Wednesday, 5 July 2017

No 12051, Wednesday 05 Jul 2017. Lightning

1   Chance for reputation about to be lost (8) PROSPECT {PRO}{reSPECT}
5   Lab equipment one dismantling right away (6) BEAKER BrEAKER
9   Army officer with appeal unknown to more than half (8) MAJORITY {MAJOR}{IT}{Y}
10 Cash Rama smuggled into retreat (6) ASHRAM [T]
12 It is said forty in Rome stand out (5) EXCEL (~ xl)
13 Show rift for the most part unknown to government say (9) DEMOCRACY {DEMO}{CRACk}{Y}
14 Sad face about some odds (6) DISMAL {DIAL} about {SoMe}
16 Rule a liberal introduced put back in order (7) REALIGN {A}{L} in {REIGN}
19 Possibly learnt English forever (7) ETERNAL {LEARNT+E}*
21 Layers of neat art studio’s walls seen backwards (6) STRATA [T<=]
23 Signature hat a group ordered (9) AUTOGRAPH*
25 Fear topless indiscretion (5) ERROR tERROR
26 When total energy is taken for granted (6) ASSUME {AS}{SUM}{E}
27 Bold, mischievous child tuned to be different (8) IMPUDENT {IMP}{TUNED}*
28 Pass by the Spanish church vault (6) ELAPSE {EL}{APSE}
29 Remote idea lost in translation (8) ISOLATED*

1   Spoil sheet with mark (6) PAMPER {M} in {PAPER}
2   End goal I have (9) OBJECTIVE {OBJECT}{I'VE}
3   Danger for everyone beside lake (5) PERIL {PER}{1}{L}
4   Keep strange dialect (7) CITADEL*
6   It’s not hard to relax in this (4,5) EASY CHAIR [CD]
7   Fate of a large number ousted by master archer (5) KARMA KAR(-n+m)MA
8   Epic mantra Mayan artefact revealed (8) RAMAYANA [T]
11 Chief lacking power and energy in regime (4) EMIR EMpIRe
15 Watch cricket and football say, providing struggle for one-upmanship (4,5) MIND GAMES {MIND} {GAMES}
17 Divide playing court short on the inside (9) INTERSECT {TERSE} in {IN}{CT}
18 Challenge framing electronic regulation in US state (8) DELAWARE {E}{LAW} in {DARE}
20 Primary metal (4) LEAD [DD]
21 Setter cracks new chess moves (7) SCHEMES {ME} in {CHESS}*
22 Pulverized for all to see in America (6) GRATED G-RATED
24 Least funny scientist (5) TESLA*
25 Fair match (5) EQUAL [DD]



  1. Some very good clues are here.

  2. Enjoyed doing.
    Karma,Ramayana,Archer,Ashram....wondering about Ramayana as theme.
    Loved Mind games,Scheme to name a few.
    You don't find many easy chairs nowadays- I mean the conventional ones.
    Delaware was the last to fall.

    1. I have my f-i-l's and his mothers Easy chairs with me

    2. There are Lazyboys. Perhaps it can be used in crossword getting

  3. Is taken for granted / ASSUME or ASSUMED?

  4. Replies
    1. I assume it to be ASSUMED.
      Overall, very satisfactory solving in quick time. Thanks Lightning!

  5. Though the puzzle was solved quickly went back to reread the clues a few times...crisp clues with engaging surface stories.
    Thanks Lightning.

  6. Replies
    1. Probably to indicate an indefinitely large number as N

    2. Thanks Sir. Now that you mention in maths a series is represented as 1, 3, 5....n and we say nth term of an A.P.

  7. 1A: Though I got the answer quickly with the help of crossings, took a while to parse it. Very nicely worded clue, liked it immensely.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyable clues..

  9. Easily chaired this G-rated puzzle. must have been the 2 down of the setter whose 23 across is clearly evident. Good 14 down in play. Except for a minor picadillo in 26 across. We can liberally let it 28 across.