Tuesday, 4 July 2017

No 12050, Tuesday 04 Jul 2017, Incognito

Theme words highlghted. I leave it to the commenters to name the theme.

1   I quit Sion in agitation, leading to enquiry (11) INQUISITION*
9   Probably where a sailor is confused on a voyage (2,3) AT SEA [MD]
10 Mistakenly, devil robs sweethearts (9) LOVEBIRDS*
11 Chopper model is in renovated room along with bike (10) MOTORCYCLE {MO{T}OR*}{CYCLE}
12 Toll on a cab (4) TAXI {TAX}{1}
13 Beat extra-terrestrial leaving instrument (5) TRUMP TRUMPet
15 On tower, short person produces sweat (8) PERSPIRE {PERson}{SPIRE}
17 We/I ought to transform and dominate (8) OUTWEIGH*
19 One Scot soldier's patronage (5) AEGIS {AE}{GI'S}
22 Liquor setter found on moor (4) FENI {FEN}{I}
23 S W Europeans left renovated guest-house after throwing out irritated host (10) PORTUGUESE {PORT}{GUESt-hoUsE}*
26 Freed Theodore after Bel-Air massacre (9) LIBERATED {BEL-AIR}*{TED}
27 Indian Navy permitted access to creek (5) INLET {IN}{LET}
28 Await other ranks/soldier to get medicine (11) EXPECTORANT {EXPECT}{OR}{ANT}

1   Bad sin by alien in picture in picture (5) INSET {SIN*}{ET}
2   Double! Double! Student is awash in endless money after sports vehicle ... (9) QUADRUPLE {QUAD}{RUP{L}Ee}
3   ... embeds crawling snail around end of alley (6) INLAYS {SNAIL}* around {a..eY}
4   Include a small quantity in damaged vein (7) INVOLVE {VOL} in {VEIN}*
5   For starters, increase confidence building measures ... to build a short long-range weapon (1,1,1,1) ICBM Acrostic
6   Ran back with sailor, telling, ... (9) NARRATING {RAN<=}{RATING}
7   ..."Little Thomas climbed up carrying gun to get a rodent" (6) MARMOT {ARM} in {TOM<=}
8   Hope for a Church's towering structure (6) ASPIRE {A}{SPIRE}
14 Wayward sub-lieutenant takes off crumpled suit... that's not defensible (9) UNTENABLE suB-LiEUTENANt*
16 Violently gnash and rail badly at Hilton's secret haven (7-2) SHANGRI-LA {GNASH}*{RAIL}*
17 Sal's innards? (6) OFFALS {SAL}* [RA]
18 Sailing ... coasting without a person having knowledge (7) GNOSTIC COaSTING*
20 Clammy animal accommodation accommodates Workers’ Educational Association (6) SWEATY {S{WEA}TY}
21 You may be photographed here, Romeo, at ten (6) STUDIO {STUD}{10}
24 Dash, showing energy, and sprinkle talc (5) ECLAT {E}{TALC}*
25 Pack minced prawn after removing tail (4) WRAP PRAWn*



  1. Yes, it is with Goa inquisition and the unique motorcycle taxis and Feni.

  2. Col.,
    Thank you for the link to all terrain vehicle.

  3. Why is it that Agnostic is better known than Gnostic? There are a few such antonyms.

    1. Simple! 'Gnaanam' doesn't come easily to a person.

  4. Yes, Paddy. Some more words , including the prawn in a clue, fit the theme

  5. What a lovely crossword. Despite the theme words couldnt guess it.
    Thanks Incognito and Col.

  6. Kishore: How could you forget to include PORK SORPOTEL ? and at least one Goan name? AND ---WHAT MAN?

    20 DOWN for 24 hours with feni in one's veins ?

    1. Maybe the next time I go there. I am going next month. This was set during my last visit in December

    2. I was there in May and spent 3 days there. Got to spend 1 night in a casino too. Unforgetable experience.

    3. Kishore: What man, A- bgr lucky bgr man ! Enjoy yer trip man !

  7. "I have said that I generally don't do the Guardian quick in TH. Everyday I turn to the page and look at it but if I do NOT find those historical/geographic/botanical clues, I may put pen to paper. Yesterday I did - and quickly and easily solved all but two before I turned to my diurnal tasks. Later I had the nocturnal sleep. This morning as I was binning the paper, I had scarcely looked at the filled-in grid and did not even re-read the clues when both answers leaped to my mind. A good sleep is recommended for those clues that don't yield instantly."

    1. The ravelled sleeve of care...

      The Colonel prefers walking Cocoa for a break

    2. How true this! A break-a walk, a nap truly helps. I remember as a teen my grandfather used to solve both crosswords and maths. If he struggled with any problem, he would put aside the problem, take a walk and come back and get the solution. At those moments his joy like a small child's was worth watching.

    3. Standard procedure for me when I am stuck for answers. Especially on xChequer days, distance walked by me goes off the scale :-)

  8. It is so, dear Padmanahan- and also PORTUGUESE (23 Across)!

  9. @Col typo in 23 A answer - PORTUGUESE

  10. Easy puzzle. 1 doubt about 18 down - does gnostic mean person with knowledge? Dont ind this meaning in dictionary.... only noun meaning is person who was part of some gnostic movement

    1. My Miriam Webster gives it as follower of gnosis: a principle of esoteric truth

    2. Free dictionary defines it as possessing intellectual or spiritual knowledge

    3. Thanks but that Free dictionary meaning is for the adjective. I dont have Miriam with me....

  11. As I had put in earlier, agnostic is commonly used and gnostic is just the opposite.