Saturday, 24 July 2021

No 13308, Saturday 24 Jul 2021, Hypatia


1 Magnificent balloon (5) SWELL (DD)
4 He needs this drink in hot weather! (5) WATER {HE} in {WATER*} = {WEATHER} &lit (Addendum - {HE+WATER}* = WEATHER [CA] - See comments)
11 Cover with seat belts (7) SWADDLE {S{W}ADDLE}
12 Solitary soldiers cryptic clues (7) RECLUSE {RE}{CLUSE*}
13 Basically evaluates drafts: improves them substantively! (5) EDITS (Acrostic) &lit
14 Nervous date at bar with bruised criminal (9) DISTURBED {D}{T+BRUISED*}
15 Emergency situation in Paris — milk and butter held back with the French women! (7,3) MARTIAL LAW {{LAIT}{RAM}<=}{LA}{W}

17 House fly (4) RACE (DD)
19 Pieces regularly skipped, rewinding SPB song (4) GOBS {SpB sOnG<=}
21 Act one is fast moving? (4-6) HIGH-OCTANE {ACE+ONE*} Reverse Anagram
25 Judge music festival in front of radical muse (9) MODERATOR {MOD}{ERATO}{R}
27 Cover song by two, about victory (5) DUVET {DU{V}ET}
28 Obstetrician / doctor likes needle (7) OBELISK {OB}{LIKES*}
29 Retired agents win over a player twice in bridge (7) SPANNER {REPS<=} over {A}{N}{N}
30 Toss recipe in casserole (5) STREW {ST{R}EW}
31 Forest officer, scratching head in nettle (5) ANGER {rANGER}


2 More tired, I swear I err somewhat (7) WEARIER (T)
3 Sadly lost fashionable title (8) LADYSHIP {SADLY*}{HIP}
5 Clubs pursuing a team announced result (6) ACCRUE {A}{C}{~CREW}
6 Localities in the outskirts of old ancient city near Bhilai, oddly (7) EXURBIA {EX}{UR}{BhIlAi}
7 Admire sweethearts small face... taken up (6) ESTEEM {swEet}{S}{MEET<=}
8 Capital, when idle, is distributed (3,5) NEW DELHI {WHEN+IDLE*}
9 Members most often follow upcoming artist (4) ARMS {RA<=}{MoSt}
10 Miss the French nag (6) NEEDLE {NEED}{LE}
16 Saw cenotaph... Or is memorial covered? (8) APHORISM (T)
18 From both sides, island air can be circulating toxic emissions (4,4) ACID RAIN {IslanD+AIR+CAN*}
19 Frisk doctor in jail (6) GAMBOL {GA{MB}OL}
20 As per Spooner, father’s wager is a write-off (3,4) BAD DEBT Spoonerism of {DAD}{BET}
22 Promote commercial vehicle these days (7) ADVANCE {AD}{VAN}{CE}
23 Whole book about Ireland? On the contrary! (6) ENTIRE {E{NT}IRE}
24 Woman heading out with setter’s fur coat (6) ERMINE {hER}{MINE}
26 Choose time needed by cook for boy (4)  TAKE {(-b+T)AKE}                                      


Reference List

With=W, Soldier=RE, Bar=T, In Paris milk=Lait, Butter=Ram, The French=La, Women=W, Radical=R, Muse=Erato, Victory=V, Obstetrician=OB, Agents=Reps, Player=N, Recipe=R
Clubs=C, Old=Ex, Ancient city=Ur, Small=S, Artist=RA. The French=Le, Doctor=Le, Commercial=Ad, These days=CE, Books=NT, Ireland=Eire. Woman=Her, Setter's=Mine, Time=T, Boy=B

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  1. Whish is better? CW or its blogging?
    I am not sure but I can confirm both are enjoyable.
    So thanks to both of you for giving us a bright start for the day.

    1. If it setting CW or blogging, it is always the best, if it is from Sunnet!

    2. We miss his themed pangrams

    3. Yes,we do.
      Themed pangrams....hmmm. It needs a lot of time and effort to be put in.

  2. Enjoyable crossword. Loved 12a, 14a and 17a, 7d and 10d,
    Thank you for a nice grid.

  3. Enjoyable fare! Loved Martial Law, Exurbia and High Octane.

  4. Replies
    1. Similarly, in the Reference List, Doctor is wrongly mentioned as LE [instead of MB]

    2. Yes.Colonel / Ramesh - Kindly amend at your convenience.^^

  5. 10D:nag= needle
    The French is le
    Is Need to be taken as Miss? How?
    With regards,

    1. When we need something,we miss it.Don't we? It is a stretch but within limits. Cryptic is all about it.

  6. Yes.. dictionary says miss as wish for, need.... OK... Thanks.
    With regards,

  7. 4A Annotation is not what I had intended. It is a Composite Anagram

    (HE+WATER)* = WEATHER* with Hot as Anagram indicator.

  8. High octane stuff from Hypatia. Loved solving.

  9. Nice puzzle. Especially liked swaddle, gobs, duvet etc

    My two cents on 4A

    In a composite anagram of the form (A+B)* = (C+D)*, there should not be any connectors between A and B or C and D which affects cryptic reading. Connectors which work are "with", "mixed with" etc. but not "needs"

    Anagram of AB = AB*
    Anagram of A with B = AB*
    A mixed with B = AB*
    But anagram of A needs B is not equal to AB*

    Also I thought pecuniary is adjective but clue leads to a noun in yesterday's 14 D. It should be "Relating to any price....."?