Saturday, 15 July 2017

No 12060, Saturday 15 Jul 2017, Afterdark

Beer is flowing freely today

9 A cake counter starting in California will serve coffee (7) ARABICA {A}{BAR<=}{In}CA}
10 Greed is a sin, to contain one keeps restraint primarily (7) AVARICE {A}{V{A}{Restraint}ICE}
11 It's criminal to undergo sex change operation for seafood (7) LOBSTER {(-m+L)OBSTER}
12 But, at the end cereal cooked is excessively sweet (7) TREACLE {buT}{CEREAL*}
13 Be our ally by changing colour (5,4) ROYAL BLUE {BE+OUR+ALLY}*
15 Typebars regularly over time get fungus (5) YEAST {tYpEbArS}{T}
16 Convinced to have a son and reliable daughter (7) ASSURED {A}{S}{SURE}{D}
19 Shower at health club is followed by beer regularly; abstainer is overwhelmed (7) SPATTER {SPA}{TT}{bEeR}
20 Hint of shower after midnight (5) GRAIN {niGht}{RAIN}
21 Bird crooned endlessly with dipper out of tune (9) SANDPIPER {SANg}{DIPPER*}
25 Network provides bottomless coffee? Cool (7) LATTICE {LATTe}{ICE}
26 Book's tally shows Euro given to teacher is unlikely to be paid (3,4) BAD DEBT {B}{AD D}{E}{BT}
28 Refrigerate tea before inviting student for a cup (7)  CHALICE {CHA}{L}{ICE}
29 Guard retires on emptying hot drink (7) DRAUGHT {GUARD<=}{HoT}

1 Suit, shirt replaced by dresser essentially for seaman (6)  SAILOR {(-t+dreSser}AILOR}
2 Perhaps sugar and nothing extremely healthy in bottle (6) CARBOY {CARB}{O}{healthY}

3 Troop leader is after peg measure (4) PINT {PIN}{Troop}
4 Court rule rewritten to sack upstart's butt (6) BARREL {BAR}{RuLE*}

5 It's careless to get caught in lies with school-head (8) TACTLESS {TA{CT}LES}{School}
6 Small flame at play; evacuated and put out by instrument used by miners (6,4) SAFETY LAMP {S}{FLAME+AT+PlaY*}
7 Dish on table widely used by business people! (3,5) PIE CHART {PIE} {CHART}
8 Prevent getting caught over by policeman, perhaps (8) DETECTOR  {DETE{CT}{O}R}
14 Lady's terribly angry, it is the infection (10) LARYNGITIS {L}{ANGRY*}{IT}{IS}
16 Lovely article on plant (8) ANGELICA {ANGELIC}{A}
17 Struggling state receives direction to get a mega police force (4,4) SWAT TEAM {STATE*} around {W}+{A}{M}
18 Always hurt precedes break up (8) DISSEVER {DISS}{EVER}
22 A person of wealth oddly, oddly seen with a person of no influence (6) NOBODY {NOB}{OdDlY}
23 Pressure on projection and commitment (6) PLEDGE {P}{LEDGE}
24 Spin from River end to return before tea break (6) ROTATE {River}{TO<=}{TEA*}
27 Dali chiefly used green paint (4) DRAW {Dali}{RAW}

Reference list  

California=CA, One=A, Time=T, Son=S, Daughter=D, Abstainer=TT, Book=B, Euro=E, Teacher=BT, Student=L
Shirt=T, Nothing=O, Caught=Ct, Small=S, Over=O, Lady=L, Article=A, Direction=W, Mega=M, Pressure=P

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  1. 11A: How is M->L "sex change operation"? Man to Lady?
    26A: BT = teacher?

    1. I presumed L for Lady
      BT - Bachelor of Training like BEd

    2. Men undergo sex change operation to become lady boys in Thailand. A hangover of my recent Bangkok trip maybe :)

    3. I think AD meant BT to be Bachelor of Theology who is
      The learned profession acquired by specialized courses in religion (usually taught at a college or seminary)

    4. BT is Bachelor of Teaching, I think.

    5. Thanks. Something new learnt :)

    6. This was the erstwhile B.Ed. Bachelor of Training. My sister is one.

  2. BT was a degree awarded in past decades. I have many older relatives who did this course after their bachelor's/master's degree and became teachers. My father was a BA BT and a school teacher before he joined the RIAF.

  3. Beer is flowing freely today. Pity it wasn't when we met :-(

  4. Was stuck for annos..confirmed here..a frothy puzzle..yummy!

  5. Refer Raghu's comment at 9:44.
    We met up a few days ago for lunch in Bangalore and unfortunately the mall I chose was bang on the National Highway so we were forced to wash down our Burgers with Orange/Mango juice 😫😂

  6. 13 across: Royal Blue brings to mind Quink ink, though my favourite has been and still is Turquoise Blue. Well coordinated with white as a combination.

  7. My immediate memory of Royal Blue was Iris ink of my school days !