Tuesday, 11 July 2017

No 12056, Tuesday 11 Jul 2017, Scintillator

Scintillator targeting the 'Middle age spread' with a pangram. I know how it feels.

1   Employees with cold blood eat a lot (4,2) TUCK IN {TU}{C}{K IN}
4   Guts to give acceleration amidst heavy blows (8) PAUNCHES {P{A}UNCHES}
9   Embrace a supporter returning from Australia (6) ABRAZO {A}{BRA}{OZ<=} An indicator that this is a Spanish word would help
10 Measure sheets' resistance for one wanting to know (8) ENQUIRER {EN}{QUIRE}{R}
12 Salt in your toothpaste? Of course! Reported to clear bacterium in the interior (8) FLUORIDE (~flow?){FLUO}{RID}{b...E...m}
13 Picking up basics in Crossword Unclued for so long (3,3) SEE YOU {~ Cr...d Un...d}
15 Red with paan, say (4) CHEW {CHE}{W}
16 They praise programs on phone — they clap hands in approval (10) APPLAUDERS {APP}{LAUDERS} Why on phone?
19 One into playing lottery is being bookish (10) LITEROSITY {1} in {LOTTERY+IS}*
20 Grease around corner of hip drawn over — with this? (4) LIPO {OIL<=} over {hiP} Semi&lit
23 A lensman in the extreme likes to capture relaxed poses (6) ASANAS {A}SA{l...aN}AS Anno pending (Addendum - {AS}{A}{l...aN}{AS} - See comments)
25 Learn to find indication about dead end (8) CONCLUDE {C{ON}LU{deaD}E} Is the wordplay in correct sequence? (Correction - {CON}{CLU{D}E} - See comments)
27 Jeepers are painting part of the kitchen? (5,3) OLIVE OIL {O!}{LIVE} {OIL}
28 To live about in jail could be sweet (6) JALEBI {BE<=} in {JAIL}* What's the AnInd?
29 Roguish Shakespearean character said to come down on men (8) FALSTAFF (~fall){FAL}{STAFF}
30 How to listen to secrets? Important to press ears, no leaning in front (6) KEENLY {Ears}{No}{Le...g} in {KEY}

1   Illicitly trade vehicles on the road (7) TRAFFIC [DD]
2   Such a person's corporation can be seen by all on hungry days (9) CORPULENT {CORP}{U}{LENT} &lit
3   Laggard in English seen with mostly Esteem on road (6) IZZARD {IZZAt}{RD} Again a language indicator would have helped
5   Relative who can relieve agony (4) AUNT [C&DD]
6   Strike season unions under the weather (8) NAUSEOUS {SEASON+U+U}*
7   Every second hear Reddy is confident (5) HARDY {HeAr}{ReDdY}
8   When in crisis, should Rs.50 be spent for stiff sheets? (7) SHROUDS {SHOUlD+RS}*
11 Fatty soap made with die (7) ADIPOSE {SOAP+DIE}*
14 Criminal outlasting to kill one's a deadly sinner (7) GLUTTON OUTLasTiNG*
17 Luxurious Inca empire's origin mistaken with Peru (9) EPICUREAN {INCA+Em...e+PERU}*
18 Tamer man involved in making weaponry (8) ARMAMENT*
19 Deal set in motion (4,3) LEAD OFF {DEAL}* [RA]
21 Being 2, an honour to pose with Yard (7) OBESITY {OBE}{SIT}{Y}
22 Hydrocarbon must be manufactured at once (6) OCTANE*
24 Around a line of rotation, side has around 2 angstrom length (5) AXIAL {A}{XI}{A}{L} 
26 Putting bold face outside, provided a sharp punch (4) BIFF {B}{IF}{F}


  1. 16AC: Programs on mobile devices/phones are called APPS

  2. 16 programs->apps, they praise->Lauder's. Isn't one s extra.

  3. 23AC: Likes = AS and AS
    A and N are already there.

  4. 25AC the def here is END, not learn
    learn is CON
    indication - CLUE with Dead included

  5. Replies
    1. Sorry, COULD BE
      I had difficulty in system response. It was slow for unknown reasons here

  6. Am again on a visit to CBE to attend a wedding. This time I am in old part of the city. Took a dangerous walk along Telugu (once Brahmanaal) Street and "Salivan (Sullivan dumped) Street". Later will go to distant newer areas. Had good food in hotels at less costly prices compared to CHN. Raju, sorry this time I don't have time to meet you.

    1. Hi CV , I thought you will find some time to spend with me to make up for the last short one . Yet, try , if you can. You know we always look forward to your visits as our home gets very lively.

  7. Read the art. "The man with the clues" in TH oped pg. today. But did he have clues or answers?

    1. We are clueless about that :-)

    2. Today's IN theory: man with answers is a boss. Man with clues is a leader.

  8. Thought this was a high class puzzle despite the missing language indicators
    3D: would certainly have read better with indicator like Esteem on Delhi road & 9A: Spanish embrace a supporter

  9. 13A: Lovely surface!How true! I might add THCC too

  10. Glad CU gets a mention- compliment? If so, well deserved. But sad since we are not getting more of it.
    Yes, THCC included.

  11. Could not get a few and could not parse a few more. Enjoyed them after seeing here.

  12. Sweet & sour offering by Scintillator. He has pulled punches on paunches, obesity and corpulence with a glut of unknown and rare fares like Abrazo,biff, izzard & lipo and jalebi. Is Jalebi an English dictionary word? Can't call this an epicurean's delight. had to go through several asana poses mentally. Still unwinding the brain. CU for see you was cute and Shusmita will turn pink ! I see her already t(w)ittering !

  13. Read SU for Shusmita for rhyming effect above.

  14. Some clues are a bit too contrived for my liking. Scintillator should not leave so much of crossword unclued

  15. Chaturvasi, I couldn't find "The man with the clues"in the Hindu open page. Which dated issue was it?