Wednesday, 7 July 2021

No 13293, Wednesday 07 Jul 2021, Incognito

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   Swimming pool game (4) POLO* &lit as well
8   Comforting SpO2% reading, remaining same even if read upside down (6-3) NINETY SIX [C&DD] 
10 Deadly lathe turned by trainee (6) LETHAL {LATHE*}{L}
11 Tenant’s hire charges include right, for example (8) RESIDENT {RE{SIDE}NT}
12 Movie actor lifts arm awkwardly (8) FILMSTAR*
14 Canoes drifting in large water bodies (6) OCEANS*
16 Involves a portion of chicken tail soup (7) ENTAILS [T]
18 Ordered 15 to follow engineers to get drink (3,4) RED WINE {EDWIN*}<=>{RE}
21 Legendary creature’s shown possessing heart in new x-rays, for starters (6) SPHINX Acrostic
23 Porches in Denver and Ascot? (8) VERANDAS [T]
25 Travel with wickedly hot gal to place in Jerusalem (8) GOLGOTHA {GO}{HOT+GAL}*
27 Hot beer in court-house in the Alps (6) CHALET {C{H}{ALE}T}
29 Ignorant old boy takes 54 acknowledgements of debt (9) OBLIVIOUS {OB}{LIV}{IOUS}
30 Animals look back, pregnant with some worry (4) EWES {SE{Wo..y}E<=}

1   Joker somehow accompanied, throwing cap away (8) COMEDIAN ACcOMpaNIED*
2   Look! Chinese lake! (4) LOCH {LO}{CH}
3   Jewellery carelessly taken around Luxembourg (6) ANKLET {ANK{L}ET*}
4   Sound sleepers’ defective noses having some rheum right in the middle (7) SNORERS {SNO{Rh..m}E{R}S*}
5   Spot CEO wandering around often, at first, making medical equipment (8) OTOSCOPE {SPOT+CEO}* over {Of..n}
6   Old American editor (4) USED {US}{ED}
9   After kiss, none let loose gas! (5) XENON {X}{NONE*}
13 Female teacher admits one immigrant initially in American city (5) MIAMI {M{1}AM}{Im...t}
15 Editor with Indian disclosed Buzz’s real name (5) EDWIN {ED}{W}{IN}
17 Chemical agent facilitating ease of business (8) LAXATIVE [CD]
19 Oddly, Aden teen tidied (8) NEATENED*
20 Pilot’s silly prevarication in absence of prince (7) AVIATOR preVARicATIOn*
22 At first, police officer hides erotic picture (5) PHOTO {Po...e}{HOT}{Of...r}
24 Suspension of proceedings about tax (6) R?C?S? (Addendum - RECESS {RE}{CESS} - See comments)
26 Girl having drink produces extraordinary wind! (4) GALE {G}{ALE}
28 Dropped Australian journalist around 10 (4) AXED {A}{X}{ED}

Reference List
Trainee = L, Engineers = RE(Royal Engineers), Hot = H, Court = CT, Old boy = OB, Chinese = CH, Luxembourg = L, Right = R, Editor = ED, Kiss = X, With = W, Indian = IN, About = RE, Girl = G, Australian = A, Journalist = ED


  1. 24D. Recess. Cess= Tax. About= Re.
    Recess= suspension

  2. Started with a nice pool game and it was over before I knew it.
    Golgotha was the last to fall (reminded me of our own Kolkatta). I did not the travel part right initially,so had to travel through Google to find the place!

  3. 17A: It is laxative not laxitive.
    This crossword was one of smooth sailing crossword... Absolutely delightful to complete all in a short time. Thanks Incognito.
    With regards,

  4. 17D Is it LAXITIVE or LAXATIVE?
    Or both are correct?

  5. Absolutely smooth puzzles. GOLGOTHA spotted every ones mind. I too thought it might be kolkatta after half anagram hot goal. setter mentioned as Jerusalem. Nice puzzles once again. Thanks to Incognito and Col.sir.

  6. Completed again in 15 mins. Thanx Kishore. Great fun & good for ones confidence.