Thursday, 20 July 2017

No 12064, Thursday 20 Jun 2017, Sunnet

Plenty of Parsis around.

1   Trace of shower on road (6) STRAIN {ST}{RAIN}
4   Perhaps Bond girls can be spotted from a distance using this (8) SPYGLASS {SPY}{G}{LASS}
10 Old religious person gets a conservative's purgative (9) EXPIATORY {EX}{PI}{A}{TORY}
11 Principal officer (5) MAJOR [DD]
12 Average is raised by Indian community (5) PARSI {PAR}{IS<=}
13 Shrink the criminal (9) THERAPIST {THE}{RAPIST}
14 Expression of dismay on finding catholic queen is more violent (7) FIERCER {FIE}{RC}{ER}
16 Goodbye and thanks once again (2-2) TA-TA {TA}{TA}
19 Trickle from bore (4) DRIP [DD]
21 Indian unit to almost question Japan (7) LACQUER {LAC}{QUERy}
24 Boiled red banana for food (4,5) NAAN BREAD*
25 Laugh hides desire of scavenger (5) HYENA {H{YEN}A}
26 Lower with potassium inside lawyer (5) VAKIL {VA{K}IL} That should have been an Indian lawyer
27 Ah! Sam knew to galvanize a soldier (9) MANEKSHAW * &lit
28 Litigates to protect individual's right over family identities (8) SURNAMES {MAN}{R}<= in {SUES}
29 Aim to absorb university's forge (6) SMITHY {S{MIT}HY}

1   Rest to get rid of rotten strips around in front (5,3) SLEEP OFF {PEELS<=} {OFF} What's the role of 'rotten'? Anno for OFF not clear See comments
2   Hack note bearer (8) REPORTER {RE}{PORTER}
3   Managed to stop two persons from Persia (5) IRANI {RAN} in {II}
5   Settlement of salary's expected disregarding the Centre (7) PAYMENT {PAY}{MEaNT}
6   Agile of me to get back into machined casting (9) GYMNASTIC {MY<=} in {CASTING}*
7   Touch Bill's tie (6) ADJOIN {AD}{JOIN}
8   Spray without any issue near luxurious accommodation (6) SPRITZ {SP}{RITZ} Anno for SP pendingGot this because it had to be a Pangram! See comments
9   Change medical practitioner (6) DOCTOR [DD]
15 This French beer damaged and completely upset portions of the brain (9) CEREBELLA {CE}{BEER*}{ALL<=}
17 Very successful president left dinner bash (8) SUPERHIT {SUpPER}{HIT}
18 Open style amusement destination in New York (8) BROADWAY {BROAD}{WAY}
20 An abnormally early arrival? (7) PREEMIE [CD]
21 Nick is after city's cargo (6) LADING {LA}{DING}
22 Rascals evenly skin birds (6) KNAVES {sKiN}{AVES}
23 Rely on king's financier (6) BANKER {BANK}{ER}
25 9 thousand and one cut meat (5) HAKIM {K}{1} in {HAM}



  1. 8 Spray without any issue near luxurious accommodation (6) SPRITZ SP{RITZ}
    SP: sp
    abbreviation for
    (Law) without issue

  2. 1D: Rest to get rid of rotten strips around in front (5,3) SLEEP OFF

    I think "Rest to get rid of" is the def & Rotten is OFF

    Dispel the effects of or recover from something by going to sleep.(

  3. Add VAKIL & DOCTOR to the Parsee surname list

  4. Lovely puzzle. With many Parsis around.
    Manekshaw, Sam Bahadur, what a beautiful clue! With Hakim across it making it an awesome puzzle.
    Thanks Sunnet

  5. Apart from 8d, enjoyed the Parsi theme. Easy for me, as I am one.

  6. No mention of Pangram? Has it become the normal std. for Sunnet CW's?

    1. Col. in 8d mentions that it is the knowledge that it would be a pangram that helped him get to the solution.

    2. Oh!
      I missed that. I needed it for getting 'Lacquer'. BTW, Japan for lacquer is something new I learned today.

  7. Vakil for an advocate is very familiar to me since my father was called one in my native place.Supposed to be Tamil, though I think it is derived from Hindi (apart from being a parsi surname)

  8. Thanks for the feedback
    There are some more Parsi surnames in the grid
    For 26A I did think about using the 'Indian' indicator, but dropped it keeping the audience in mind. Vakil is found in a few English dictionaries including OED, so I treated it as a proper English word

  9. Enjoyed the grid - thanks Ramesh!
    BANKER is also another Parsi surname right?

    1. Yes. That completes the list I had in mind

    2. Pls add Irani and Major also in the list.

    3. You have not seen the highlighted answers in yellow probably? They are already shown.

  10. Clue of my day : CEREBELLA. Very Balle Balle !!

    Naan Bread is another variety of bread or is it merely Naan ?

    1. even APPAM is considered bread!!

  11. There is a VAKIL NEW STREET near Simakkal in Madurai, where I grew up. Only lawyers lived in that street till 1970 s- as told by my grandmother, whose father was a lawyer & lived there .