Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Sunday Crossword No 2951, Sunday 09 Jul 2017

1   Revolutionary spies keeping dry in upper room (5) ATTIC {TT} in {CIA<=}
4   Behind because rent changed (6) ASTERN {AS}{RENT}*
9   Sheep mostly in field by road on the sheltered side (7) LEEWARD {L{{EWe}EA}{RD}
10 Fit in trick with style (7) CONFORM {CON}{FORM}
11 Fret if town in chaos is damaged beyond repair (7,3) WRITTEN OFF*
12 Church backing popular measure (4) INCH {IN}{CH}
14 Painter writes about development of pure blue art (5,4,6) PETER PAUL RUBENS {PURE+BLUE+ART}* in {PENS}
15 Property of a lens moulded into ideal shape initially (8,7) PERSONAL EFFECTS {PER{SONAL  EF}*FECT}{Sh..e}
18 Projection in line with honour (4) LOBE {L}{OBE}
19 Relish film about lake with sinister island (10) PICCALILLI {PIC}{CA}{L}{ILL}{I}
22 Beat overwhelming desire for pepper (7) CAYENNE {CA{YEN}NE}
23 Pair avoid introduction (7) PRELUDE {PR}{ELUDE}
24 Party put back by one inhibited by rival gourmet (6) FOODIE {FO{DO<=}{1}E}
25 Attend to source of pleasure (5) TREAT [DD]

1   Admit everything with cry of pain (5) ALLOW {ALL}{OW}
2   Notion about game without wicket lads play (3,7,4) THE HISTORY BOYS {THE {wHIST}ORY} {BOYS}
3   Crew member interrupted by terrible brat, the talkative type (10) CHATTERBOX {BRAT+THE}* in {COX}
4   Lawyer after anger releasing thousand extra items (7) ADDENDA {mADDEN}{DA}
5   Diplomatic fault badly restricting court (7) TACTFUL {FAULT}* over {CT}
6   Absolute order (4) RANK [DD]
7   Number raised money and distorted true bohemianism? (14) COUNTERCULTURE {COUNT}{LUCRE<=}{TRUE*}
8   Different ship, same weight (8) EMPHASIS*
13 Satisfaction following start of unusually fast, gripping movie (10) FULFILMENT {F}{Un...y}{L{FILM}ENT}
14 Inhabitants set about endless work (8) POPULACE {P{OPUs}LACE}
16 Flavouring, first of all, is in demand (7) ANISEED {All}{N{IS}EED}
17 Fugitive in eastern spot receiving cover (7) ESCAPEE {E}{S{CAP}EE}
20 Clumsy point supporting penalty without force (5) INEPT {fINE}{PT}
21 Round outlet partly open (4) UNDO [T]



  1. Special at 10:30 by Saral.

    I am leaving at 5:30 AM for my Yezdi/Jawa annual meet. We are attempting a Guinness record for the most number of out of production vehicles gathered. Will be back by noon only

    1. Best of luck Col. for the world record

    2. Best Wishes to be a part of Guinness record. Expecting a photo.

  2. 14A Literally, looked like blue art, looking at the picture!!!

  3. Exactly what I thought. If so, it is nicely worded.