Monday, 24 July 2017

No 12067, Monday 24 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Foolishness — saint goes for Central leader's greed (8) CUPIDITY {-st+c)CUPIDITY
5   Father guarding a gallery occupant in temple (6) PAGODA {P{A}{GOD}A}
9   Underwriter, fashionable and more certain (7) INSURER {IN}{SURER}
10 Becoming good, boy quits gambling (7) GETTING {G}{bETTING}
11 Cadet up to kicking up a revolution (4,5) COUP D'ETAT*
12 Short lad in wrong is done in (5) SLAIN {S{LAd}IN}
13 Always the medieval play? Not half! (4) EVER EVERyman
14 Slow in chopping up the garlic (9) LETHARGIC*
17 What crazy pals, pleased, are... reckless! (9) SLAPHAPPY {PALS*}{HAPPY}
19 Disfigurement in rare church effaced (4) SCAR SCARce
23 Fear of a bridge player caught in awkward situation cut by half (5) PANIC {A}{N} in {PICkle}
24 Lines about a march straying away around end of July is causing tears to be shed (9) LACHRYMAL {LL} around {julY} in {A+MARCH}*
25 Panama, for one, is in this manner storing millions (7) ISTHMUS {IS}{TH{M}US}
26 Uninterruptible power supply by section is a positive improvement (7) UPSWING {UPS}{WING}
27 Girl gets to know no arithmetic — learns bit by bit (6) GLEANS {G}{LEArNS}
28 Grace obtained by woman after riper representation (8) REPRIEVE {RIPER*}{EVE}

1   Nothing taken out of novel chronicle helps in decisive move (8) CLINCHER CHRoNICLE*
2   Rural expanse beyond old city, extremely fine (7) PASTURE {PAST}{UR}{finE}
3   Make fun of French journey (6) DERIDE {DE}{RIDE}
4   But slattern he summoned could well achieve complete reversal (4,3,6) TURN THE TABLES*
6   With exotic sitar, attempt to produce craftsmanship (8) ARTISTRY {SITAR*}{TRY}
7   A man involved in beginning no new folding skill (7) ORIGAMI {ORIG{A}{M}In}
8   Again having problem with new complaint (6) ANGINA {AGAIN}* over {N}
10 Chief photographer's mandate, understand? (3,3,7) GET THE PICTURE [DD]
15 Detail soldiers to follow principally intricate sample (8) SPECIMEN {SPEC}{In...e}{MEN}
16 Intro's in favour of record, we hear (8) PROLOGUE {PRO}{LOGUE}(~log)
18 Incomplete communication over a French aperture (7) LUNETTE {L{UN}ETTEr}
20 Mingle with unruly mob in movie theatre (7) COMBINE {C{MOB*}INE}
21 Bound to croon a tune about prince... (6) SPRING {S{PR}ING}
22 ...who’s stood a tedious talker (6) PROSER {ROSE} in {PR}



  1. Thanks GM. Enjoyed thoroughly.
    Lunette was the last one to fill the gap

  2. 21D & 22D were extremely well done..linked by the ellipsis

  3. Would you pl. explain the basics behind the ellipsis. I don't get to understand the hang of it at all.

    1. When two clues are to be linked, they are seperated by ellipsis as in these two simultaneous clues where the word prince(pr) is common to both clues. Not only wp but definitions can also be linked. It is interesting that sometimes even though two clues are seperated by ellipsis they may not have any link between them but have only a common surface reading.
      Do read the article in CU about this

    2. A big 'Thank you' Vasant. Long time doubt cleared. So far, I have been solving such clues without the use of any such connection. I shall certainly read it up in CU- always to the rescue.

    3. Paddy: I may not have been correctly able to explain. Here is the link to the excellent article:

    4. "So far, I have been solving...." most ellipsis linked clues are stand alone clues and can be solved independently...the two here today are exceptions

    5. Vasantha @ 9:24 am

      Was about raise a doubt about PR in 22dn clue....Since clarified after reading your post! Thanks Vasant. :)

    6. Oops! Typo... Not Vasantha...Please read Vasant!

    7. 😀MB: whats in a name?

  4. Easy enjoyable run continues. Thank you Gridman.

  5. I was wondering when the Crossword feature started in the Hindu. Made a rough calculation. Could it be sometime during the year 1978?

  6. Feb 1971
    For some years when newsprint supply was scarce and regulated and so page level dropped, the crossword feature appeared only three days a week.

  7. Gallery occupant: The gods is what is normally used-- in plural; I'm prepared to stand corrected. It is an informal way.a balcony or upper floor projecting from an interior back or side wall of a hall or church, providing space for an audience or musicians.
    "in the minstrels' gallery, a string orchestra plays themes from film soundtracks"
    the highest balcony in a theatre, containing the cheapest seats.
    noun: the gallery
    synonyms: balcony, circle, upper circle; informal gods
    "they sat up in the gallery"

  8. Col sir, is it possible that the anno for 22D is PR(rose)*? (with tedious playing double role)

    1. No. The anno given by me is the right one.

  9. wonderful x'ie.Nicely clued with smooth surfaces & also with typical GM norms.Surprisingly for me,I could crack even the ones not in my active vocab.( 22d) thanks to the correct tools.27A- Relished the usage of arithmatic for ' r '(Baconian). All told a consummate puzzle as any otherGM puzzle would be. Enjoyed thoroughly. .Thank you sir.

    1. I took the R from the three Rs, i.e., reading, writing and arithmetic (the fundas of learning)