Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2952, Sunday 16 Jul 2017

1   Renegade taking new track, coming back with cover (8) TURNCOAT {N}{RUT}<={COAT}
5   Servile, yielding fine shelter (6) AWNING fAWNING
9   Quick examination previously done (4-4) ONCE-OVER {ONCE}-{OVER}
10 Fish situation reported (6) PLAICE (~place)
12 Grunting sound from buffalo in Kansas (4) OINK [T]
13 Leads nun's life, organised around church (10) INFLUENCES {NUNS+LIFE}* around {CE}
15 Bird journal reflected study by quiet enthusiast (6,6) GOLDEN PLOVER {LOG<=}{DEN} {P}{LOVER}
18 Fortification held in wars ruined entirely (8,4) HADRIANS WALL {HAD}{IN+WARS}*{ALL}
21 Not entertained by low wit lacking variety (10) MONOTONOUS {MO{NOT}O}{NOUS}
22 Develop good argument (4) GROW {G}{ROW}
24 Sign about insect in outhouse (4-2) LEAN-TO {LE{AN-T}O}
25 Commercial poll containing account about support (8) ADVOCATE {AD}{VO{AC<=}TE}
26 In conclusion, consumed by effort (6) TRENDY {TR{END}Y}
27 Revolutionary move secures extracts (8) SNIPPETS {STEP}{PINS}<=

1   Complete novel hot and unrefined (8) THOROUGH {HOT*}{ROUGH}
2   Coin in bank not long ago (8) RECENTLY {RE{CENT}LY}
3   Pen exclusive story, opening out (4) COOP sCOOP
4   Stupendous ace, with energy in victory, bound to enthral one (3-9) AWE-INSPIRING {A}{W{E}IN}{SP{1}RING}
6   Antelope stew edible after preparation (10) WILDEBEEST*
7   Silliness, freezing outside studio? Not half (6) IDIOCY {I{stuDIO}CY}
8   Musical nation by the sound of it (6) GREASE (~greece)
11 When caught by reckless foul, landed abruptly (3,2,1,6) ALL OF A SUDDEN {AS} in {FOUL+LANDED}*
14 Destroyed enormous area over time in action (10) DEVASTATED {DE{VAST}{A}{T}ED}
16 Gear I changed after damage in match (8) MARRIAGE {MAR}{GEAR+I}*
17 Unerring in following criminal (8) FLAWLESS {F}{LAWLESS}
19 Play, not hard, imbued with universal charm (6) AMULET {hAM{U}LET}
20 Contract for example including name and length of life (6) ENGAGE {E{N}G}{AGE}
23 Very happy making broth? (4) SOUP {SO}{UP}



  1. Special at 10:30 by new setters Samurai Pony

  2. Hadrian's wall was something new. Thank you for the informative link Col.