Saturday, 29 July 2017

No 12072, Saturday 29 Jul 2017, Arden


6 Subject review in college — I'll follow (5) LIEGE (T<=)
7 US government fences central camp (5,3) UNCLE SAM {UNCLE S}{cAMp}
10 Brush in use to polish (7) BURNISH {BRUSH+IN}*
11 Shirker's excuse is well known (7) NOTABLE {NOT}[ABLE}
12 Delay's ok while wearing dress (5,2) DWELL ON {D{WELL} ON}
13 Girl under cover finds something crawling (7) ANNELID {ANNE}{LID}
14 Iraq must see settlement in Manhattan (5,6)  TIMES SQUARE {IRAQ+MUST+SEE}*
19 Cure reported across the continent (7) PANACEA {~ PAN ASIA}
21 Time in the middle is outdated, nothing moves (7) IMPASSE {tIMe}{PASSE} Defn ok?
23 About to be framed in gold, at this time of the year (7) OCTOBER {O{C}{TO}{BE}R}
25 Treatment for those people accepting guilt (7)  THERAPY {THE{RAP}Y}
26 Strategy to make an orchestra keep quiet (4,4) GAME PLAN {GAME {P}LAN}
27 Hunter about to cross port (5)  ORION {O{RIO}N}


1 Extremely unusual to stride away after royal address (8) WEIRDEST {WE}{STRIDE*}
2 Friendly setter gets in a turmoil (6) GENIAL {G{IN+A*}EL} Nice. I was stuck on I/Me for setter for sometime
3 Word of comparison between two continents — no rope for mercy killing (10)  EUTHANASIA {EUrope}{THAN}{ASIA}
4 Coin tossed by Kohli, perhaps (4) ICON {COIN*}
5 Playgirl controls wild mob (6) GAMBOL {GA{MOB*}L}
6 Urge to look around in the same place (6) LIBIDO {L{IBID}O}
8 Land on site — a lay out (7) ESTONIA {ON+SITE+A}*
9 Martial art — floor takes over (5) KENDO {K{END}O}

13 Clearing bill, leaving later (10) ACQUITTING {AC}{QUITTING}
15 Ghastly to see carriage ram into horse (7) MACABRE {MA{CAB}RE}
16 Neck exposed, still transported (8) ECSTATIC {nECk}{STATIC}
17 Issue about a flowerit's a scoop (5) SPOON {S{PO}ON}
18 Know any stray subject? (6) KENYAN {KEN}{ANY*}
20 Spot weightlifting is good (3,3) NOT BAD {DAB}{ TON}<=}
22 No help using disinfectant (6) PHENOL {NO+HELP}*

24 The part left in the egg (4) ROLE {RO{L}E}

Reference list  

About=C (Circa), Gold=OR, Quiet=P (Piano), About=On
Royal address=We, Girl=Gal, Floor= KO (Knock Out), Bill=Ac, Know=Ken, Left=L, Egg=Roe

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. +1 for using 'gel' for setter. I was also stuck on I/me for a long time.

    1. I was trying to fit in "I"..."Me"...and also"Arden"...our friendly setter!!!

    2. ...And nothing could "gel" well, so gave up!

    3. Have you never used hair gel as a setter for your mane?

    4. We tend to wax eloquent over certain topics.

  2. 20d- weightlifting for reversal was also nice. Did not get it until I saw it in the blog. Thank you Ramesh for the nice blog.

  3. Thanks Ramesh for blogging well.
    21AC When no progress is possible, I think it is ok

    1. In passe is a situation where nothing moves. I can't think of a sentence where I can remove impasse & put in 'nothing moves' and still retain its meaning

  4. 19A- Homophone indicator is not placed next to the word (continent) Is it okay?

  5. 13A - Girl under cover would be {LID}{ANNE}

    1. I think this should be fine in a down clue.

    2. Ramesh has put in 'under' as extraneous.

    3. There was no other way in which I could resolve it. Only by ignoring the jarring presence of 'under' I could get an acceptable anno

  6. Despite the annelid..lidanne..I thorougly enjoyed this puzzle..very Ardenesque..
    Super blog too

  7. Today is another day, I must thank you Arden

  8. Today, my favourites are SPOON, KENYAN and ACQUITTING.

    I expected some comments from CV on 6 down . he seems to have been liberated from it !!

  9. Reminded about the joke on Churchill's fly.