Monday, 19 July 2021

No 13303, Monday 19 Jul 2021, Dr. X

Solution to 1A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Caught with opium and cocaine at party quickly (4,4) C?O-C?O? (Addendum - CHOP CHOP {C}{HOP}{C}HOP} - See comments)
5   Melodious performance by two singers enthrals many at college (6) DULCET {DU{L}{C}ET}
10 Beat scoundrel, one leaving niece shattered (7) CADENCE {CAD}{NiECE*}
11 Orchid petals given by the French boy meeting girl (7) LABELLA {LA}{B}{ELLA}
12 Bird’s resting place in base over head of statue (5) ROOST {ROO{St...e}T}
13 Doglike marsupial in chalet, wandering around yard (9) THYLACINE {IN+CHALET}* over {Y}
14 Movement of migrants ultimately let pandemic spread (12) DISPLACEMENT {m...tS+LET+PANDEMIC}*
18 Spectacular cooking, eating hot treat happily (12) BREATHTAKING {B{H+TREAT}*AKING}
21 New Time edition features essentially amazing Italian composer (9) DONIZETTI {T+EDITION+amaZing}*
23 Confusion after snorting drug, getting more miserable (5) BLUER {BLU{E}R}
24 Saw English force arresting brute (7) EPIGRAM {E}{PIG}RAM}
25 Tigers easily consuming large cartilaginous tissue in meat (7) GRISTLE {GRIST{L}E*}
26 Design in brown patterned cloth (6) TARTAN {T{ART}AN}
27 Scrap given by junk dealers kept in empty flat (8) FRAGMENT {Fla{RAGMEN}T}

1   Diamonds in set, cut for Roman statesman (6) CICERO {C{ICE}ROp}
2   Unusual boy, very likely to succeed (4-2) ODDS-ON {ODD}{SON}
3   Check fraud by firm (9) CONSTRICT {CON}{STRICT}
4   How an arthritic patient might climb stairs gradually (3,4,2,1,4) ONE STEP AT A TIME [DD]
6   Medium brazenly welcomes ghost (5) UMBRA [T]
7   Back hurt during stunt? Get a splint (8) CALLIPER {CA{ILL<=}PER}
8   Attempt to hide an undergarment in farce (8) TRAVESTY {TR{A}{VEST}Y}
9   Artiste devouring awfully big snack is Kishore Kumar, perhaps (8,6) PLAYBACK SINGER  {PLAY{BIG+SNACK}*ER}
15 Honouring ace coming up to receive new fancy jewellery (9) ENNOBLING {O{N}NE<=}{BLING}
16 Old criminal nursing desire to be law-abiding (8) OBEDIENT {O}{BE{DIE}NT}
17 More tiny bananas seen in row (8) TEENSIER {T{SEEN}*IER}
19 Model in launch, on ecstasy and speed (6) HURTLE {HUR{T}L}{E}
20 Taser used to tackle perpetrator finally in capture (6) ARREST {AR{p...oR}EST*}
22 Thread made from fine gold by associate in Nigerian city (5) ZARIA {ZARI}{A}

Reference List
Caught = C, Cocaine = C, Many = L, College = L, The in French = LA< Boy = B, Yard = Y, Hot = H, Time = T, Drug = E, English = E, Large = L, New = N, Old = O, Model = M, Ecstasy = E, Associate = A


  1. Nice clues. Work for the brain. Loved 1a, 13a, 18a, 27a, 4d and 9d.

    1. Agreed on all. Started filling from 4D- one step at a time (in filling too!)
      Breathtaking clue!
      Kishorekumar was a playfront singer too,if I may say so. Padosan was one of his greats.

  2. 1ac..CHOP CHOP..c(a..t)(wit)h op(ium) c(o..e) hop...meaning quickly

  3. 1A- chop chop - quickly; caught- c; hop- opium; c- cocaine; hop- party

  4. 1A- chop chop - quickly; caught- c; hop- opium; c- cocaine; hop- party

  5. A gentle start to the weak and enjoyable as always. Thank you Doc.

  6. The thesaurus and Google got a full workout :-). The longer clues helped.

  7. Doc. That was tough. 90 minutes. Had to google THYLACINE & confirm DONIZETTI. Got the rest. 😊