Saturday, 22 July 2017

No 12066, Saturday 22 Jul 2017, Gridman


1. Adore old kind of distribution in place of great wealth (8) ELDORADO  {ADORE+OLD}*
6. Give out the return of age (4) EMIT {TIME<=}
9. Delay robbery? (6) HOLDUP  (DD)
10. Second French darling gets a bit of zest and old movement (7) SCHERZO {S}[CHER}{Zest}{O}

13. Coach, among others, shows self-control (9) RESTRAINT {RES{TRAIN}T}
14. Ascent of Chennai's top member (5) CLIMB {Chennai}{LIMB}
15. Balanced number after son leaves (4) EVEN {sEVEN}
16. Fifty per cent of Tamils, with Ludlum hero, holding one percussion instrument (10) TAMBOURINE {TAMils}{BOUR{I}NE}

19. I feel differently about feline holding itexpress congratulations (10) FELICITATE {I+FEEL}* around {C{IT}AT}
21. Leave the City out it's wet (4) DAMP {DecAMP}
24. Fleet-based John, with a piece of news, is back (5) NAVAL {{LAV}{A}{News}}<=
25. He is not bound to release a man (4,5) FREE AGENT {FREE}{A}{GENT}
26. With a measure, a number of lawyers try for prohibition (7) EMBARGO {EM}{BAR}{GO}
27. After work, I took food — it's sleep-inducing (6) OPIATE {OP}{I}{ATE}
28. Release special engineering wizardry, to begin with (4) SPEW {SP}{E}{Wizadry}
29. Open resistance of French groom-to-be (8) DEFIANCE {DE}{FIANCE}


2. Quick inspection reveals it's 'king' in informal English (4-3) LOOK-SEE {LOO{K}SE}{E}
3. Filth rude dispersal by soldiers (6) ORDURE {OR}{RUDE*}
4. Father backing flexible adoption of conservative candidate (9) APPLICANT {PA<=}{PLI{C}ANT}
5. First appearance at the film studio? (5) ONSET {ON}{SET}
7. Small car carrying museum stuff and drink (7) MARTINI {M{ART}INI}

8. Children carrying three varieties of money in areas of unrest (7,5) TROUBLE SPOTS {T{ROUBLE} {S}{P}OTS}
11. Edges off solid vessel — that's a minor problem (6) HICCUP {tHICk}{CUP}
12. Conservationist touches what are useful in the nursery (5,7) GREEN FINGERS {GREEN} {FINGERS}
17. Gambler's absent — is with more money that way! (6,3) BETTER OFF {BETTER} {OFF}
18. Waggish Jack's left eyepiece (6) OCULAR {jOCULAR}
20. Nothing about a hungry bull is endearing (7) LOVABLE {LOV{A}{BulL}E}
22. A month, I see, is clean (7) ASEPTIC {A}{SEPT}{I C}
23. Film one in an Indian city (6) PATINA {PAT{I}NA}
25. A bank bust may cause this (5) FLOOD (CD)

Reference list  

Second=S, French darling=Cher, Old=O, Son=S, One=I, City=EC, John=Lav, Measure=Em, Work=Op, Special=Sp, Engineering=E, Of French=De
King=K, English=E, Soldiers=OR, Conservative=C, Money=Rouble, Money=S (Shillings), Money=P (Pence), Jack=J, Month=Sept, I see=IC

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  1. No comments?! Saturday effect?
    Easy & enjoyable. Thank you Gridman for a nice start.
    Thank you Ramesh for the (by now) usual excellent blog.

  2. 21D- indication for leaving out 'EC"?

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I too couldn't find satisfactory answer for EC
      Somehow, I faced difficulty in logging in to the blog in firefox.
      Later, I noticed that our blog address has changed from .in to .com
      Don't know why!

    2. Didn't notice that change myself. I too had a bit of a problem in the morning, seems ok now

    3. i worded my query wrongly. I wanted to ask why EC?

    4. EC is the postcode area for Lodon City. See the link below

      EC Postcode Area

      It appears frequently in CWs

    5. Thanks Col.
      Unfortunately, it is not mentioned in my dictionaries

    6. Thank you Col. My memory to blame?

  4. Those of you who have bookmarked this page change the URL from .in to .com at the end. I don't know if this is a permanent change or temporary

  5. Couldnt log in until Col helped me by redirecting from .in to .com
    I had saved the url in my mobile as favourite and during weekdays I log in from there.

  6. Good one for an average solver like me!

  7. Smooth as a knife through butter ! Here's a toast to Gridman .

    Can Defiance also mean a break up for the French beau? Not quite, so long as the relations are 12 down ! 18 down could be (j) or (os) .

  8. Col, please allow me to make a digression to share my happiness:…


    1. Congrats PP. Unfortunately I am not into ebooks as such I will not be able to read your books

  10. hanks Vasant and Colonel! I myself am unfamiliar with kindle. The western readers are my target at present because many here are not using kindle. I saw the ad for self-publishing and it was just for lazy bones like me. I was happily surpised to see them published!

    1. With so much on computers nowadays, I have slowly started reading e-books, e poems...not an unpleasant experience

  11. Replies
    1. Please visit There you will find on the right a heading 'For Beginners'. Please go through all the posts under that.