Friday, 28 July 2017

No 12071, Friday 28 Jul 2017, Arden

1   Get past three, plus thirteen are in the picture (3,4,6) THE LAST SUPPER*
10 Grinder, used briefly in a month (5) MOLAR {M{OLd}AR}
11 Tee collar tailored for the poles, they say (9) ELECTORAL* (~ polls)
12 Long to be in the list, American left the city (9) ROCHESTER {aCHE} in {ROSTER}
13 Vessel will dock at either Gdynia or Tallinn (5) AORTA [T]
14 Saying Willy got a duck (7) SAWBILL {SAW}{BILL}
16 Praises income disbursal before middle of May (7) ENCOMIA {INCOME*}{mAy}
18 Picture frame pushed in, I must shift force (7) IMPETUS {Pi...rE} in {I+MUST}*
20 It's too big, I can't possibly cover it (7) TITANIC {I+CANT}* over {IT}
22 A hired assassin in Japan was caught (5) NINJA [T]
24 Informs freely, at times follows home (9) INTIMATES {IN}{AT+TIMES}*
26 Definitely will nab culprit, half the ring will go bust (9) SCULPTURE {S{CULPriT}URE}
27 River by the mountains in countryside (5) RURAL {R}{URAL}
28 Well exposed within family, and lot happens on the sly (13) CLANDESTINELY {CLAN}{DESTIN{wELl}Y}

2   Golly! it turned cool- why? (4,3) HOLY COW*
3   Thief dressed in scarlet (9) LARCENIST*
4   Fish raised a stink (5) SMELT [DD]
5  Best to take note of a diagnostic procedure (5,4) SMEAR TEST  {SM{E}ARTEST}
6   Starts praying to almighty before it’s eaten as daily bread (5) PITTA {Pr...g}{To}{Al...y} over {IT}
7   Read about something strange- myringa (7) EARDRUM {READ*}{RUM}
8   Painter or Dentist? (13) IMPRESSIONIST [DD]
9   Cancels order, lug in some beer- everything must go! (9,4) CLEARANCE SALE {EAR} in {CANCELS}* and {ALE}
15 Lethargy- it dogs girl, man scratches his head (9) LASSITUDE {LASS}{IT}{dUDE}
17 Could start at a marina, sadly not a single boat (9) CATAMARAN {Co..d}{AT}{A}{MARiNA*}
19 Clip and suffer in place (3,4) PIN ?U?L (Addendum - PIN CURL {P{INCUR}L} - See comments)
 21 Old city in South African province, looks genuine... (7) NATURAL {NAT{UR}AL}
23 the writer in Colorado (5) ASPEN {AS}{PEN}
25 River of wine runs through (5) TRENT {T{R}ENT}



  1. Replies
    1. ... but PIN CURL per se is not a clip, it is a method of curling ones hair

    2. I too thought so. But Wordweb dictionary says it as:
      A variety of clip for holding pin curls

    3. It refers to the small section/curl of hair that's held by a hairpin. Not quite a clip, you are right Sir.

    4. Hi..KKR, in Wordweb --

      PIN CURL CLIP= A variety of clip for holding pin curls.

      PIN CURL= A curl of hair made by dampening a strand of hair and curling it and holding the curl with a clip or bobby pin

    5. I thought a Pin curl is a clip to zip the curled lip when the LOH has had a bad hair day !!!

  2. 25D-Wine has many avatars, but tent was new to me.

  3. Holy cow, a lovely puzzle!

  4. HOLY COW : This is a wholly hot subject-- watch out for vigilantes and GOW- rakshaks at your doorstep-- CV !!

  5. MOLAR: is ''briefly '' on double duty for OLD and MARCH? Where's the deletion indicator for D ? GRR !!

    1. used = OLD
      used briefly = OL(-d)
      so don't tear out the remaining hair on your head ;-)

    2. He seems to say that there is no del ind (or pointer to abbr.) of March.

    3. Thought you dont require abbr. indicators for months..Jan, Feb etc

    4. Being an egghead, I can't even reach the back of my neck for the remaining hair !! CV hads correctly made my point. My question was ''briefly'' doing double duty ? and you go after my cranium and jugular !!

    5. I go with Vasant on this. One comes across 'Dec.' for the last month quite frequently.

  6. 12A reminded me of my school days reading of Jane Eyre & the leading protagonist Rochester

  7. Did not know the Jane Eyre connection- exposes my shallow knowledge about old classics.

    1. I reread many of these classics & with my daughter also reading them, we discuss many of them.

    2. Lucky you!
      I find that this has gives one an edge on vocabulary. You remember words more from usage than from the pages of a dict.

  8. Some clarifications
    1A - is 'get' a usual indicator for an anagram?
    9D - where does the EAR come from?

    1. 1A: Not an usual but valid anagram indicator

  9. lug means (Anatomy) dialect Scot and Northern English another word for ear- Ref

  10. Is using a homophone for definition fair? Reg 11A

  11. Like poet's license, setters too have..., in my opinion.

  12. very interesting. Ncely clued.Seemingly difficult at first. As the time went by things started falling in. My preference goes with10a,4d- simply bowled over by the texture. To be precise an engaging& interesting type of puzzle.Thoroughly enjoyed.Thanks Arden,sir.