Friday, 21 July 2017

No 12065, Friday 21 Jul 2017, Spinner

1   Setter craving food eats a bit of lasagna, for example (12) ILLUSTRATION {I}{La...a}{LUST}{RATION}
10 Power to sack unruly groups (5) PACKS {P}{SACK*}
11 Researcher : Setter wearing perfume is extremely smart (9) SCIENTIST {SC{I}ENT}{IS}{s..rT}
12 Authentic is authentic even without proof, ultimately (6) ACTUAL fACTUAL
13 Tiniest horse extraordinarily wins leading trophy second time (8) SHORTEST {SHOR{Tr...y}E*}{S}{T}
15 Company’s Head of Relationships responded by removing article – It’s rectified! (9) CORRECTED {CO}{Re...s}{REaCTED}
16 Main man is that woman’s love (4) HERO {HER}{O}
20 Spinner finally set cryptic’s remaining part (4) REST {s...eR}{SET*}
21 Needs rice cooked at home (9) RESIDENCE*
24 Fix up broken code to get speed (8) DECORATE {CODE*}{RATE}
26 Jaw is mended with gas cutter (6) JIGSAW {JAW+IS+G}*
28 Large amount of baked good available in a disco (9) ABUNDANCE {A}{BUN}{DANCE}
29 Helps to have cold liquids that promote digestion (5) ACIDS {A{C}IDS}
30 ‘Respected Sir’ is one landlord’s introduction (6,6) LETTER OPENER {LETTER} {OPENER}

2   Cream applied around base of chest, arms and some sensitive places (9) LOCATIONS {LO{Chest}{Arms}TION}{Se...e} I feel base in a down clue would give us T and S from Chest and Arms
3   Place that’s one flight away? (8) UPSTAIRS [CD]
4   Sound of annoyance on receiving a piece of work (4) TASK {A} in {TSK}
5   Complex math I tried endlessly has hundred calculations (10) ARITHMETIC {MATH+I+TRIEd}* over {C}
6   Disregard region in turmoil (6) IGNORE*
7   One is troubled by commotion (5) NOISE*
8   Weapon at last diverts pawn’s attention (5) SPEAR {d...tS}{P}{EAR}
9   Its not a free channel! (7) STATION*
14 Approval for professional to recruit college topper with paltry wage, minus Income Tax (10) ACCEPTANCE {A{Co...e}C}{PitTANCE} AC/Professional? (Correction - {A{Co...e}CE}{PitTANCE} - See comments)
17 Unrestrained old tax including VAT exterminated, basically (9) EXCESSIVE {EX}{CESS}{In...g}{Vat}{Ex...d}
18 Measured change of guard Anil leaves India, upset! (7) GRADUAL {GUARD+AniL}*
19 Acted strangely to cover up lie that’s turned embarrassing (8) DELICATE {LIE<=} in {ACTED}* (Correction - {ACTED}* over {LIE}* - See comments)
22 Cried uncontrollably on getting technology’s top recognition (6) CREDIT {CRIED}* {Te...y}
23 She went inspecting several states, starting from European country (5) SWISS Acrostic
25 Captain to regret loss that’s heartbreaking (5) CRUEL {C}{RUE}{L}
27 Outlaw buried in massive tomb (4) VETO [T]



  1. 14 have seen proffesional->ace in the past.

    1. Thanks, my mistake. I missed out on one E in the Anno

  2. Nice, easy one from Spinner

  3. Thanks Spinner. One of my good mornings.

  4. 2D- I don't think it makes any difference whether it is Ac. or down clue. It is just the base (first letter) of the words concerned.

    1. Chambers Crossword Dictionary lists 'Base of' as a tail selection down indicator. 'Baseless' is listed as a tail deletion down indicator.

      There is no mention of 'base' as a head selection indicator.

      Just listing what's in Chambers. I do not know if it's standard elsewhere to use as head selection ind.

    2. What are the views of our CCE?

    3. According to Chambers,base also means the starting point. We may accept this.

    4. As per my Bible:

      It can be First, Middle and End.

      2 basis, foundation, fundamental, essential, component, principal, key, heart, core, essence, root, origin, source

    5. IMO for Across clue foundation doesn't apply so it's only First and Middle

    6. I agree. As I specified, I just listed what's written in the print version of Chambers under indicator lists purely for the sake of discussion.

      Having said that, I agree with Col that in a Down clue, perhaps it makes more logical sense to consider the definition of 'Base' as Bottom/Foot. That is the reason I think Chambers lists it as a tail selection indicator in a Down clue.

    7. Yeah, it's misleading with 3 meanings, so logically it should be the tail end

    8. While discussion whether 'base' is appropriate as a head selection indicator is one thing (Ive used it in the 'foundation' sense and I feel the 'foundation'or the 'basis' is the starting and not the conclusion) , I don't believe it matters whether it is a down clue - I feel that comes into the picture only when I try to reverse bits of the wordplay - Otherwise there is no instruction to the solver to see parts of the clue upside down - To put it in perspective -

      Top of godown had entrance (4)

      If this was a down clue, we would still only pick G and not N from Godown. That was my thought process.

    9. Dear Srivathsan, the clue is not being seen upside down. The top as you rightly pointed out remains the top in across or down words. That of course cannot and does not change. To give an example, you set up Base camp before starting to climb to the top of the mountain. In that context, the base would be the bottom. Hence tail selection.

    10. When we say foundation of building it certainly cannot be the roof in a D clue.

    11. I accept the point that 'base' can mean either 'bottom' in the positional sense or 'start' in the timeline sense. I'm merely pointing out that this is independent of the fact that the clue is across or down. In a down or across clue, you can interpret 'base' to mean either of the two. I feel the across/down factor only comes when you consider arrangement of the parts of the wordplay - It should not matter for the interpretation of an indicator. If you see 'base' as a tail indicator, it would be a tail indicator for both Across and Down. If you see it as a head indicator, it would be a head indicator for both Across and Down.

    12. I understand the point you are making. And I truly appreciate the time you have taken to take part in what is essentially a technical discussion.

      There might be exceptions though to an indicator being same for across and down clues.

      For instance say the words "South of Bangalore" appear in a clue. In Down Clue it might indicate selection of the last letter of Bangalore. In Across clue however, it will not I think. Of course I accept I could be wrong :). Thanks again!

    13. Thank you, the feeling is mutual towards the time you are giving to this discussion. I really appreciate as this is the only forum where feedback is available currently. In the above example, I guess the orientation aspect of the indicator immediately lends us to think of 'Bangalore' arranged vertically and hence 'North' and 'South' mean top and bottom. But do we need the fact that it is a down clue to accept this? Maybe seeing it as a down clue helps us orient our thinking that way,and that's why it feels more appropriate as a down clue. But I still feel it should be independent of this fact - Would love to find out if there's any convention in place for this.

  5. Readable and enjoyable spin.
    actually enjoyed factual. Nicely done.
    18D written after Kumble mess up? Tribute from one spinner to another! Yes, all are upset.

    1. Very much the subject of that clue.

  6. Very nice crossie, Spinner. Loved 2d and 3d!
    Mini-foodie theme seen in 1A, 21A, 28A? :)

    1. Thank you. Haha I did not notice that! 29A should help clear it all up :D

  7. Easy one...
    19D this shd be lie* in acted*...
    13A leading trophy - similar to opening batsman not OK?
    23D I think it should be plural starts inst of starting?

  8. 23D- It is 'starting from' & the def. is only European country. So it is fine.
    19d-(Acted)*- Anind 'strangely'
    (Lie)* - Anind 'that's turned'

    1. ya anno says {LIE<=} in {ACTED}*...

    2. I intended 23D the way the colonel has parsed it.