Wednesday, 26 July 2017

No 12069, Wednesday 26 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Catch sight of short lass exiting troubled Plassey (4) ESPY PlasSEY*
3   Group of actors at the French building (6) CASTLE {CAST}{LE}
10 Difficulty of math exercise (7) PROBLEM [DD]
11 My principal officer gets traitor's endless collections of text (7) CORPORA {COR}{P}{O}{RAt}
12 Rapidity of ocean areas reviewed (5) SPEED<=
13 A teetotaller worker about to wind up as domestic aid (9) ATTENDANT {A}{TT}{END}{ANT}
14 A hospital section's trophy (5) AWARD {A}{WARD}
16 Salad green I had for a girl (8) CRESSIDA {CRESS}{I'D}{A}
19 Casual wearit's there crumpled (8) TEESHIRT*
21 Attachment to a snack of our country (5) BONDA {BOND}{A}
23 One who brokers is reportedly chap with a decoration (9) MIDDLEMAN (~ medal man)
24 Indications that there's good among wrongdoings (5) SIGNS {SI{G}NS}
26 Touching brown sahib? (7) TANGENT {TAN}{GENT}
27 American comedian's bunch not complete with south Indian actor-politician (7) GROUCHO {GROUp}{CHO}
28 Calm session beginning with oriental girlfriend (6) SEDATE {Se...n}{E}{DATE}
29 Bird takes cap off swindler (4) ROOK cROOK

1   By the way, partners overtake worker (2,7) EN PASSANT {E}{N} {PASS}{ANT}
2   Delve into prince's dress (5) PROBE {P}{ROBE}
4   Albert oversees team, in a rush, engaged in eating food (2,4) AT MEAL {A{TEAM*}L}
5   Silent Tom back with one act (8) TACITURN {CAT<=}{1}{TURN}
6   Darren's botched-up jobs (7) ERRANDS*
7   Girl, having covers, dropped daughter and moved smoothly (6) GLIDED {G}{LIDdED}
8   No working about Iranian language's symbolic system (8) NOTATION {NO}{TATI}{ON}
9   Fraction of pawn's skill (4) PART {P}{ART}
15 A man's finishing editorial work (8) AMENDING {A}{M}{ENDING}
17 It's not that one should do this job for all of 24 hours (1,4,4) A DAYS WORK [CD]
18 Expert's French word journalist put up (8) PROMOTED {PRO}{MOT}{ED}
20 Assistants to round up sheep, left and right (7) HELPERS {SHEEP+L+R}*
21 Cleric, not all of a piece, hops madly (6) BISHOP {BIt}{HOPS*}
22 Time to retire reported by Sir (6) KNIGHT (~ night)
23 Master consumed one of a pair (4) MATE {M}{ATE}
25 Lizard with energy, grabbing small, no-special piece (5) GECKO  {spECK} in {GO} They give me the creeps!



  1. Easy one today from Gridman. 24A and 20D were favourites.
    Tati was a new word learnt today!

  2. Where does 'Tati" figure in this puzzle please
    By the way enjoyable relatively easy one
    TA Gridman

    1. See the link over Iranian Language

    2. Tati is in 8D- NO(TATI)ON
      I also filled without knowing the language!

  3. I was trying to fit in parsi,arabic etc.
    Glad I was able to get 'EnPassant'- a rare chess move.
    Corpora kept me at bay for a long time, so much that I almost missed the simple errand.
    Attachment to the bonda was nicely worded- I was looking for chutney,sambar....

  4. Replies
    1. Ah yes, Ramesh, though, to be honest, I didn't see it myself when I sent this to TH and was checking copy prior to publication.

  5. When you look for the needles, you miss the whole haystack!

  6. No excuse for me not to have noticed after getting En passant.
    Quite a few words- rook/ castle/ bishop/ knight/ mate/ notation/ en passant/ promoted. Any more?

  7. Yes, at least two more can be spotted.

    1. Problem, as in 'chess problem'.
      The other is SPEED. There is what is called speed chess.

    2. You are right about speed chess.
      Fast chess can be further subdivided, by decreasing time controls, into rapid chess, blitz chess, and bullet chess

  8. Will update the post and theme later. At present I am at Delhi Public School, Coimbatore, attending the Coimbatore round of the CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest -2017

  9. Bonda : an English dictionary word?

    How does a T-shirt become a teeshirt ? never seen spelt like this . or is it a golfer's term?

    when one loses to chance to tee off without a shirt?

    Cor ! corpora is a derivative from corpus? corpus delicti !

    Simplicity is the style of Gridman and in the process any word- Hindi, Tamil or even Irani is grist for his gridmill !!

    1. My dear Raju,
      When you take The Hindu or ToI or any other favourite English language newspaper of yours, turn to the supplement page and see, for example,
      do you ask "Is 'bonda' an Eng dict word?"

    2. I agree. Language is, after all, for communication. There can be no doubt between the setter and solver about bonda, irrespective of language ( it is another matter that I was misled by the attachment)

  10. Pl. correct me if i am wrong. Dictionaries give it as Tee shirt (with or without a hyphen) So, I think the enu should have been (3,5)

  11. . Thanks .I am aware that we're solving Indglish cryptic crosswords.I merely made a comment. don't bonder to explain. its just that hints are needed when you use Indglish !

    1. Hasn't that hint been given, I ask.

  12. I learnt today two new words! Bonder and Indglish!! ;-)

    1. More the merrier . who knows, English being such a democratic and eclectic language, these may also get into the OED !

      CV:I agree that ''our country''is the hint.

  13. Raju dictionary, vocabulary & lingo all fall into 1 category:Rajuism