Saturday, 8 July 2017

No 12054, Saturday 08 Jul 2017, xChequer

An easier pangram from xChequer, 


7 Dam, second in that place, but not the last (6) MOTHER {MO}{THERe}
8 Disposed of soiled paper and flushed (8) PREPARED {PAPER*}{RED}
9 Small framed opening device, clear in the middle, a rooftop feature (8) SKYLIGHT {S{KeY}LIGHT}
10 Climbs // ladders (6) SCALES (DD)
11 Proof ferocious bears come forward (5) OFFER (T)
12 Exercise a good deal before game (6) PELOTA {PE}{LOT}{A} Google to the rescue

14 Wearing dinner jackets, hosts tee off; singular to wear fancy clothes (5,2,3,5)  DRESS TO THE NINES {DINNER}* around {HOSTS+TEE*} and {S}
17 Green belt in Peru (6) UNRIPE {IN+PERU*}
18 Bribe assuming politician is not on the level? (5) BUMPY {BU{MP}Y}
22 Bird skips nut, ground full of beans (6) JAUNTY {JA{NUT*}Y}
23 Western Buddhist school backing royal right to abdicatethis gives a better perspective (5-3) PINCE-NEZ {PrINCE}-{ZEN<=}
24 Done in error, originally missed during review for head of state (8) GOVERNOR {OVER}  in {wRONG<=}
25 Old man takes advantage of breaks (6) PAUSES {PA}{USES}


1 Oil, potentially for war, took over surplus crude (4,2,3) WORK OF ART {FOR+WAR+TOOK-O}*
2 Transport vehicles gutted for delay (6) SHELVE {VEHicLES}*
3 Yanks bother society (5) DRAGS {DRAG}{S}
4 Strand in a quiet, alternatively secluded spot (8) SEASHORE {SE{A}{SH}{OR}E}
5 Ironical, a Marine bars seafood (8) CALAMARI (T)

6 Fed the system, say, // and prepared to get plastered (5) KEYED (DD)
8 Puppet or pet? An ambiguous document in script (3,3,2,5) PUT PEN TO PAPER {PUPPET+OR+PET+AN}*
13 Regius Professor (Law) parries main counter thrown (9) PERPLEXED {PE{RP}{LEX}ED<=}
15 Blue outfit worn by Norway's queen (8) SQUANDER {SQUA{N}D}{ER}
16 Difficult to take a run, biding time (8) TARRYING {T{A}{R}RYING}
19 Duly melting at edges, blown fuse comes in handy (6) USEFUL {dU{FUSE*}Ly}
20 Silver lining prevailed? Load of bull, possibly (5) WAGON {W{AG}ON}
21 Revolutions in rotation of crops (5) SNIPS {SPINS<=}

 Reference list  

Second=Mo, Exercise=PE, Singular=S, Politician=MP, Right=R
Over=O, Society=S, Quiet=P, Alternatively=Or, Regius Professor=RP, Law=Lex, Main=Deep, Norway=N, Queen=ER, Run=R, Silver=Ag

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  1. Fared much better than yesterday

  2. Found this tougher than yesterday's; couldnt anno Perplexed. But found this as challenging and enjoyable as all XChequer puzzles.

  3. Ramesh back to blogging after a break. Nice blog.

  4. I am still perplexes about perplexed. Not able to understand LEX.

  5. Typo- Read as 'Perplexed', in stead of perplexes.

  6. Thank you MB. It is my mistake not to have gone through the ref. list so painstakingly prepared by Ramesh.

  7. OIL as a painting .i.e a work of art - is an excellent work of creative art by EXCHEQUER. Had to spend at least 50 minutes to complete this. Very exhilarating. MOTHER for DAM , again, is a
    clever red herring; as was WAGON.

    Admire the capacity to create a pangram so adroitly.

    A pity , only a few hits today.

  8. Usual Saturday fare.Only bright spot being the blog by Ramesh.