING}
3   Discovered one footprint beside container in decisive moment (5,2,2,6) POINT OF NO RETURN {ONE+FOOTPRINT}*{URN}
4   Worried by snake, one entering hotel (2,1,4) IN A SPIN {IN{ASP}{1}N}
6   What artist recording another’s songs might do to conceal evidence? (5,4,6) COVER ONES TRACKS [DD]
7   A drink around middle of day? Another time (5) AGAIN {A}{G{dAy}IN}
8   Group visiting isle served wine (8) RIESLING {R{ISLE*}ING}
9   Bird going around lake is duck (6) FLINCH {F{L}INCH}
16 One in the dock with girl found dead in warehouse (9) STEVEDORE {ST{EVE}{D}ORE}
17 Sensation! Celebrity invites model to date (8) HITHERTO {HIT}{HER{T}O}
19 Honour president by increase in salary (6) PRAISE {P}{RAISE}
20 Elizabeth, an oldster consuming alcohol (7) ETHANOL [T]
21 Communicates with leading performer, briefly reviewing scene (6) ?T?T?S (Addendum - STATES {STAr}{SET<=} - See comments)
23 Stentorian as always, somewhat twangy (5) NASAL [T]

Reference List
Hard = H, Fellow = F, Associate = A, Heroin = H, Small = S, Southern = S, Base = E, Love = 0, New = N, Girl = G, Drug = E, Lake = L, Dead = D, Model = T, President = P


  1. 21D Leading performer briefly = sta(-r). Scene = set, reviewing = tes. Sta+tes = states = communicates.

  2. I was in a spot- did not spin it properly. So had to miss my breakfast! (read Tiffin)
    Rest of it done and feel happy about it. Thank you Doc.

  3. 27A Nice clue and Re:Col.'s comment..the new shape might be the daily clue offered to novice commenters and many new commenters becoming seasoned solvers!

    1. But is thcc a standard abbr. for general hindu crossword solvers!!!

  4. 12a: safety pin and 17d hitherto are my favourites. Nice and relatively easy and enjoyable.

  5. For 27A, the clue THCC, I thought refers to " the Hindu crosswords corner" which is our blog/ discussion forum... Hence, could solve O+Blo(n)g
    With regards,

  6. D with her daughter met L πŸ˜ƒ
    The link

  7. Nice puzzle. Seraphic, Eclair, Hands-on my favourites

    8D - A visiting B = A in B, right?

    1. I don’t think visiting has the meaning of overtaking . Nor going around

    2. Thanks Ajeesh. What would you make of A touring B? A around B, right?

      Yes, I should have used 'Group touring isle served wine' or 'Group going round isle served wine' to avoid the grey area.

      Visiting = 'staying in' functions as insertion ind.

      Visiting = 'Touring' or 'Going round' functions as container ind, imho.

      Having said that, where there is a doubt, it is perhaps better to avoid the usage.

    3. Good discussion . Ajeesh always throws this small bouncers or slow Yorkers that pauses one to think...Thiruupan Nair is steeped in Cryptics,,😊

  8. Thanks for a wonderful grid!
    Amazing clues for Oblong and Hitherto!!
    4th THC setter I managed to solve 100% after Incognito, Anon and Kriskross.

  9. Can someone explain the anno of 25A?

    1. Polar explorer managed to tackle small problem around southern base (9) RASMUSSEN {RA{S}{SUM<=}{S}{E}N}

      Managed = RAN
      To tackle = Container indicator
      Small = S
      Problem = SUM
      Around = Reversal indicator
      Southern = S
      Base = E (Natural logarithm)