Saturday, 10 July 2021

No 13296, Saturday 10 Jul 2021, Lightning


1 Narrowly avoided collision beside a lady(4,4) NEAR MISS {NEAR}{MISS}
5 A rise in quantity(6) AMOUNT {A}{MOUNT}
9 Hold back and relax with shower(8) RESTRAIN {REST}{RAIN}
10 Attract engineer at a particular stage in life(6) ENGAGE {ENG}{AGE}
12 Man perhaps following a narrow passage(5) AISLE {A}{ISLE}
13 Saint missing a space trip arranged for each person(3,6) PER CAPITA {A+sPACE+TRIP*}
14 Small // hand of a timekeeper(6) MINUTE (DD)
16 Authorise measure by earl for one(7) ENTITLE  {EN}{TITLE}
19 Fashionable to taste one drink primarily bland(7) INSIPID {IN}{SIP}{I}{Drink}
21 Don’t pay attention to part of design or execution(6) IGNORE (T)
23 Mesh left in rocket damaged(9) INTERLOCK {L+IN+ROCKET*}
25 Society with argument against adopting one heir(5) SCION {S}{C{I}ON}
26 Car mat thrown on runway(6) TARMAC {CAR+MAT*}
27 Program — one that may be called Alpha, perhaps(8) CODENAME {CODE}{NAME}
28 Live without bishop next to river going left(6) RESIDE {R}{bESIDE}
29 Get back temporary relief when president finally usurps power(8) RETRIEVE {RE(-p+presidenT)RIEVE


1 Reasonable pattern of behaviour by a liberal(6) NORMAL {NORM}{A}{L}
2 They kill two animals at home with tip of sword(9) ASSASSINS {ASS}{ASS}{IN}{Sword}
3 Code about lacking compassion(5) MORSE {reMORSE}
4 Paint with second drink(7) STIPPLE {S}{TIPPLE}
6 Gent with brown headgear moving into the City(9) MANHATTAN {MAN}{HAT}{TAN}

7 Festival ultimately grand and definitely interesting for starters(5) UGADI (Acrostic)
8 Generate new style for young adult(8) TEENAGER {GENERATE*}
11 Available // at no cost(4) FREE (DD)
15 Advantage of superior agency(5,4) UPPER HAND {UPPER}{HAND}
17 Fashionable period, going forward had to stop(9) TERMINATE {TERM}{IN}{ATE}
18 Ominous batting, caught by sibling(8) SINISTER {S{IN}ISTER}
20 Let go of container on the way up about right(4) DROP {PO{R}D}<=
21 At sea, smoker is mostly annoying(7) IRKSOME {SMOKER+Is*}
22 Riemann exemplary contributing to addition(6) ANNEXE (T)
24 Rocky hill near America is shaped like a doughnut(5) TORUS {TOR}{US}
25 Small fruit — pointed one(5) SPEAR {S}{PEAR}

Reference List

Engineer=Eng, Saint=S. Measure=En, Fashionable=In, Left=L, Society=S, One=I, Bishop=B, River=R, Power=P
Liberal=L, At home=In, About=Re, Second=S, Fashionable=In, Batting=In, Right=R, America=US, Small=S

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  1. Isn't today's grid a repeat of No 13274 (by Lightning) that came last month?!

    1. Felt so when I was solving.

    2. When my solving time was an unbelievable 10 minutes, I had every feeling that something was strange with Lightning!
      Only after coming to know that it was a repeat, I realised that I spent longer time similarly on the same clue, 27ACROSS

    3. when I start solving all the answers are getting so quick. later the magic number 27A stopped me. Later, I recognized that it was a challenging puzzle. Heart congratulations in advance for 101st Grid.

  2. They will probably correct the on line version later.
    Is it possible for us- non onlinists- to get it if that happens?

  3. The Hindu needs to gauge the situation as some maybe are gazing elsewhere.

  4. Any Sunday special at 10.30 AM?

  5. While solving I was getting vague feeling that many of the clues I have already come across. Since I do have the habit of trying to solve Times, Times of India and others whenever get an opportunity, I couldn't realise this CW is a repeat. Hope, Hindu will not repeat this mistake in the future.
    With regards,

  6. A day in advance? Of course,there will be.

  7. Except 24-D, solved this grid pretty quickly and incidentally, Mr. Ramki Krishnan has noted that this is a repeat from the past month. Thus the thrill/suspense was lost..
    Well, let all of us condone such a slip on the part of the sub-editor or page-setter at The Hindu. There have been a couple of occasions when the newsitem featured on the front page has been repeated in the columns of the inner pages!!
    After all, to err is human.

  8. It is most unfortunate that Lightning's 101st grid was a repeat!
    BTW, we don't seem to have congratulated Lightning for achieving the milestone 100 in setting crosswords. Perhaps this is a reminder to all of us to congratulate him!!!

    Congrats Lightning!!

  9. Let me join KKR in congratulating 100 lightning grids. On towards a double century. Speeding it up is in your own hands-we are ready.

  10. Lightning has struck twice

  11. Hearty congratulations to Lightning for 101st Grid. eagerly awaiting for the special.

  12. Congrats Lightning!!! May you reach a double hundred soon. Make it 201 to compensate for todays repeat.

  13. Thanks everyone for the wishes and kind words.