Friday, 14 July 2017

No 12059, Friday 14 Jul 2017, The Phantom

Struggled through this today. Still have some Annos pending.

1   Panted with rapidity, losing energy after first half of game (6) GASPED {GAme}{SPeED}
5   General with abdominal pain admitted in hospital (8) CATHOLIC {AT}{H} in {COLIC} This defintion is new to me
9   Procedure to cut circle in a roof to accommodate chimney reviewed (7) FORMULA {A}{LUM}{ROoF}<= Had to Google for the Chimney.
10 Very impatient, beginning to break into run to get transport (6) RAVISH {V}{Im..t} in {RASH} Is this defintion acceptable? Run/Rash?
11 Shed didn’t open till son’s unlocked it (6) SLOUGH  Anno pending (Addendum - (-p+s)SLOUGH - See comments)
12 Generally being short-tempered is a source of adverse reaction (8) ALLERGEN GENERALLy*
13 Leisure activities at home setter's devised (9) INTERESTS {IN}{SETTERS}*
15 Upset, spending hours in slum (3,2) GET TO GhETTO
17 A ball that’s reversed declared as wide (5) BROAD {A}{ORB}<={D}
19 Leader of octet charters transport for band (9) ORCHESTRA {Oc..t}{CHARTERS}*
22 Men going out often leaving their divisions (8) CHAPTERS {CHAPS} over {ThEiR}
23 Last batsman about to depart trapped for zero (6) NAUGHT {b...aN}{cAUGHT}
25 Aisle designed with degree of convenience, perhaps (6) LADIES {AISLE+D}*
26 Shops for latest designs (7) INFORMS {IN}{FORMS}
27 Apprentices of Spanish origin seen during performances (8) STUDENTS {DE} in {STUNTS}
28 Nurse got tip in advance to attend (6) LISTEN {LIST}{EN}

2   Nasty ULFA militant enslaved women (5) AWFUL {W} in {ULFA}*
3   Each gas generates odour (7) PERFUME {PER}{FUME}
4   Girl expressing dislike during meeting with lover not showing affection (8) DAUGHTER {DA{UGH}TE}{loveR} Reverse engineered anno
5   Strict care is exercised to promote tea's qualities (15) CHARACTERISTICS {CHA}{STRICT+CARE+IS}*
6   Kick out everyone turning bad when in power (6) THRILL THR{ILL} Anno pending (Addendum - THR(-all+ill)ILL - See comments)
7   Notice with regret lines of the face (7) OBVERSE  {OB}{VERSE} Anno for OB not clear See comments
8   Inert cop's roused by official (9) INSPECTOR*
14 Way to lay another road (5-4) NORTH-EAST {ANOTHER}*{ST}
16 Obliged to fill Hydrogen in container — fuel that saves energy (8) THANKFUL {T{H}ANK}{FUeL}
18 Building ideal houses, parks as claimed (7) APPLIED {PP} in {IDEAL}*
20 Without question rust is damaging for jets (7) SQUIRTS {RUST+IS}* around {Q}
21 Dull seminar by speaker (6) LESSEN (~lesson)
24 Punish having crossed limits of speed (5) HASTE cHASTEn



  1. Replies
    1. Right. But normal short form is 'Obit'.

    2. Chambers has this

      ob. abbreviation 1 on tombstones, etc: obiit (Latin), he or she died. 2 obiter (Latin), by the way; in passing.

  2. 10AC: Run - rash acceptable as per Chambers

    1. Free dic. gives-
      'Archaic-to seize and carry away by force'
      as one of the meanings.

  3. Kick - THRILL
    out everyone - remove ALL
    turning bad - include ILL
    when in power (6) - THRALL ( as in one being in someone else's thrall)
    --- Not sure if the operations come out clearly and logically in wordplay

    1. I took this the other way: THR(-all)(+ILL)

    2. Ooops..I think you also intended the same way

  4. 12A- Short- tempered is used nicely and it misleads us (as intended?)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you.I guessed it from the anno. But I can't understand how. 'orb' can be short for orbit, but ball?

    2. Paddy, When in doubt as I've said earlier check

      ball, sphere, globe, circle, ring, mound, round, globule, spherule

    3. Thank you Raghu. My mistake..

  6. Loved the use of short-tempered. :). Some very good clues ...

  7. Challenging one with a good mix of easy and hard clues. Overall a satisfactory solve! Thanks Phantom.

  8. Long time, no hear MB. No cricket also?

  9. 11 across: . Shed didn’t open till son’s unlocked it. SLOUGH= SHED -- GRANTED. Where does PLOUGH figure? Son for S - granted.Where is the indicator for replacing P by S ? '' didn't open'' ? some one shed some light , please 1

    1. Thanks, Paddy, until you clarified ,I missed till= plough; still the clue could have been clearer with a better definition for 'didn't open'.

      I did complete without any reference to the comments and hence my comments ae merely academic.

  10. Went OK but cudnt finish
    5A in hospital is AT H?
    11 son unlocked it means put S in front - why?
    23 last batsman - N not OK? and naught is US spelling na?

    1. 5a: at prep 1 used to indicate position or place: in, within, on, near, etc • from
      23a: naught see in
      11. Unlock means opens. There is already 'open' used before 'till' hence unlock to avoid repeat of 'open'


    3. And

  11. 6d also.. Dic says thrall means slavery, clue says in power, antonyms?!!

    1. See CV @ 840 and also check

  12. 23 Last batsman about to depart trapped for zero (6) N from last of batsma(n) about to depart=(G)o ? OK.If (C) aught for about to depart , is C for circa= about? where and how does AUGHT figure in to bring NAUGHT for zero? This is not cricket !!

  13. Trapped is caught. N replacing C (Circa/about)

  14. On checking, I found that naught is a variant of nought. Naughty?