Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2950, Sunday 02 Jul 2017

1   Join journalists, not soft in speech (7) ADDRESS {ADD}{pRESS}
5   Speaker prepared for woe (6) WOOFER*
10 Preference for refinement (5) TASTE [DD]
11 King not at home in city on a regular basis (9) ROUTINELY {R}{OUT}{IN}{ELY}
12 Be ruthless and smart, securing work and working on that (4,2,7) STOP AT NOTHING {OP} {ON+THAT}* in {STING}
14 Table set for hospital room (3,7) PUT FORWARD {PUT} {FOR}{WARD}
16 Arouse some interest irregularly (4) STIR [T]
18 Vain hero in hearing (4) IDLE (~idol)
19 Sheltered from cold and hung around, catching bus finally (10) CLOISTERED {C}{LOI{buS}TERED}
21 Chap in broadcast grips a tiny insect (7,6) PRAYING MANTIS {MAN} in {GRIPS+A+TINY}*
24 Recent arrival in Los Angeles followed by sleuth more anxiously (9) LATECOMER {LA}{TEC}{MORE*}
25 Letter's publication brought about by mother (5) GAMMA {MAG<=}{MA}
26 Month with border in chaos (6) MAYHEM {MAY}{HEM}
27 Free, going into action, to be mocked (7) DERIDED {DE{RID}ED}

1   Worker perhaps is heroic, keeping middle of factory clean (10) ANTISEPTIC {ANT}{IS}{EP{facTory}IC}
2   Party with lack of harmony having no road (5) DISCO DISCOrd
3   Exercised to reveal muscle (8) ELEVATOR*
4   One in arena we'll miss, fantastic tennis player (6,8) SERENA WILLIAMS {1} in {ARENA+WELL+MISS}*
6   Root, not quite fixed, among number pulled up (6) ORIGIN {RIGId} in {NO<=}
7   Cargo carrier, determined type, carrying on (9) FREIGHTER {F{RE}IGHTER}
8   Reported lift shafts (4) RAYS (~raise)
9   Clumsy, say, and loud in spree, then blushing (6-8) BUTTER-FINGERED {B{UTTER}-{F}INGE}{RED}
13 Attendant with dream is sadly taken in by proposal (10) BRIDESMAID {DREAM+IS} in {BID}
15 Record in weird tale your old-fashioned psychic ability (9) TELEPATHY {TEL{EP}A*}{THY}
17 Odd pieces of satire infuriate outsider (8) STRANGER {SaTiRe}{ANGER}
20 Good, long, gripping utensil, initially awkward (6) GAUCHE {G}{A{Ut...l}CHE}
22 Nervous, and unclear with it, getting upset (5) TIMID {DIM}{IT}<=
23 Mollusc around lake before noon (4) CLAM {C}{L}{AM}


  1. Normally, there will be one or two names of writers/stars etc, which make it tough for sometime and for persons like me it required googling as well. (Serena Williams is very well known and the clue rhyming also is a giveaway.)
    Because these are missing, it perhaps appeared not very tough.