Tuesday, 25 July 2017

No 12068, Tuesday 25 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Get going with celebrity goat (5,2) START UP {STAR}{T UP}
5   Got leg to move back and forth (6) TOGGLE*
9   A tiny amount of corn, maybe (5) GRAIN [DD]
10 Criminal Deo spared foolishly (9) DESPERADO*
11 No cover for beautiful art work (7) ETCHING fETCHING
12 Small wrestler's top (7) SPINNER {S}{PINNER}
13 Depression experienced by youth caught between sailor and secret force (5) ABYSS {AB}{Y}{SS}
14 Grand Australian woman's clumsy (9) GAUCHERIE {G}{AU}{CHERIE}
16 Admission by one of being faultless is flawed (9) IMPERFECT {I'M PERFECT}
19 Gave trade a little time (5) DEALT [DEAL}{T} Took it as a telescopic first
21 Fidgety over sunburst? (7) NERVOUS {OVER+SUN}*
23 There is no latitude in this belt (7) EQUATOR [CD]
24 Beggar loses hundred, remains a beggar (9) SUPPLIANT SUPPLIcANT
25 Special vocabulary used in calling oldsters (5) LINGO [T]
26 Insect let out insect (6) BEETLE {BEE}{LET*}
27 Reject girl — small member of the pack (7) DISCARD {DI}{S}{CARD}

1   Get signatories to round up one who would not want people mixed (14) SEGREGATIONIST*
2   Clever in any chaos (7) ANARCHY {AN{ARCH}Y}
3   Intense exploitation of court shoes (7) TENNIES* Never knew this! You learn something new everyday
4   Teacher gaped wildly at rascal having lost his head (9) PEDAGOGUE {GAPED*}{rOGUE}
5   Team leader requests assignments (5) TASKS {Team}{ASKS}
6   Shire, gay, not a possibility of becoming colourless (7) GREYISH {SHIRE+GaY}*
7   Head of readers to go into not so strong a student (7) LEARNER {LEA{Re...s}NER}
8   D*** — 'Love' or 'dear' also is such a one (4-6,4) FOUR-LETTER WORD Definition by example
15 Such water may cause disease — such a disease will get worse (9) UNTREATED [C&DD]
17 The hat that one might eat as a snack? (4,3) PORK PIE [DD]
18 Said method allowed to get part of a plant (7) ROOTLET (~route){ROOT}{LET}
19 Large ones bringing in SS? (7) DOUBLES [DD]
20 Feeler put out by worker — girl returns love at last (7) ANTENNA {ANT}{ANNE<=} What's 'love at last' for? See comments
22 Go over a measure (5) SCALE [DD]



  1. Yes, Col. You have a point. I missed it in returning!

    1. Does the- in the clue have any significance- indicating FITB for 'e'?

  2. Loved the belt with no latitude!
    The surface of beetle clue also.
    On line grid would not let me fill in the four letter word.
    Smooth as ever. Thank you GM.

  3. +1 for Col.'s remarks about 'tennies'.

  4. Though I filled in 'Pork pie' with the help of crossings, I did not know about the hat.

  5. Lovely puzzle. Liked surface reading in 25 Across. LINGO nicely camouflaged!

  6. 14A. In the clue it should be 'clumsiness', not 'clumsy'. Am I right?

  7. Good crossword on a beautiful morning! Thanks Gridman. Doubles had me thinking!

  8. TUP was a new word for me - good to know! So was TENNIES.
    Thanks Gridman.

  9. 'Tup' often occurs in comic scene speeches in Shakespeare. That's where I came across it while in college.

  10. Gridman is a pleasure to solve. Others dig into my skull.