Sunday, 30 July 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2954, Sunday 30 Jul 2017

This Everyman CW came out two days after the movie on Sachin was released.

1   Instant, kind behaviour that's become habitual (6,6) SECOND NATURE {SECOND} {NATURE}
9   Discover Romeo after church in a spot (9) ASCERTAIN {A}{S{CE}{R}TAIN}
10 Rule in theatre ignored (5) REIGN [T]
11 Twisting, turning borders filled by artist (6) SPIRAL {RA} in {LIPS<=}
12 Concrete chips lay all over the place (8) PHYSICAL*
14 Accost with objection to new outlet (10) BUTTONHOLE {BUT}{TO}{N}{HOLE}
15 Deer with singular designation (4) STAG {S}{TAG}
17 Stick around in between acts (4) CANE [T<=]
18 Free issue about revolutionary film (10) EMANCIPATE {PIC<=} in {EMANATE}
20 Officer in authority loosens administrative areas (8) COUNTIES {CO}{UNTIES}
21 Familiar with outside broadcast? Not I (4,2) USED TO OUTSiDE*
24 Cause irritation, not having right joint (5) ANKLE rANKLE
25 Renewed aim to stir followers (9) IMITATORS*
26 Time in farm is for working, producing soft cheese (7,5) FROMAGE FRAIS {AGE} in {FARM+IS+FOR}*
1   Great batsman with plan, in luck, has scrambled a run (6,9) SACHIN TENDULKAR {SACH{IN TEND}ULK*}{A}{R}
2   Spice in club, for example, half of amount, minute (8) CARDAMOM {CARD}{AMOunt}{M}
3   Clever invention finally put away (4) NEAT {i...oN}{EAT}
4   Drama ending in afternoon tea left worker perhaps unconcerned (10) NONCHALANT {NO}{a...oN}{CHA}{L}{ANT}
5   Hard to break belief in force (6) THRUST {T{H}RUST}
6   Substance of dune in shifting action drags bucket down (4,4,3,4) RAIN CATS AND DOGS {SAND} in {ACTION+DRAGS}*
7   Approve route through mountains (4) PASS [DD]
8   Area with a lounge roughly parallel (8) ANALOGUE {A}{A+LOUNGE}*
13 Group after fancy exercises sobbing (10) WHIMPERING {WHIM}{PE}{RING}
14 Support heartless fraud with impertinence (8) BACKCHAT {BACK}{CHeAT}
16 Capital son holds in family account initially (8) KINSHASA {KIN}{S}{HAS}{Ac...t}
19 Outpouring from saint with quantity of paper (6) STREAM {ST}{REAM}
22 Exile got upset, missing regular characters (4) OUST {gOt+UpSeT}
23 Very loud appeal raised in quarrel (4) TIFF {FF}{IT}<=



  1. 4D- Interesting to note that no additional hint was given to get 'Cha' from tea- like Indian etc.
    Also about Tendulkar & the movie.

  2. Had to google for cheese types. Otherwise interesting

  3. Could sme one enlighten me as to how to solve these kind of crosswords.....I mean I have no clue.....

    1. Visit and look at the various links under the heading 'For Beginners' at that site