Tuesday, 18 July 2017

No 12062, Tuesday 18 Jul 2017, Aspartame

6   Prepared quite a large drink (7) TEQUILA {QUITE+A+L}*
7   Victories scarce for city (7) WINSLOW {WINS}{LOW}
9   Angry one left for head office to make a speech (5) ORATE (-i+o)ORATE
10 Article on grammatical construct teacher dictated to crier (9) ANNOUNCER {AN}{NOUN}{CER}(~sir)
11 Pumping device to remove bits of orange residue (7) EJECTOR {EJECT}{Or...e}{Re...e}
13 Muscleman exercises back to show hard tissue (6) ENAMEL [T<=]
15 Burdensome area of the kitchen? (8,5) DRAINING BOARD [CD]
19 Injured sent warning signals (6) HORNED [DD]
20 Analyst, in effect, exchanges pounds for rand (7) ACTUARY ACTUA(-ll+r)RY
23 Company representative discovered in-charge being involved, assisting crimes (9) COMPLICIT {CO}{MP}{L{IC}IT}
24 Not illuminated until turned on (5) UNLIT*
26 Instrument requires energy and egg to make seasoning (7) OREGANO {OR{E}GAN}{O}
27 Currently, jumper lacks direction and power – He's expected to fail (2-5) NO-HOPER {NOw}{HOpPER}

1   Water got some militia quarantined (4) AQUA [T]
2   Gets evidence against characters to rob them of power (6) DIVEST [T<=]
3   Mad tailor's stitches are unskillful (9) MALADROIT {MAD+TAILOR}*
4   Suggestion from engineers union - stop getting involved (8) INNUENDO {END} in {UNION}*
5   First American film studio's police van (5,5) BLACK MARIA [DD]
6   Tool cleaner contains drop of resin (6) TROWEL {T{Re..n}OWEL}
7   Accustomed town criminal (4) WONT*
8   Carefully fight with extremely looney individual getting surrounded (6) WARILY {WAR}{I}{Lo..eY}
12 Listening device President concealed in a tree possibly (3,7) EAR TRUMPET {TRUMP} in {A+TREE}*
14 Flower in elegant display (9) EGLANTINE*
16 What a petrol bunk worker would say of a hypothetical fluid (5,3) IDEAL GAS {I DEAL GAS}
17 Crazy person to hit without getting interrupted (6) WHACKO {HACK} in {WO}
18 Seafood soy preparation they're selling often (6) OYSTER {SOY*}{ThEyRe}
21 Coached model has to discuss.. (6) TAUGHT {T}{AUGHT}
22 ... answer copy (4) ECHO [DD]
25 Run to see training (4) LOPE {LO}{PE}



  1. Lovely one. Loved Ideal Gas the best. Thanks Aspartame

  2. Dr Satyen 'see remark in yesterday's discussion

    Out of curiosity, after yesterday's remarks on the lady... was going through the archives. Came across what Col. has dubbed "The Mother of all clues" -- Simon kisses the disguised monk (4)... answer being Monk... fell on the floor laughing:)

    1. Truly hilarious... am still laughing! :)

  3. I think she is at home setting easy/quick/straightforward/definition/non-cryptic crosswords. She is an entry in the Limca Records book.
    I think she still sets puzzles for Mumbai afternoon newspapers - the giant-sized puzzle would occupy a whole page of the tabloid.
    TH carried the byline Nita Jaggi but she herself used the variant Nitaa. While corresponding with her as from on setter to another, I asked her about it but she ignored the question and did not give an answer.

    1. I met her in Mumbai in Aug 14 at the launch of IXL 2014, she mentioned that she was concentrating more on special education of children

    2. Internet says she goes by the name Krutika Jaggi? https://www.linkedin.com/in/krutika-jaggi-133195143?ppe=1

    3. That's news to me, if she is the same person, which does appear so from the profile posted there. If it is the same person, I wonder why she has omitted her association with The Hindu Crossword and her Limca Record?

  4. Nitaa Jaggi:I'm reminded of the notorious Nita's Natter in the magazines . I reckon, no one's head has been as rolled as our Nitaa Jaggi in these blogs of ours, so much so, that the Hindu stopped featuring her compilations ? Were we responsible for ''hounding'' her off ? I wonder, whether she ever responded to any of our jabs & jibes? I admire her adamantine insistence on her own trail-blazing genre' to challenge lazy minds..

    Yes, I did see her entry in the Limca Book as the most prolific compiler of crosswords but she has apparently omitted to update herself. I have tried a few of the full page crossword in the Afternoon Courier tabloid from Bombay-- a true to word pain in the neck and Bheja fry piece appearing every Tuesday seen now I think. I got one last April when in Bombay-- a possible contributory cause of my near- death encounter with asthmatic bronchitis ? As CV says, she must be specializing in non-cryptic compilations.

    We are all sadistic narcissistic natter-mongers.

    1. Sadistic-nar...mongers?us?
      Do give the credit to the quality or lack of quality of the clues..the mother of all clues cited by Col. says it all

    2. Did we all manage to solve her crosswords? That's the true test and that's what cryptic crosswords is all about ! No disrespect to any one's opinion.