Thursday, 13 July 2017

No 12058, Thursday 13 Jul 2017, Skulldugger

9   Cunning hens catching busis this even possible? (3,4,6,2) CAN SUCH THINGS BE*
10 Musical instrument master left in that place (7) THEREIN THEREmIN
12 Activity favoured by posses and cougars! (7) MANHUNT [CD]
13 She might save our sphere, amazingly (9) SUPERHERO* &lit
14 Point westwards to Michigan city (5) MIAMI {AIM<=}{MI}
15 American funk caused when not-all-there chap (Republican) trafficked in voodoo regularly (7) MALODOR {MALe}{vOoDoO}{R}
18 Doubt she could have done the crime (7) SUSPECT [CD] [DD] See comments
21 Spirit modern, say folks (5) NUMEN (~new){NU}{MEN}
23 Furbelow in the Antipodes! (4,5) DOWN UNDER {DOWN} {UNDER}
25 One particular interesting stimulation out of lots (7) MINUTIA stIMUlATIoN*
26 Sanction for animals initially lacking (7) INDORSE {hIND}{hORSE}
29 Wormhole defined whimsically as "back of beyond" (6,2,7) MIDDLE OF NOWHERE* [C&DD] See comments

1   Animal appendage that's small and oddly crusty (4) SCUT {S}{CrUsTy}
2   Operating these days... and formerly (4) ONCE {ON}{CE}
3   Perturbed but not tense, recombined but not mixed (8) PUREBRED PERtURBED*
4   Buchanan centre and courthouse gutted by accident (6) CHANCE {buCHANan}{Co...sE}
5   They are used to clean locks! (8) SHAMPOOS [CD]
6   My heartless Italian grandmother's radical alias (6) ANONYM {MY}{NOnNA}<=
7   Bluecoats beginning to go off for a kiss (8) OSCULATE bLUECOATS*
8   Moderate central European nation's leaders have secret meeting, reportedly (8) CENTRIST {Ce...l}{Eu...n}{Na...n}{TRIST}(~tryst)
11 African's exclamation of surprise on encountering North American country (5) HAUSA {HA}{USA}
15 Little women, they can't get any littler! (8) MINIMUMS {MINI}{MUMS}
16 Alderwomen losing heart and turning to drink (8) LEMONADE ALDErwOMEN*
17 Cool mountain lodges brought up first class heater (8) RADIATOR {RAD}{AI<=}{TOR}
19 Turn off to open up? On the contrary (8) SHUTDOWN {SHUT}{DOWN}
20 Mate ends it when he's overwhelmed by extremely cheerless feelings (5) CHESS {Ch...s}{HE'S}{f...gS}
22 Felt tense, but came back content as bug (6) NETTLE [T<=]
24 Colt's sound when partially discharged by tavern yard (6) WHINNY {WH}{INN}{Y}
27 Animal raised in grass (4) REED <=
28 Turned over threepenny bit for fencing material (4) EPEE [T<=]



  1. 29 Wormhole defined whimsically as "back of beyond" (6,2,7) MIDDLE OF NOWHERE [C&DD]

    Anagram of Wormhole defined

  2. 29 DD even if it's anagram. I am still learning the terms of clueing. Pls explain.

    1. 'Whimsically' is used as anagram indicator of (Wormhole defined) to give the def.

    2. Thats how I understood. My doubt is on classification terminology which I learn from this blog.

    3. Thanks Raghu. I was careless there.

  3. Had to google to confirm that super heroine is also called super hero.
    Did not know 'indorse' as a variant- of course with clue and crossings it fell easily, but for confirmation.
    Antipodes was done nicely.
    Off track-
    There is an article in the Chennai edition of Jawa club meeting in Hotel Ashoka. I believe they keep meeting every month.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes it is. I had a doubt and I didn't enter it as a DD, now that you mention it I have corrected it

  5. Skulldugger at his best again. It took me longer time in solving four clues.
    20DN: Filled in CHECK in hurry and without fully reading the clue.

  6. 18A 'Do a crime' is a novel use
    Conventionally, we say 'Commit a crime' or 'Do something illegal'.

  7. Do people who osculate indulge in lip-locking in a more elaborate, studied, time-consuming, artful manner than when they simply kiss?

    1. Depends upon the dental hygiene of the other party!!!

    2. Do they have the time and mood to check on hygiene?!

    3. Doing a tangent without oscillating has to be time consuming. On the other hand much easier when one has dental specialist(MDS) at home.

    4. CV Sir's question: when you osculate or kiss, other sensations take over..whether it is elaborate or not would depend upon the response one gets😀😀

  8. What a lot of adjectives- skillfully done.

  9. Loved this one from Skull Dugger..the other day I was reading the old blogs from 2012..SD's debut puzzle was a lot tougher..this was a pleasant solve with some delightful cluing..liked the long ones and the & Lit and rest of the clues. Thanks SD & Col for an instructive blog

  10. cv: YUM, YUM, OSCULUM. kiss can be peremptory like mwaa , as socialites do, whereas, osculate would require time, study and motion of the oscillations of a pendulum --- I mean, premeditated preparations and stimulation of the senses.

  11. SUPERHERO: not gender specific? Why is it that one sees even actresses being termed as actors? Why not a common denomination for both male and female as MR only?

  12. Yes, I had the same doubt aw well and on checking I found that Superheros include heroines as well.